$200 vs $20,000 Watch!

Posted on Feb 26,2018 in Tech

Today, we’re going to be comparing a $200 watch vs a $20,000 watch, I’m not going to bash one and praise the other, rather just talk about the differences and explain why it’s worth the price.


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Let’s start off with the $20,000 watch, right off the bat you can tell it’s made with quality. The Audemars Piguet Royal Oak is only made with quality materials. On the other hand, there’s other watch brands that aren’t able to produce the same quality, giving you access to lower prices. Hence, the MVMT watch. However, this doesn’t mean that they’re junk. Although, it is a cheap watch, it doesn’t feel like one at all. It’s durable and will last you a while, but it doesn’t compare to a $20,000 watch.


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Watches like the MVMT have a Quartz movement, which is battery powered and something that is easily mass produced. A lot of watches in the same price range use the same movement. At the end of the day, it gives you the right time and works perfectly fine, watches like MVMT even give you the date. So what else can you ask for? On the other hand, the AP is an automatic. That’s what makes this watch so unique, everything about it, is a piece of art. When it comes to batteries, they have to be replaced when they die. On automatic watches, they charge themselves whenevr you wear them. However, an automatic watch won’t give you the same accuracy as a quartz. Even though, you’re spending $20,000, you might have to wind it up once in a while to make sure it’s working correctly.


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This is one of the biggest differences. Although, they show the same time, they are made completely differently. On the MVMT watch , you have a hardened mineral crystal face which scratches easier, on the AP, it has a glare-proof sapphire crystal both on the front and on the back, that makes it very hard to damage. A lot of these small components are what makes this watch one of a kind and so expensive. If you’re a watch collector and don’t have a Audemars Pigeut, it’s really hard to stay that you have a complete collection. However, don’t let that make you shy away from buying a MVMT watch, it has a lot of details that most watches in the same price range don’t have. That’s why even though a MVMT isn’t in the same league as a AP, it has some high-tier characteristics that make it a great watch. Not to mention, they weigh pretty much the same.