10 Bad Habits That Make You Ugly

Posted on Sep 26,2017 in Lifestyle

We tend to build habits on a daily basis, either because we are lazy, don’t know any better, or due to bad influence. The worst part is that without you even knowing, these bad habits could be making you ugly. Here are 10 bad habits that can make you look ugly.

Scratching Your Balls


I know, I know…it itches down there and it may be very uncomfortable, but this is not something you want to be doing in public. Now, this habit doesn’t physically make you ugly but it can definitely make you seem very unattractive. Trust me if you do this in public, no girl will want to get close to you.

Growing Out Your Nails

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Most guys don’t take care of their nails, now I’m not talking about manicures or anything like that. I’m talking about something very basic and simple…cut your nails. Clip them short and don’t let them grow out.

Biting Your Nails

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Not only is it very unsightly to see a grown nail-biting his nails but this habit also destroys your nails and makes your hands look very ugly. So, in other words, stop biting your nails.

Not Washing your face


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You have to wash your face and make sure you don’t use the same dirty bar of soap that you use on your body. That bar of soap will dry out your face and make you prone to more wrinkles. The solution to this is to get a facial cleanser.



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Make sure you guys check out Tiege Hanley. This is the best and probably the most uncomplicated system for men. If you’re the type of guy who doesn’t want to go to Ulta or Sephora to buy beauty products just have Tiege Hanley shipped to your door. This monthly package will contain all of the basics that you need. If you’re a type of bare bones guy, go ahead and check out their basic line. This will contain your facial cleanser, a facial scrub, and two moisturizers (am/pm). Make sure you take advantage of the discount code TMFHQ20 for 20% off your first delivery.

Being A Dick

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I know that you can’t always be in a happy mood or be a ray of sunshine, but when you’re in public you have to be able to control your temper.  Being a dick can make people not want to be around you and it can come off as very unattractive.

Not Getting Enough Sleep

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Make sure you are getting enough sleep. Lack of sleep will make your eyes look swollen and will make dark circles appear under your eyes. Lack of sleep you will also bring both your energy and your mood down.

Skipping Workouts


This is a bad habit that is very easy to fall into. This bad habit will make you gain weight, lose muscle mass, and weaken your collagen production, which in case you didn’t know makes your skin look better.

Not Using Lotion

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This is a common mistake…guys almost never apply lotion. Not applying lotion can make your skin vulnerable to premature aging, make your skin blotchy, and leave your skin with severe dryness. So take a couple of seconds in the morning and make sure you moisturize.


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Initially, this can make you feel relaxed but the reality is that you are causing a lot of pain and damage to your spine. Poor posture can extend your gut and round your shoulders. Having proper posture will make you look more confident and more handsome.

Always Being Negative

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You know that a negative state of mind can affect your exterior appearance. Make sure to look at the cup half full once in a while. The more positive your state of mind is the more it will reflect on your appearance and it will make people want to be around you more.


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