10 Things Women Will Do ONLY If They REALLY Like You

Posted on Jul 25,2018 in Lifestyle

Women send so many mixed signals, that you dan never know if she likes you or not. So, today I’m going to show you 10 things women do, only if they like you.

1.She Will Agree To Do You A Favor

If someone does a favor for you, they have to like you. Think about it, would you do a favor for someone you don’t like or hate? Probably not. This my friends, is called the Benjamin Franklin effect. Theory goes, you can’t do something for someone that you don’t like.

2.Texts You Back

95% of the time, they will always get back to you. Unless, she’s playing hard to get, but that’s a different story. Women will only text back to guys that they have interest in. They don’t like their time to be wasted.

3.They Will Smile And Laugh About Everything

Trust me, you’ll know it when you see it. Girls make it so blatant sometimes, almost to a point where it gets annoying, everything you say, is extremely funny and you don’t get why. If she doesn’t like you, it’ll be the same like talking to a friend, just a normal conversation and you feel like your talking to one of your boys.

4.She’s Going To Compliment You

When a women sees something that they like, then they’ll make sure that they point it out. At this point of 2018. I would say that 80% of men still don’t know how to dress properly. That’s not something women want to see, however the second they do see a well dressed man, then that stands out to them and makes them more inclined to be attracted you. Everything from your accessories to your shoes, women notice everything. Especially when it comes to accessories, it needs to be on point, that’s why I only get my jewelry from RoseGold&Black.


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5.She’ll Make Sexual Gestures

If she bites her lip, or caresses her face, these are signs that she’s probably into (sexually) and really likes you, if you see a girl do this, take note of that and make your move.

6.She Asks You Questions

If you’re talking to a girl you start noticing that you’re the only one asking questions and if she’s giving you one word answers, she’s probably not too interested so don’t worry about and keep moving. However, if you guys go back and forth and it feels more like a natural conversation rather than a forced one then you’re in business. She’s probably interested in you and wants to know more about you.

7.She Will Agree To Spend Time With You

Time is super valuable and no one has time to waste. If you ask her to hang out and she agrees, she obviously wants something more. No girl would hang out with a guy unless their good friends or interested in them. Sad truth, but also gives you a straight answer whether she’s interested or not. By the day, it doesn’t have to be a date, if you have a chance to hang out with a girl, then do that too, get ask her to spend time with you.

8.She Teases You

If she makes fun of you a bit, then don’t take it the wrong way. It’s a girls way of flirting with you. She wants to laugh with you and show you that she’s not always a nice girl who says “Yes” to everything. And you should respond by teasing back.

9.She Fidgets A Lot

Chances are she’s more self conscious when she’s around you and feels nervous when talking to you. If notices that she’s playing with her hair or constantly fixing her shirt, she’s trying to make herself look the best around you. Whenever you see a girl adjusting anything about her when she’s talking to you, just know she’s into you.

10.She Asks For Help

This is one way a women becomes vulnerable to you. Reality is, most things she can already do herself. But she wants you to the be knight in shining armor to come and save her, it’s basically another way to prove that you care about her.

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