10 Lies Your Parents Told You

Posted on Oct 10,2017 in Lifestyle

Your parents probably told you things when you were younger that you still believe today but that in reality, they are not actually true. Here are 10 lies that your parents may have told you.

Working-out Stunts Your Growth


There is no hard evidence to back this myth up. I have read that during your adolescent years, your cartilage plates start to divide and grow. This process is actually positively impacted by the added testosterone that lifting weights gives you.

Chocolate Produces Acne

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There is little to no evidence that links what you eat to your breakouts. Your acne is actually impacted by hormonal changes and your genetics.

Only Overweight People Suffer From Excessive Sweating

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This is just not true. Sweating is actually also guided by genetics and your hormones. That is why you will also see skinny guys sweating.

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If you are someone that has a problem with excessive sweating make sure you check out the Chassis powders.  These are the best powders on the market by far, if you don’t believe me make sure you check out all of the positive reviews on their Amazon page. The genius of this powder is that it is engineered with hydro-shield technology that protects you from sweating, chaffing and odor. You’ll get a cool refreshing, minty feel that will let you know it’s working.  It is also infused with baking soda which helps neutralize and absorb odor.

Shave Your Beard It’s Going To Grow Faster

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Again, this is all about genetics. All that cutting your hair does is just make it appear like you have thicker hair.

Use Chapstick Or Vaseline To Prevent Chaffing

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Not only is this impractical but all it will do is leave you oily and sticky in the places that you apply it. I recommend that you use Chassis’ shower primer instead. All you have to do is apply and leave it on for 30 seconds while you’re in the shower. What this is going to do is deeply clean and moisturize your skin so it reduces friction and chaffing.

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Men and Women Can Use the Same Products

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Men’s skin is actually different from women’s. Men’s skin is actually 20% thicker, it’s more oily, and it also ages differently. Your skin needs special products that are made just for men since it has different needs.

Wet Hair Will Make You Sick

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This is a lie, wet hair will not make you sick. In order for you to get sick, you have to come in contact with a virus or bacteria. So go ahead and rock your wet hair.

Use More Shaving Cream to Get A Better Shave

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This is a lie that you probably heard from your dad. The reality is that you don’t have to use a huge amount of shaving cream for a better shave. What you need to do is apply some shaving cream and shave that area, if you see that you need to target an area or go back to an area just apply a little more shaving cream and shave. This will make it so that you get a closer shave and will reduce irritation.

Eating Carbs Will Make You Fat

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Carbs are not the enemy, in reality they’re our main source of energy. Make sure that you focus on complex carbs such as sweet potato and whole grains.

Eat Whatever You Want As Long As You Workout

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Working out alone will not get you the body you want. In order to get the body you want, you have to make sure that you include proper nutrition into your workout plan.


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