The 6 best fall/winter fashion trends for men

Coats with Fur around the Neck


This is a great style if you live in a cold area. If you live in a warmer area this option would probably not be the smartest choice.

Oversized Sweaters


If you have your basics covered to make sure you buy yourself something trendy by investing in an oversized sweater.

Moss Green or Army Green


If you want to be even more trendy make sure to buy some of your pieces in an army green or a moss green color, which is very in style at the moment.

Quilted Pieces


The great thing about these quilted pieces is that you don’t have to layer them in order to stay warm and you’ll look very stylish.

Turtle Neck


This is an elegant piece and looks good with almost anything. Make sure you get something that is high quality. It also structures your jawline

Nostalgia Brands


Nostalgia brands like Tommy Hilfiger and Reebok are making a big comeback vintage style sweaters the 90’s logo print . I know that Tommy can get a little expensive so you can always opt for a brand like Reebok, which is more affordable yet will still be stylish.



  1. Hey Jose, your wardrobe choice is quite remarkable. I’ve taken several of your recommendations & applied them to my own wardrobe. But can you provide the brands of the turtle neck, chelsea boots, distressed black jeans, & green coat w/ fur? Much appreciated!


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