10 Things You Wear That Are Out Of Style

Posted on Feb 07,2019 in Style

Guys, I like to think of us as one big family. So, when I spot style mistakes I want to inform you so you don’t make them. Sure, there are a lot of different ways you can style yourself. But there are some trends that are just plain out of style. You need to make sure that you don’t fall into these trends, and stay with what is currently trending. Here are 10 things you wear that are out of style. I’ve got your back boys!

1.Visor Hats

These should’ve been left in the 90’s. Visor hats were trending for a little while, but now they are just tacky. I see some guys still wear these, but I just can’t understand why. If you are a golfer, I get it. But if you are a young man wearing a visor hat to the mall, that just isn’t stylish. Try throwing on a dad cap, or some sort of baseball cap. These are timeless and won’t go out of style.


Crocs are one of those shoes that truly have no purpose. If you are going to be doing some sort of water activity, they are acceptable. But who though it was a cool thing to wear crocs out in public to run errands. They make you look like you are still in middle school, and if you are a young man trying to get a girl in crocs, I am sorry but you’ll have no chance. Try upgrading your footwear and going for something more modern.

3.Socks With Slides

This look just makes you look like you don’t try at all. Socks were made with the purpose of getting rid of your sweaty feet in sneakers. Someone thought it was a good idea to destroy the purpose of socks by wearing them with open toed slides. First off, your feet don’t tend to sweat in slides, and secondly, this just looks dumb. Guys, dress for success. That’s all you have to do.

4.Untucked Dress Shirts

This is one of those 90’s looks that should’ve been left in the past. If you ever throw on a dress shirt and a suit jacket. Make sure you tuck in the dress shirt. If you don’t, the dress shirt will show under your suit jacket and you’ll look like a mess. People will think you can’t dress and you don’t want that idea floating around.

5.Tacky Watches

Watches were made to tell time, but also amplify your outfits. So, we need to get rid of those tacky watches. A tacky watch to me is one of those clunky, big faced watches that just suffocate your whole wrist. It isn’t minimal, but it’s the complete opposite. Instead, you guys should wear watches from Vincero.

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6.Baggy Jeans

Different styles of jeans are always trending in and out. However, baggy jeans are just plain out of style. Think of a couple years back. If you had a pair of True Religion Jeans, you were the coolest guy in the room. But now those baggy jeans are just not cool anymore. Everything is a lot more modern now. So, stick to jeans that will give off a modern aesthetic to your outfit.

7.Wife Beaters

This style of tank top was made to be an undershirt. I can’t tell you how many times a day I will see someone just wearing a wife beater. It isn’t cool, in fact it makes you look like you can’t take proper care of yourself. Life is too short and we should be stylish, young men while we are on this earth. So, wear wife beaters as under shirts and not a regular t-shirt.

8.Belts With Logos

If you want to become a walking billboard, then keep wearing these kinds of belts. But for those who want to increase their style, avoid any logo belts. Think about it. A company will scam into paying hundreds, sometimes thousands, of dollars for a belt with their logo on it. Just so you can wear it and show off their brand. Plus, there are so many fake designer belts out there, people will just assume it’s not authentic. Stick with modern, non-logo belts if you want to increase your style.

9.Moccasin Drivers

I personally was never a fan of this style of dress shoe. It doesn’t seem to suit any outfit correctly and to me they just look tacky. I would stick with wearing classic dress shoes or even a loafer if you want to pull off a cleaner, dressier aesthetic.

10.Top Knots

This hairstyle is one of those styles that should’ve been left in the past. Sure, its okay if you have long hair and need to get the hair out of your eyes for a little while. But if you are wearing this as a fashion statement, you might as well cut your hair off. It doesn’t match the modern trends and isn’t in style like it used to be.