Today I am going to teach you how to pack like a pro!

Lay Everything Out On the Floor

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Make sure that you lay everything out on the floor then take a look at it and take about a third of the stuff out. We all know that you are not going to use everything you pack so why overpack? The only things that you should overpack are socks and underwear.

Find a Good Bag

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You have to make sure that you find a good bag. I personally like duffle bags because they make the perfect carry on. It is important that you don’t cheap out on a duffle bag, make sure that you invest in a good quality bag so that you don’t end up embarrassed at the airport.


The bag that I personally recommend is one from Rogue Industries. This bag will run you about $150 but it is a very good price for the quality of this bag. This bag is water resistant and it has a whole bunch of space. It has a ton of side pockets, where you can put your wallet, cable, or snacks. This bag comes with a two-year warranty where if the bag gets damaged within the two years Rogue Industries will replace it at no cost or issue a refund. You know that if a company offers such a good warranty it is because they stand behind their product. The best thing about Rogue Industries is that they also offer wallets. These wallets come in the shape of your front pocket so that you can put it in your front pocket and make it more difficult to steal.

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Roll Up Your Socks and Put them in Your Shoes

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You have to make sure that you use up your space as efficiently as possible. One of the best ways to do this is to roll up your socks and put them in your shoes. This will help you use up all of the space that you have and it will also help your shoes keep their shape. Make sure you wrap your shoes in shower caps to keep the rest of your clothes clean.

Bundle Wrapping

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Bundle wrapping will help you reduce bulk and it keeps everything in a bundle. Get all of your shirts, shorts, pants, and t-shirts together, if you have any dress shirts pull them out for now because we will pack them later. If you have a suit jacket or a sweater go ahead and place it face down and vertically, grab any collar shirts and put them on top but opposite of the first sweater. All the shirts will go vertically and all of the pants will go horizontally, then change between them, one going up and the other one going down after you’ve finished with that put your underwear in the middle and start wrapping everything together nice and tight.

Once you are done with that, grab your dress shirt and fold it as you normally would then just put your belt on the collar to make sure that the collar maintains its shape.

Thanks for reading and make sure to let us know which hack you use when you’re packing!


Today I am going to show you a few tips on how you can better understand women and what they are thinking.



This is probably one of the most important things that you can do. Now, when I say listen, I am not talking about just listening with your ears but also listening to her nonverbal cues. According to experts, 80 to 90% of our communication is non-verbal. This means that if you are only listening to what she is saying, you are only getting about 10 to 20% of her cues. This means that you are missing some very important signs, so make sure that you are paying careful attention to her.

Eye Contact

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Making eye contact with her will let her know that you are interested in what she has to say. Eye contact also increases sexual tension and it will also give you a sneak peek into what she might be thinking.  When you are making eye contact with her make sure that you look at the center of her pupil, if you see that they are getting bigger, it could mean that she is interested in what you have to say and is excited that you are there.

Look At How She Is Dressed

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Make sure that you notice how she is dressed, if you notice that she has makeup on or that she took time to get ready, it probably means that she wants to be approached or that she is open to a compliment. On the other hand, if she is not wearing makeup and she looks like she is taking a chill day off, it probably means that she is trying to relax and does not want to be approached.

Image result for vincero watches

Keep in mind that this works the same with guys. If she sees that you have put effort into the way you dress and into your appearance, she is going to be more inclined to think that you want to be approached. One of the best ways to make sure that she notices how punctual and responsible you are is to make sure that you wear a nice watch. If you want a nice watch to rock this season make sure to check out Vincero watches. These watches will have her thinking that you are punctual and take time seriously. the awesome thing about this brand is that it is made with such high quality at such an affordable price that it will look like you are wearing money on your wrist even though you didn’t have to shell out a lot of money.



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Remember how I told you guys that nonverbal communication is a very important thing to understanding women? Well, a non-verbal cue that most men seem to miss is looking to see where her feet are pointed. If you see that she is with her group of her friends but her feet are pointed towards you, that means that she is interested in you. Body language experts say that we tend to point our feet towards something that has caught our attention because subconsciously we point our feet in the direction that we are getting ready to walk towards.


Image result for texting

You may think that it is more difficult to understand or decipher what she is trying to tell you over text, but I personally think that it is actually easier through text. You have to remember that in this day and age it is all about the emojis. If she is sending you pretty long text messages with a lot of emojis, this means that she is pretty into you. On the other hand, if you are getting short and dry texts from her, it probably means that she is really not that into you and it might be better to just exit the conversation with some pride.

Today we are going to talk about the 5 accessories that women love.


Image result for ridge wallet

The wallet is one of the most important parts of a man’s wardrobe. Nothing looks more off than a man taking out a wad of cash that looks very untidy or a guy taking out a wallet that looks like hand me down that is so old that it is falling apart. Women want to see a man with a nice organized wallet. Please, do yourself a favor and don’t take out a velcro wallet. That just looks childish and like you don’t have your life together.

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If you want a very manly looking wallet, you have to make sure that you check out the Ridge Wallet. You are going to be so proud of showing off this wallet. Its very functional becuase you can carry cash, 1-12 cards, your I.D., and etc. This wallet is also RFID protected and it also has a lifetime warranty. This wallet is a beautiful modern front pocket wallet that won’t stretch out over time like normal leather wallets. It is made of aluminum, polycarbonate, titanium, or carbonate fiber so you know that it will last for a very long time.

A Watch


A watch is a must in every man’s wardrobe. This is the one piece of jewelry that every man should have, a watch will make you look sophisticated, stylish, and organized. It also makes you look like you are always on time (even if they aren’t always on time themselves)


Image result for pen

I know, technology is everywhere but you have to admit that there is always space for a pen. A pen shows that you are always prepared and women like a guy who is always prepared. A pen will help you remember stuff because writing stuff down helps with your muscle memory which will help you remember important details.


Image result for pocket knife

I know that you’re probably thinking that this, in fact, is not a must. However, let me change your mind because this is actually an essential part of a man’s wardrobe. Think about the functionality of a small pocket knife. If you are ever in need of opening up a package you won’t have to open a package, you will be able to do without a problem.


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A belt is always a must!. You have to remember that women don’t want to see your underwear but they do want to see a guy who looks very well put together and who knows how to dress well. A belt is a must-have accessory so pull your pants up and grab a belt to look like the well put together guy you are.


Now I know that we all want to be able to win with the ladies, so today I am going to show you some tips to attract the ladies to you. I am going to talk about 4 tips that will make the ladies come to you.

Look Cool and Important

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You have to remember that it is almost like a mind game, so you want to make sure that you portray yourself as cool and important. You want to poke her curiosity and you want to lead her to want to say “hi” or ask you a question. Keep in mind that women tend to be a little more shy than men so it might take a couple of days for her to approach you. Make sure that you look confident and not scared or super shy.

Change Your Style or Appearance

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When you are aiming to get her attention make sure that it is a change that she will notice. It can be something as simple as changing your hairstyle, changing the way you dress, or maybe even shaving off your beard.. What this will do is get her attention and maybe, just maybe spark her curiosity enough to make her want to approach you and start a conversation.

Show Interest

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For this one you have to put yourself in her shoes, you have to remember that it is already hard enough for her to approach you already. This is especially difficult because society has instilled in us that men are the ones that should approach women. Make sure that you let her know that you are interested in her so that she will be more comfortable approaching you. You can do this in many ways, you can sit next to her in class, smile at her when you make eye contact with her. Make sure that you drop some hints about your interest so that she won’t be afraid of getting rejected.

Have Open Body Language

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You never want to come off overly confident or super arrogant, it’s already difficult enough for her to approach you so you never want to come off as an arrogant prick.  Make sure that you have open body language that shows that you are open and fun. Make sure that you smile and don’t frown, don’t cross your arms because that can show that you are not very open or receptive, which can make it more difficult for her to approach you and that is exactly what you want to avoid.


Today we are going to talk about the 5 ways you can look amazing in a t-shirt.

Work Out


You have to remember that the soft thin fabric of most shirts tend to contour the body. This means that the shirt will follow the natural line of your body, which means that it will highlight both your good and bad features. The solution to this problem is to work out regularly to build a more balanced physique.



Now I know that you can’t build that physique overnight so it is very important that you get the right fit. One of the most important areas where you need to make sure your shirt fits well in on your shoulders. Make sure that the shoulder seams ends right where your shoulder ends. You also want to make sure that the shirt is not too tight around your midsection.


For all of these reasons we made sure to focus our ESNTL line on quality and fit. Our shirts are made with cotton and bamboo blends that won’t shrink after you wash it. All men need that essential t-shirt that fits well and can be worn with literally everything. In order to achieve that versatility and that perfect fit we tried several different blends of fibers until we came up with the perfect blend of cotton and bamboo.  Which makes it very breathable, wont shrink after you wash it, and since bamboo is an antibacterial material, your shirt will smell fresh.

Get the Right Color


When it comes to choosing the right colors make sure that you focus on the neutrals. A white t-shirt is a neutral that looks good on any skin type. The second color you want after you get the white t-shirt is definitely the color black. I believe that black brings out the sexiest parts of men and it is almost like the little black dress for women. Last but not least the color grey is the perfect in between for black and white; I think that this color can accentuate any frame.


Right Fabric

Image result for bamboo and cotton

It is very important that you choose the right fabric. Make sure that you stay away from polyester or synthetic fabrics because they don’t fit well and they don’t tend to last very long. Cotton is always the best way to go because it is super breathable. The only down side to cotton is that it shrinks after you wash it; that is why we made our own blend of cotton and bamboo because it’s breathable and it does not shrink after you wash it. Make sure that you find something with at least 5% spandex, this provides a good fit because it contours to the body perfectly.

Styling It


Make sure that you think outside of the box. Go ahead and layer your tees with outer pieces to dress it up or dress it down. Once you find the right fit, the possibilities are endless


Today we are going to talk about 7 things that no man should be wearing in the fall/winter.

No Show Socks

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During the summer man ankles are great but let’s be honest, they are completely counterintuitive in the fall/winter. During these two seasons, you are trying to insulate heat so this is the perfect time to bundle up, show off your sock game, and improve your style.

Colorful Shirts

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Colorful patterns and floras are great during the summertime. Don’t get me wrong, I love my Hawaiian shirts as much as the next guy but they are completely summer inspired and they will just make you look out of place in the fall and winter. A great substitute for this pattern is plaid because you will find this pattern in your suits and flannels and it is very prominent in the fall/winter.



Sneakers are a great addition and a must for any stylish wardrobe but if you want them to last a long time, you don’t want to drag them through the snow or the rain. The best solution to this is to invest in a good pair of boots.


Speaking of boots, make sure you check out Thursday Boots to add a stylish twist to your fall/winter wardrobe. The high ankle design will keep you warm and protected from all of the elements. Boots are usually a bit sturdier than sneakers so you know you will be protected. If you don’t have a pair of Thursday Boots by now, you really need to get yourself a pair, trust me you need some. I’ve traveled with these boots before and the rubberized sole makes them ideal for rain and snow because it will prevent you from slipping and sliding everywhere.  I personally recommended that you go for the Chelsea boot they are extremely comfortable and best of all very stylish.


Lightweight Fabrics

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Lightweight thread and open weave design are crafted for summer because they are designed to keep you cool during those months. Keeping cool is the exact thing you want to avoid, so make sure you stick to fabrics like tweed, flannels, and heavy wool to keep you warm during those frigid months.




Please just put a sweater on. Going out in just a t-shirt does not make you look tough, it just makes you look confused.



Even if you are going to the gym, you shouldn’t be wearing shorts. Why are you going to put yourself through the pain of being cold when you could wear something just as stylish like sweatpants or joggers


Boots with Fur Trimming

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Ok, I have to admit that this is just a personal pet peeve of mine, but let’s be honest, these don’t look good. The fur around your neck on a jacket can make you look like a baller but fur in your footwear does the complete opposite.


Today we are going to talk about 7 little tips and hacks that will revamp your shirts.

Fixing a Weak Collar

Image result for modern band collar

Let’s say you have an old shirt and the collar is very flimsy so you don’t wear it anymore. You can easily revamp the shirt, cut the collar, and turn it into a modern band collar. All you have to do is lay the shirt flat on a table, use a pair of scissors, and cut at the base of the collar. If you want a more casual look you can leave the collar frayed but if you want a more formal look take a pair of tweezers and pull out the frayed edges.

Reuse Old Shirts

Image result for tie stay

Before you decide to throw away that old shirt that you don’t wear anymore, remember that you can easily use the shirt placket as a hidden tie stay. One of the biggest problems, when you’re wearing a dress shirt, tie, and suit, is that sometimes the tie will sway from side to side making it look messy.  You can easily fix that problem by cutting off the placket from that old shirt and use two button holes to latch your tie to your shirt.

Use the Dryer as An Iron

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If you don’t have time to iron a shirt or you don’t know how to iron a shirt properly (like many guys out there) I have the perfect solution for you.  When you’re in a rush, just throw your shirt in the dryer with a couple of ice cubes and put it on the hottest level, the heat will melt the ice cubes and the steam will smooth the harsh wrinkles from the shirt.

Rolling your Sleeves

Image result for rolling your sleeves

For this hack, you basically start with your shirt fully unbuttoned, fold all of the excess fabric unto itself evenly, and then fold again until you end up around your elbow region.  If you want even more room and mobility just keep folding upwards evenly.

Image result for original grain

Of course, if your sleeves are going to be rolled up you are going to need an awesome accessory on your wrist. Make sure you check out Original Grain watches. These are some of the most unique ones out there, when you wear a dress shirt you are bound to have heads turning. What separates them from the pack? Well, just like the name says they are original because unique. They use wood features in their watches to revamp them. You have to remember that since wood grain is in within itself unique, no one will have the same watch you have.

Make sure you use the discount code TMF!


Proper Fit

Image result for sitting down with a button down shirt

You’d think that most guys would know how a shirt should fit properly, but let’s face it some guys have taken the slim fit a little too far. The best thing that you can do is to make sure that you do the sit-down test. Once you put the shirt on, sit down and see what happens. If you see that your buttons are stretching each other out and if you can see skin from the side…you need a bigger size.

Don’t Wear White Undershirts


When you wear white undershirts, it creates a drastic contrast between your natural skin color making the undershirt extremely obvious. Make sure that you wear an undershirt that is closer to your skin tone; this will make it look almost invisible.

Folding T-shirts

Image result for ninja fold

Ninja fold is the best and saves so much time.


Layering is a beautiful thing and when your style IQ has reached such a high level that you can compose those intricately layered outfits, people will start to drool over you.  Here 5 expert layering tips to help you with your style IQ.

Don’t Over Layer

Image result for t shirt under flannel men

You probably think that you need 10 layers of clothing to look stylish and complex. Remember that layering can be as simple as wearing a t-shirt under a flannel. Don’t overwhelm yourself thinking that you need so many layers, I would personally recommend that you only stick to 3 to 4 layers at a time.

Visual Proportions

DSC00075 2

The whole point to layering is to create depth and show creativity. Unfortunately, you can’t do this if your layers aren’t visible. Make sure that you play with different proportions and lengths to make sure that each layer is visible; there are 2 ways to do this:


This means that each consecutive hemline gets as you add them on. This is known as the traditional or proper menswear attire.

Image result for reverse layering clothes men

With this, you will actually be doing the opposite. This means that the longer layer will actually be the base layer. Start with a long line tee and add a bomber on top of it. This is more of the streetwear or casual approach.

Thick Fabrics Are an Exterior Layer


This is a must follow rule! You want to make sure you order your fabrics in the order of thickness. Your thinner fabrics should go against your skin and the thicker fabrics go as an outer layer. This makes it so that you don’t look like a puffy snowman and it makes it so that the layers will serve their purpose.  The outer layer will insulate heat and keep you warm, while the thinner layer will ventilate the heat and will keep your body temperature balanced.

Mix your Fabrics and Textures

Image result for layering clothes men suits

You never want to layer or mix fabrics that are too close in color or texture. Make sure that there is enough contrast between your layers. For example, you would not layer separate suit pieces that are the same color and fabric.


Image result for layering clothes men patterns

With layers, there is already a lot going on and when you add a pattern into the mix it could just end up confusing people. My advice would be to limit your patterns to only 1 or 2.  Make sure that the thickness and density of your patterns are different enough so that they don’t clash.


Don’t you hate it when you have a bad taste in your mouth and you can smell something bad coming from it? What is even worst is when you don’t realize it and you’re talking to someone and you see them cringe away because of your bad breath.  In order to be able to fight this, we first have to understand what causes bad breath.  So today I am going to talk to you about the 4 ways to get rid of bad breath.


Image result for flossing

There is just no way around this, so this means that you can’t solely depend on mouthwash. You need to get into every cavity in your mouth and remove all of the plaque from your teeth. You have to take the time to do this since you can’t just brush your teeth and gargle mouthwash.

Brush Your Teeth Well

Image result for brushing teeth

Make sure you brush your teeth at least twice a day for two minutes. Dentists recommend that you use an electric toothbrush because the vibrations will help remove more plaque.Image result for dazzlepro the element

The toothbrush that I personally use is the DazzlePro brush called “The Element”.  This brush produces about 40,000 strokes per minute which are amazing compared to the 300 you would get with a manual brush. This toothbrush is 100x’s more powerful and more efficient than the manual brush. It comes with 4 different cleaning modes and they will adapt to the different areas.  It is rechargeable and it comes with its own charging dock. It also has a timer that will beep every 30 seconds so that you can keep track of your brushing time. The coolest thing about this toothbrush is that it has an antibacterial UV sanitation base that comes with it. This light kills over 99.99% of the bacteria on the brush.

Image result for dazzlepro the element

Make sure you use the code TMFDazzle for a special discount.

Clean Your Tongue

Image result for cleaning your tongue

The tongue is the biggest culprit of bad breath. The tongue harbors bacteria and food particles under a thin layer of mucus. Removing that bacteria from the back of your tongue will go a long way in preventing bad breath. Once you are done brushing your teeth, go ahead and brush your tongue the bristles of your toothbrush or buy a tongue scraper to clean your tongue with. Once you are done, your tongue should not have any white stuff on it.

Dry Mouth

Image result for dry mouth

When your mouth is dry, it can’t produce enough saliva to flush out all of the bacteria from your gums, teeth, and tongue. The foul smell comes from the fact that your mouth is not able to get rid of all the gunk in it. There many things that can lead to a dry mouth and they include, not drinking enough water, skipping meals, or using mouthwash with too much alcohol in it. Make sure that you drink enough water, don’t skip meals, and make sure you use a type of mouthwash that doesn’t have alcohol in it.

Thanks for reading!


The flannel is the perfect transition piece to take you from the warm summer days to the cooler fall/winter ones.

Buy the Right Colors

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When you’re looking at colors make sure that you stick the reds, yellows, blues, and reds. Try to avoid too many colors can be very difficult to style and they can be a bit of an eye sore.

Right Style

When you are trying to find the right style make sure that you stick with the thicker fabric since it is for cooler seasons after all. I would suggest that you embrace check, now I personally prefer the complex plaid prince as opposed to something more regular and balanced like gingham. I feel that flannels should be plaid and thick. The great thing about flannels is that they are super practical and they will look good on almost any body type.

Solo Piece

DSC09843 3

The awesome thing is that you can wear it as a solo piece, with some light denim, and trainers for a stylish put together look.  Of course you can wear it by itself because the bold print of the flannel makes it a centerpiece for any outfit.

Add a t-shirt Under

Image result for mens flannels

Now, if you want a more creative approach, you can just add a white or black basic t-shirt under the flannel; just make sure you leave it completely open.

If you want to start building a stylish a wardrobe on a budget make sure you check out and download it. It will literally only take two clicks to install and it is going to be a money saver. When you are buying stylish pieces like flannels, JoinHoney will actually search the web for all of the available coupons. Once you get to the checkout stage you can make sure that you are going to get the best deal possible. This will work for any type of online shopping so make sure you use it for everything you need.

Layer It over A Hoodie

DSC09885 3

Go ahead and layer the flannel over the hoodie make sure that you stick to neutral colors when you do this. This is more of a younger guy’s approach. Only real style professionals can pull this off and let’s be honest your friends aren’t smart enough or creative enough to do it.

Throw a Jumper Over it

Image result for grey jumper over flannel

If you want a smarter approach, go ahead and throw a simple grey jumper over the flannel. Make sure you stick with neutral colors and you can wear it with dark tailored denim.

Wear It With a Suit

Image result for flannel under suit

When you do this make sure you stick to muted colors when you want to wear a flannel with a suit.