Today we are going to talk about the 5 ways you can look amazing in a t-shirt.

Work Out


You have to remember that the soft thin fabric of most shirts tend to contour the body. This means that the shirt will follow the natural line of your body, which means that it will highlight both your good and bad features. The solution to this problem is to work out regularly to build a more balanced physique.



Now I know that you can’t build that physique overnight so it is very important that you get the right fit. One of the most important areas where you need to make sure your shirt fits well in on your shoulders. Make sure that the shoulder seams ends right where your shoulder ends. You also want to make sure that the shirt is not too tight around your midsection.


For all of these reasons we made sure to focus our ESNTL line on quality and fit. Our shirts are made with cotton and bamboo blends that won’t shrink after you wash it. All men need that essential t-shirt that fits well and can be worn with literally everything. In order to achieve that versatility and that perfect fit we tried several different blends of fibers until we came up with the perfect blend of cotton and bamboo.  Which makes it very breathable, wont shrink after you wash it, and since bamboo is an antibacterial material, your shirt will smell fresh.

Get the Right Color


When it comes to choosing the right colors make sure that you focus on the neutrals. A white t-shirt is a neutral that looks good on any skin type. The second color you want after you get the white t-shirt is definitely the color black. I believe that black brings out the sexiest parts of men and it is almost like the little black dress for women. Last but not least the color grey is the perfect in between for black and white; I think that this color can accentuate any frame.


Right Fabric

Image result for bamboo and cotton

It is very important that you choose the right fabric. Make sure that you stay away from polyester or synthetic fabrics because they don’t fit well and they don’t tend to last very long. Cotton is always the best way to go because it is super breathable. The only down side to cotton is that it shrinks after you wash it; that is why we made our own blend of cotton and bamboo because it’s breathable and it does not shrink after you wash it. Make sure that you find something with at least 5% spandex, this provides a good fit because it contours to the body perfectly.

Styling It


Make sure that you think outside of the box. Go ahead and layer your tees with outer pieces to dress it up or dress it down. Once you find the right fit, the possibilities are endless



  1. Yoo mann, the videos are grt,life saving,style saving educative n I love em, but bro there is an issue I’ve been expecting u to talk on,while style is grt bt that one thing that gets any guy to d top is grooming,sure u’ve talked severally abt grooming,bt could u do a video of the various(all) cosmetic products guys should have to be on point,thanks


  2. You top sewed and it did okay with the back?

    I am adapting more about authoritative. I for one like the wrap around strategy only for simplicity of making, yet experience difficulty influencing the corners to look perfect.

    I got one of the coupling apparatuses, after I seen it illustrated.


  3. I keep getting an error at the Shipping method tab.
    –> Your cart has been modified and the shipping rate you previously selected no longer applies. Please select a new rate.
    Do you know it this is a bug?


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