10 Back To School Style Essentials Every Student NEEDS

Posted on Aug 16,2018 in Style

This is a article that I wish I read when I was in school. This is exactly what I needed before I started my first day. It will be your ultimate guide to what you need to be a stud and stylish,most importantly, to be functional during this upcoming year.

1.Everyday Kicks

Your a student so here’s what your looking for. Something comfortable you can walk in all day. Something affordable that won’t break the bank. Lastly, something versatile you can wear all day. I think I have found the perfect pair, the Adidas 3MC, I just bought two new pairs and I’m in love with them, something I definietly recommend and they’re only $60.

2.Everyday Jeans

For those that know a bit of style, you know how important this is. The truth is, one pair can get you through multiple semesters. They are super versatile. Just make sure is a dark color like indigo or gray. Lastly, make sure they’re nice and slim so you can take it from a classroom to a night-out.

3.A Good Watch

This is one of the style moves that most of your friends aren’t doing. Not only is it the beginning of the year but our friends from Vincero are having they’re 4 year anniversary blowout sale. I rarely see these guys do a sale so while they do, I highly recommend you take advantage of it. I seriously don’t believe there’s going to be a cheaper time to buy a Vincero and the time is now. When it comes to quality timepieces, they kill it, you’re getting a watch that looks upwards 1K for only a fraction of the price. Click HERE to pick yours up today!

4.Great-Fitting Hoodie

This is a huge essential when it comes to school. You will always have those day where you can’t spend the whole day styling your outfit and need something to throw on and leave. That’s why a well-fitting hoodie and jeans are a perfect outfit.

5.Quality Backpack

You need a quality backpack you can beat up throughout your school year. This is probably one of the most important accessories for school and something you need to invest in.

6.Buy A Lot Of T-Shirts

I talked about this before, t-shirts are your best friends. You need so many of them, because nothing beats a well-fitting t-shirt, you can wear this day in and day out and still be stylish. You can never have enough of these.

7.Versatile Jacket

Bomber jackets, windbreakers, leather jackets can all be used in different situations and elevate your outfit completely. You can throw these onto almost any outfit that you have and it’s gonna look good and stylish.

8.Collared Shirts

Truth is, in school you’re going to see so many kids wearing matching socks to their Nike t-shirt, and basically look like a walking billboard. Wear something different from the rest and stand out a bit but not too formal. Throw on some casual collared shirts, not only will they make you stylish but also not a robot like everyone else.


You can always wear your Beats by Dre or something more expensive like Bower&Wilkins, but I recommend to always stay with the Apple Airpods. They sound great, priced pretty reasonably and are so functional. There’s not a moment of the day where I don’t have them with me.

10.Crew Neck Sweaters

This past season, I’ve been really into crew-neck sweaters, from streetwear to dressier options, I’m always rockin’ them. You can easily layer them and wearable for three seasons of the year. It’s a definite buy for this school year.