10 Random Things That TURN Women ON

Posted on Sep 14,2018 in Lifestyle

There are a ton of ways to turn a girl on. Most of the ways to turn a woman on sexually are actually quite random. They don’t come off as sexual however, and actually come out naturally, showing your best qualities. Here are 10 random things that will turn a woman on without it even look as though you are trying


If you ever have a girl over at your place and you cook for her, she’ll see many characteristics in you that will instantly make her want to chase after you more. This shows her that you are confident with your masculinity. It drives women wild!

2.Drive Stick Shift

Whenever you are picking up a female for a date and she sees that you can work a manual car with style, her mind will go crazy for you. It shows a manly side that most men can’t do. This will make her look at you like a mature, wise man.

3.Romantic Music

When you are together with the woman of your dreams, playing romantic music is vital to making her fall head over heels for you. Hearing the music while conversing with you will stimulate all of her senses and set the mood for an amazing, fun filled night in. The best way to set the romantic mood is with the Kove Commuter Bluetooth Speaker.

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4.Roll Up Your Sleeves

Most men like when a girl shows a little skin, but this is also true about women. Women love when a guy rolls up his sleeves to reveal a well-built fore arm. It makes them want to grab on to you. Skin on skin contact is a major turn on for both men and women. It will turn her on.

5.Have Passion

Having a passion in whatever you do, whether it be towards a hobby of yours or your career, shows a woman that you are a determined and manly guy. Be passionate in everything you do, it will make you a better you and it will show a female that you truly mean business.

6.Grab Her Hand

The moment when you grab a girl’s hand and lead her through a crowd is a moment that she will just melt for. This will make a woman feel protected by you, and safe around you, which will lead to her getting slowly more and more turned on throughout the night.

7.Be Handy

A man who can get things done on his own is a guaranteed turn on for women. It will make feel comfortable with you, knowing that she can trust you to help her with her problems. To keep it short and sweet, women love when they see a man complete a labor-intensive task.

8.Wearing Cologne

This is a no brainer. A Women loves a good smelling guy, case closed. This will drive them to be closer to you, instantly being more attracted to you. You do have to be careful though, because some smells are unpleasant to women, so you have to find an amazing smelling fragrance and roll with it.

9.Pull Her Close To You

Women love a man who is strong and assertive. Pulling her close to you will show off those characteristics, while also promoting a romantic setting between the two of you. The best time to do this is when u sense that she is most definitely in to you and things between you and her start to ramp up.

10.Grooming Her

Both men and women are highly sexual creatures, so if you do something that is both caring and sexual, it will make her melt in your arms. Softly brushing her hair away from her face with your hands is a small but mighty action that she will love. It will set the mood and create a moment that will most likely lead to you and her sharing affection.


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