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The pressure inside the abdominal cavity pushes on the spine to support it from the inside, while the core muscles in the abdominal wall and lower back push on the spine from the outside. This inside and outside pressure acts to stabilize the spine and reduce the stress it receives when lifting heavy weights.

Knee sleeves

Knee sleeves are designed to protect the knee from future injury or risk of damage.

Knee sleeves also add a valuable compression element that increases blood flow and reduces pain, not only during but also after performance.

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So as you’ve probably quickly come to realize, having great style and looking good on a consistant basis can amount to a lot of money. So for a change, I decided to sit down and think of certain things that I do (that are FREE) to enhance my style.

Trash & Organize 


What this basically means is that you want to slim down your wardrobe to what you actually use and get rid of everything you haven’t used. I say if you haven’t used something in the last 8-10 months, you’re probably over it.

This mini spring cleaning will help you make more stylish decisions quicker by showing only the items you actually use and that you think look great on you. This is also a great way to save time in the morning since your closet won’t be cluttered. And the final benefit is that you can sell the clothing you are getting rid of on platforms like Buffalo Exchange, Crossoroads, Platos Closet, or eBay and use the funds to buy newer clothes.

Change it up


Humans are a creature of habit and comfort…were also extremely lazy. So switch it up, say you’re used to always wearing a t-shirt just with shorts and jeans. Switch it up and pair that T-shirt with some chinos, or those jeans with a polo shirt.

One of the biggest Misconceptions people have is that they think they need a huge closet to look stylish when in reality having something as small as 5 shirts, 5 bottoms, and 5 shoes can theoretically net you 125 different outfit combinations. So pick up a top and bottom you’re not used to pairing and give it a shot, all it takes is a little confidence and know you can pull it off.

Start tucking in your shirts


I recently talked about the benefits of tucking in your shirt, but in summary it makes your waist line look slimmer, you get a more prominent V shape, and it gives you a more dressed up dapper look!
It’s not only only dress shirts you can also try and tuck in t-shirts, polo shirts, and even some sweaters to achieve a smarter look.

Roll it up


Have a baggy T-shirt that makes your arms look like twigs? roll the sleeves up
Have jeans (or pants) that stack to much at the bottom? Roll them up
Don’t want to look to stuffy in your dress shirt? roll up the sleeves


So, if you want to look your best without having to drop a bunch of money to reinvest into your wardrobe, there is a lot of tips and tricks that you can implement into your daily style. Most of the time they are free or close to nothing , and they instantly revitalize your wardrobe. So, today I’m going to show you five things to do just that.

1. Use double sided tap


Use double sided scotch tape to keep your tie in place. The most annoying and sloppiest sight in a gentleman is when his tie is swinging from side to side. Therefore, that’s what’s a tie bar is for and there’s even tie stays. However, if none of these resources are at hand, double sided scotch tape can do the job. All you have to do is grab your scotch tape then regarding your tie, grab the thin end and put it behind the thick end. Finally, stick it to the back of the thin end as well as your shirt. This will make your tie stay in place all day and it’s a very cheap hack to put together.

2. The hanger trick


So what you have to do is go to your closet and arrange all the hangers to be backwards, instead of putting it right side forward. What this is going to do is every time you pull something out to wear it , when you put it back , make sure you put it back the right side. Which leaves all the clothes you don’t wear on a backwards hanger, that’s going to be a clear sign that you don’t wear those items anymore. Therefore, strip your wardrobe of everything you don’t like and only keep what you actually use.

3. Keeping your shirt tucked in


Keeping your shirt tucked is a problem that many men face everyday. Once, your shirt starts to get untucked , it creates a muffin top which causes the illusion of you gaining about 10 pounds. However, I have 2 solutions to this problem. First, tuck your shirt into your underwear, we know it’s gross , but then again its super effective. So if no one is going to see you in your underwear , you have nothing to worry about. Tucking your shirt into your underwear can keep your shirt tucked in all day. But let’s say you can’t get over the gross factor then I would recommend shirt stays. Shirt stays aren’t free of course, but they are very affordable, so if you don’t want to tuck your shirt into your underwear, shirt stays are pretty much a necessity. They are a bit hard to find , because not many retailers produce them, but I recommend KK&Jay. They are really high quality , USA made shirt stays, in addition they are super affordable.

4. Repurpose your old clothing


Instead of throwing away your old clothes , see if could use those items to your advantage. For example, let’s take a dress shirt, as you can see this is what the collar looks like, plus it’s a very old shirt that I got bored of. Let’s Rejuvenate it!



And, this is the after , as you can see I cut off the collar , which gave it a completely different look. This shirt alone would cost $30-$40 in Zara or H&M , but just with a old shirt and a pair of scissors you can completely transform the shirt.

5. Keeping your pants up


Wearing a belt on a suit, is not the best option , because rather than being an aesthetic accessory, it divides the suit in half, which takes away from the suit’s elegancy. That’s why I always say not to wear a belt, but rather get side-tab adjusters on your trousers or if that’s too much, the next alternative is much cheaper, which is to wear suspenders. The great thing about suspenders is that it’s a cheap alteration and for around $5-$10, they’ll add suspender buttons on the inside. Now , on top of suspenders being a more stylish option, it’s also a far more superior method to keep your trousers up. Suspenders use your shoulders as anchor points to hold your trousers up, therefore they will stay in place all day.

Thank You Guys!

Today I wanted to show you guys 5 tricks that I use to score high end designer brands for less.

1) LuxySale


The reason why this website is so good is because it’s basically a one stop shop to all sales that are going on with designer and high end brands like Giorgio Armani, Balmain, Valentino, Alexander McQueen, Saint Laurent, etc.All those big brands you would pay tons of money for, what this website does is compiles all the sales that are going on around the world from these major designer houses into one website.Overall, you’re going to be paying a lot of money for these pieces but you’re going to be paying significantly less than what they would be retail at a regular store.

2) Shoptagr


I’ve talked about Shoptagr before and the cool thing about it is, you control your list.Basically all you have to do is go online see a product that you like , then you tag it , which then its later added to your shopping list. The neat thing about Shoptagr is that it will notify you when that product price is reduced or if it goes on sale, allowing you to save some money. If you wait till the end of season , whether it is summer, spring, winter or fall, brands always take all of those clothing and put it on sale. So Shoptagr is a good way to remind yourself, that you like that product and when it goes on sale. Some of these brands knock off 30, 40 even 50 percent off the original price. So always remember that at the end of the season is the best time to buy luxury brands.

3) Ebay


If you have no problem using used clothes that is second hand, then eBay is going to be your best friend. This is where your going to be finding the best deals out of all of my 5 tips. This is because the clothing is already used, so it’s heavily depreciated. You can find a lot of high end clothing and designers brands for a lot less. I always recommend to look back to the seller’s feedback. This is very important, it will tell you the honesty level of the seller and he/she’s track record, make sure he’s not selling anything counterfeit or replica.

4) Storewide sales


Big high end department stores like Nordstroms and Bloomingdales ,that carry high end brands, they usually have friends and family sales every year, they either do it 1-2 a year. During these times , most of the store if not the entire store has a price deduction and these are the best times come and buy whatever you wanted from these department stores.

5) Outlet Malls


Most high end department stores like Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue, Barneys, Neiman Marcus, they all have an outlet chain to them for example, Off the Fifth , Off the Rack (Nordstrom),Barneys Warehouse, Neiman Marcus Last Call. And in those outlet store they are selling the exact same brands as what they would sell in their regular store but significantly cheaper. You can expect 50,60,70 percent off the retail price, especially on Black Friday and sales after Christmas.It is important to sign up for their newsletter, becuase they always send emails about their sales, rebates etc.

Thank You Guys!

Today, I wanted to talk about some traits and characteristics that I compiled from celebrities that I think are cool and we can all benefit from.

1. Don’t be boring


Sometimes it’s hard to be 100% honest with ourselves and knowing when we are boring somebody who have very short attention spans, if all else fails then I recommend using this tip that I always used that I got from a book called “The Art of Civilized Conversation” and basically it says when you’re in a conversation, ask yourself a question, “Is the other person asking any questions about what you’re saying?”, if they’re not, it’s probably time to switch the subject or even ask them a question to kinda keep things going.

2. Your demeanor 


Anything from a cool guy’s outward behavior to their overall bearing, it is a critical aspect to the overall cool package, how they carry themselves, how they dress, there has to this balance of carelessness and yet also composed and put together.


If you look at a cool guy it’s almost like they got ready in 5 minutes, like a thoughtless process, and it probably take the average guy 20 minutes to look as good as that. The way to achieve that is by staying away from very loud colors, any neons or bright yellows, etc. are a big mistake, keep it simple.


When it comes to accessories you really don’t want to over do it. You won’t see cool guys wearing a lot of chains, lapel flowers or even tie bars.


Honestly, the only cool accessory that a guy wears is a watch. Again, it has to be thoughtless but purposeful, and the watch is the only accessory that fits that norm.


3. Mystery


You want to remain a little mysterious, and what you need to do is control your self-disclosure. Have you ever met those guys or girls that basically spill their whole life out to you as if you guys were best friends your whole life, that’s what you don’t want to be in order to be cool.


Keep other people wondering, trying to figure you out and see what your all about, and that’s what makes cool people, cool.

4. Careless factor


This is almost a sarcasm to everyday life which makes people very cool, so if you can reach that level of carelessness, that “everything just brushes off my shoulder”, you’re one step closer to being a cooler individual. So if something amazing happens, they won’t get  overly excited and all bubbly and if something sad happens they don’t become an emotional wreck.A cool person tries to remain level and indifferent in all situations.

5. Charisma


That comes through two things, one, a lot of people always worry about what they’re going to say or the fear of not knowing what to say next, which is a reasonable worry but what they always tend to forget is the second part of that charisma which is your mannerism.They way you use gestures when you speak or the amount of passion you put into it . I’ve noticed that cool people have really good control on both of these aspects, where, not only are they able to keep a stable conversation, they’re able to keep you interested and engaged throughout the conversation.


Next time you’re in a interaction , keep in mind your gestures and they way you use your body language to convey your message across.

Thank You Guys!


Why is having soft hair important? It is a sign that you have well nourished hair that is moisturized (as opposed to dry and unhealthy). More importantly it helps when it comes to maneuverability and managing your hair during the styling process. I naturally have coarse and semi dry hair, one thing I noticed ever since I let my hair grow out is that this type of hair is really hard to run a comb through and to achieve certain hairstyles.


So what I did was research into exactly how I can make it softer, easier to comb, and more maneuverable. Here are 3 tips I always use to achieve silky softer hair:

1) Use a Good Leave In Conditioner 

 I’m going to start with the tactic that completely changed the mechanics of my hair. This was starting to use a leave in conditioner. Leave in conditioners are great for moisturizing your hair and removing tangles (this makes combing and styling your hair easy)



I’ve used various brands throughout these last two years of letting my hair grow out but have been recently using this great product by Scotch Porter (use code “TMF” and get 10% off). It’s not a leave in conditioner per say, but it does the same effect of moisturizing hair, removing hair tangles, PLUS you can use it as a light hairstyling product for casual looks. The hair balm retails for $15 and it is an estimated 3 month supply. Theres about 90 reviews from other customers on their site and has over 25k likes on FaceBook so id say its pretty safe to say this will work for you too.

How to Use It  


I apply it every day after my shower and I have air dried my hair. If it’s a casual day I go for a messy hair look and use the Scotch and Porter Balm (use code “TMF” and get 10% off) as my holding product. On other days that I want a stronger hold I apply a dime size amount first, then apply a dime size amount of a strong pomade to get a clean slick side part that will hold all day. Either way my hair will remain moisturized and frizz controlled. You can use a leave in conditioner (or Hair Balm) everyday like I do just make sure they are mineral oil and petroleum free as these are very harmful.


Use Oils At Least Once a Week 


Your hair produces natural oils that are essential for a healthy head of hair. However, from constant shampooing you tend to wash away many of these beneficial oils away. To replenish this, use some sort of nourishing oil at least once a week. There are many brands out there but I tend to really like using regular coconut oil. Its cheap, natural, and does a really good job of leaving your hair nice and soft the next day.


This is simple, I usually apply it right before going to bed (maybe half a dime size amount). This cocoanut oil is jammed packed with fatty acids that help replenish depleted lipids in my hair. Lack of lipids in your hair is what contribute to fine hair that eventually splits (split ends).

Always Dry Your Hair on Cool


Air drying your hair straight out of the shower will give you much more control over your hair during the styling process, it also helps in controlling frizz. One thing you do want to avoid is to dry your hair on the warm or hot setting , as this will completely end up frying your hair.


Today, I’m going go over 5 confidence enhancing grooming tactics that will make you feel much sexier.

1. Commit yourself to regular haircuts


I know every reader right now, knows the feeling of getting a fresh haircut. You feel on top of world and that nobody can stop you just from that one haircut. Which also automatically boosts your confidence. Now imagine you can get that feeling all the time  or on a consistent basis, that  can only be accomplished if you go to the barbershop regularly. This year, commit yourself to the barbershop at least every 3 weeks. It can be either a touch up just to fix your sides or simply a full haircut. With that tip , you will see how this year will be your best year.

2. Always Smell Your Best


People around you make judgements on you, using all of their senses including their nose. Therefore, if you smell bad , not only did you start off on the wrong foot but it probably is killing your confidence.So if you are planning on meeting a really hot girl you like , your boss or a potential employer, it is essential to smell your best and that’s going to leave a lasting impression person.


Now, I know that every guy doesn’t like to use fragrances or spray on colognes every morning. For you guys, I recommend a really good body wash, something that is going to make you smell good, especially one from Grooming Lounge. They have a in-house brand that brings you really quality product at even better prices. Their body wash is one of their best sellers and it sincerely does smell good. I use this regularly and it’s infused with black pepper, so when you get out the shower, all day you have this fresh and masculine scent and really negates the need of spraying on a fragrance. As always, use code “TMF20” for 20% off!

3. Your Smile


Develop a good oral routine that’s going to avoid you having bad breath because that’s going to instantly kill your confidence. Also , keep your teeth nice, clean and as white as possible.


Whether you have very stained teeth, whether it be from a lot of wine, coffee, tea, cigarettes or whatever. I recommend you use some kind of whitening kit to bring some white back to your smile and make your smile a little bit brighter. All in all , showing off your pearly whites, have been shown to reduce stress levels, increase testosterone all of which will increase your self confidence.

4. Achieve the best hairstyle possible


First things first, you need to find your face shape. Secondly, use quality hair products, that’s going to help you achieve to get that hairstyle that you always wanted. For example, a shampoo can be never underestimated, some people go to the store and buy the cheapest thing but that actually dry out and harm your hair if you don’t know what ingredients are in it.


This shampoo from Grooming Lounge, not only does it smell great and use quality ingredients , but it’s infused with biotin. If you didn’t know, biotin helps lengthen and thicken your hair follicles , giving you a fuller head of hair.


Also use a good conditioner that is going to moisturize your hair which is going to keep it nice and smooth, the one from Grooming Lounge is infused with keratin which is going to straighten your hair and leave it smooth every time you apply it to your hair. Finally , you need a styling product , whether it be clay, pomade or whatever you prefer, make sure it’s high quality that doesn’t have any harmful chemicals that are going to dry out your hair.


This hair product from the Grooming Lounge, is for the everyday casual look and it definitely does the job. In essence , find yourself these three basic products that’s going to help you achieve a sexier hairstyle that is going to increase your confidence.

5. Grow some sexy stubble 


You can ask any girl in your life or just any random girl and I can guarantee you that one of the sexiest things that guys have is beard hair or facial hair, but it’s very important to maintain it. Don’t let it grow out like a crazy bush , however use beard oil to keep that beard nice, soft and supple. Also, you want to keep it groomed, knowing how to properly grooming a beard is going to enhance features of your face and hide any imperfections making you look, of course more sexier and overall just more confident.

Thank You Guys!

Today, I wanted to give you guys 5 killer dating tips to ensure you guys a second date, and just reduce those chances of rejection. The interesting part of today’s discussion, is that I went on a social-dating site called Dine and asked various women users what is their top dating tips for men, what we as guys have to do on the first date.Not only are you getting real tips from me , their going to be backed up by real women.

1. Figure out What you want


I think too many times, guys are just too focused on what it is that his significant other wants, what they are looking for . Later, the guy tries to mold himself to fit those expectations, but what happens is you might come across as someone who is ingenue or someone fake, trying to fit her mold. Instead, figure out what you want, how do you want to be treated.After you figure that all out , find a partner for that , don’t just go for the first person that says “yes”

2. Pick the right location


Going on a first date in crucial, this will be in her mind for the rest of your she ends up being the “one” This first date is going to be very crucial and important, where you go is going to dictate the course of the night. I don’t recommend going to the movies, because you don’t talk to each other, the best option is to go out for dinner, however stay away from bars because they are too loud, you really can’t communicate and get to know that person. This will be a perfect time for you guys to start dialoging and get to know each other, and hopefully build a relationship.

3. First Impressions matter


Now that you got the first date, it’s time for you get to finally meet each other in person and the first impression is going to be engraved in her head forever. How well you do on the first impressions is going to the biggest factor on what ensures you that second date.Obviously style is going to be very important, this is going to be your brand image. However, I don’t recommend you go in a full suit, where you make her feel underdressed or uncomfortable. Instead I recommend you guys go with something simple, but refined.First, go with some dark jeans, and well-fitted, not your average mom jeans. They can either be black or navy, that’s completely up to you.After that, pick up some leather shoes, avoid sneakers for this first date, you want to look your best. Either go with loafers or wingtips, again, it’s all up to your personal preference. Finally, go with a button down, I recommend white because it always works, a white oxford because you can play by ear. If you know your going to a nice restaurant, tuck in your shirt, if not then just leave it untucked so your still going to look sharp but a little more relaxed.

4. Do not forget your manners


It’s time to whip out everything your mom told you and be on your “A”  game. Keep in mind, women are on the lookout for all details, their going to be micro-judging you on every little thing you do, so manners is a definite must have.So if she looks nice tell her that, open the door as she walks through and even offer to pay the bill, women like that. On top of everything, just be polite to everyone around you, especially your waiter. If she you being a d-bag or a jerk then she’s automatically going to think you’re probably not the one.

5. Be confident 


Confidence in this situation is extremely crucial, it is going to be understandable that since it’s your first date, both of you are going to be extremely nervous. But if you can push through that and a little bit of self confidence,  I guarantee your going to increase your attraction for that individual. What I recommend is keep the dialogue to things you are well versed in, so you know you’re not going to run out of things to say.That’s definietly going to break the ice and increase the attraction for one another.

Thank You Guys!

Today, I wanted to talk about the Wocket Wallet.  There’s a lot of companies out there that want to make your wallet thinner and smarter. To be able to put all of your credit cards into one card. The Wocket Wallet is different, they had a mission to minimize clutter and they accomplished it.


So with the wallet you have a card and card selector, you can select any card or loyalty card that you have inputted already. All you have to do is use the card that it came with and swipe away! The touch-screen of the Wocket Wallet is very intuitive and very easy to use. It’s extremely simple to navigate and it’s secured by a password, whether you want to use letters or numbers for password, your information will be secured.


To be able to program the Wocket wallet, it comes with a card reader, so you don’t need your phone or any other device. You just charge your Wocket Wallet, plug in the card reader, and start swiping. After you swipe, it registers it to your name, and your ready to go.


Maneuvering around the menu is straightforward, all you have to do is select what card you want, whether it be debit cards, credit cards, membership cards or loyalty cards. I’ve used this Wocket Wallet about a dozen times and never had a issue. However, like everything else, we don’t live in the perfect world, so they always recommend to carry a card with you. Just in case the Wocket Wallet fails, you can have a backup.

The only issue I see with the Wocket Wallet, is that it doesn’t have a chip.  So if your card has a chip and you go to a place where the chip is activated, then you might have a issue where it won’t get accepted. I haven’t encountered that issue yet, but I can see it happening real soon. However, they are coming up with one soon, but the release date is not available yet.

If you are looking to de-clutter your wallet or if you are a minimalistic person then I recommend the Wocket Wallet to you. The Wocket Wallet costs $180, I think that it’s a very good price for what it is. Another cool thing that I enjoyed with the Wocket Wallet is that you don’t need your phone, it’s independent from your cell-phone which ensure security and its a stand-alone device.
Alright guys, thank you for reading and check out the Wocket Wallet.
Thank You Guys!