10 Things Every Man Should Have In His Car

Posted on Nov 28,2018 in Lifestyle

Your car is your sanctuary, it’s essentially your home away from home. Many guys know that you need stuff like jumper cables, a jack and a spare tire in your car, but they forget key essentials in the process. I am going to tell you 10 things that every man should have in his car. Take some notes, this one is important.

1.A Blanket

A blanket is essential for many reasons. Imagine you and your “soon to be” girlfriend are just hanging out and you want to surprise her by having a picnic, sitting under the stars, or sitting on the beach. This is when you need a blanket. Not only will it keep her warm on chilly nights, but it will make you look like a caring, yet suave man. So, get a blanket and make sure it’s always somewhere neatly folded in your car.

2.A Backpack (with your daily essentials)

I know, you’re a busy guy. Some days might be a little more rushed than others, but you should always have a backpack with your daily essentials somewhere in your car. Some essentials are a change of clothes if you go to the gym, your laptop, chargers, etc. My favorite backpack to use is by our sponsor, The June House Backpacks.

They are killing it with their sleek design, yet remaining functional and modern. The one that I use is waterproof, it has hidden pockets, and even four external pockets. It’s just super comfortable and affordable. Use code “TMF” at checkout for a special discount.


You should always have an extra $20 bill in your car. Some places are “Cash Only” and if you just use a credit card for everything, this might be an issue for you. Along with having a spare $20 bill in your car, you should keep a slot with quarters in it for whatever reason. Having a little cash on you is just a life saver, trust me.

4.A Flashlight

You should always have a flashlight in your car, its common sense. Some flashlights are uglier than others, and if you’re a man of aesthetic, try finding a small, yet modern looking one. You can find small flashlights on Amazon for a few bucks and it will be one of the best purchases you ever make. Your phone has a flashlight, but if it dies and you need some sort of light, you’re going to be in trouble. So, keep a flashlight on you.

5.An Umbrella

If it’s raining, and you are with a girl, and you walk her over to her car door dry, its game over. She is going to fall head over heels for you. But, having an umbrella is just super essential regardless, you don’t want to be all wet. So, protect yourself from the rain by always having an umbrella in your car.

6.A Self Care Kit

Your number one focus should always be to look good. A few things you can buy to make your own “Self-Care Kit” are chap stick, mints, hand sanitizer, lotion, cologne, nail clippers, and a small hair brush. Just keep these examples as a rough list so that you can utilize it for yourself.


You never know when you are going to be stuck in traffic for long periods of time. During these long waits, you’re bound to get hungry. So, it’s never a bad idea to keep snacks such as granola bars, cliff bars, or nuts in your car. These snacks can take in heat and won’t be affected. So, make sure you can feed yourself by having a few snacks in your car.

8.A Cell Phone Charger

I actually carry multiple cell phone chargers, one for myself and one for my passengers. You never want to have a dead phone and you always want to make sure your passengers are being taken care of. The perfect solution to this is allowing them to charge their phone. Simple, but very essential.

9. 2 in 1 Bottle Opener

If you’re ever going to be on an impromptu date and you need a cork screw to open a bottle of wine, this little tool will save the night. Imagine yourself on a beautiful date, sitting under the stars with a glass of wine. That just makes for a perfect date. Without this little tool, none of it would’ve been possible.

10.Ear Buds

A lot of the times, when you’re in your car, you’re going to be running an errand. I always love to pop in my headphones while I’m doing my errands. It’s perfect to have these in your car, so you can just relax, listen to music and get your errands done. So, make sure to keep a pair in your car at all times.


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