Mens-common-hair-mistakes-washing-hair-soap-groomingThis is one of the most common and dangerous mistakes men make. You are in a hurry in the morning trying to get ready and you scrape the living daylights out of your scalp in efforts to clean up fast.

To the untrained professional you’re probably like…meh, that’s no big deal. The reality is, that in the long term you could be weakening your hair follicles and increasing your risk of dandruff.


giphy (1)This is a rookie mistake tons of young guys make. The biggest issue is that your soaking wet hair will dilute the product and its’ effects on your hair. So it wont have the hold, shone, and malleability you were looking for.

You should make sure you towel dry your hair until its damp before applying your product for maximum effectiveness.


Everyone’s hair has different thickness, texture, color, and amount all play a role as to which product you should use. Add the factor of the specific style you want to achieve and you can quickly see why there isn’t a one size fits all when it comes to hair products.

Our sponsor Old Spice has the hook up. They have a wide range of hair styling products including Styling Creme, Putty, Pomade, Paste, and Fiber Wax.  91vjgLI4RsL._SL1500_

  1. So for example. If you want low shine, flexible hold, to deliver a versatile hairstyle, then you definitely should try using a Old Spice Fiber Wax. old spice fiberwax
  2. If you want a matte textured finish, the a Old Spice Paste is perfect for that. Usually your hairstyle will be more unruly, have loads of volume and appear more natural.Oldspice paste
  3. And finally another common styling product is Old Spice Pomade. These tend to have a bit more shine , a strong hold, and easy to work in. Making it the perfect hair styling product for a classy look. One awesome feature about this one is that it’s re-workable through the day, so if your hair messes up you can fix it instantly!Old Spice Pomade

This is what I love about Old Spice. Not only are their products super affordable, but they make it so it’s a one stop shop for men’s grooming needs. You have a wide line up of hair stylers with easy-to-understand labels to make it a breeze for you to choose which will work best with your hairstyle and simple instructions that any guy can understand.

If you guys want to check out any of the Old Spice products I use, I recommend going to your local store or check them out here….Trust me, your hair will thank you for it!


Shirtless young man drying hair with hairdryerKeep in mind that heat will completely fry your hair and cause irreversible damage. This is one of the major factors that gives you split ends and forces you to trim down your hair. This means you need to start using a pre-styler or some kind of heat protectant. Most of them do a great job by adding more volume to the finished product and make thin hair look thicker.


ESSENTIAL GADGETS FOR MENI am a living proof of this.  I rocked the bald fade for about fifteen years of my life. Not only was it boring, but it was dated. It was time to change. A lot of guys fall into this trap. Whether it be they are too lazy to try something new or too comfortable and don’t want to explore outside the box. You just don’t want to be rocking that same old boring haircut. An updated hairstyle can be intimidating since you don’t know what’s going to look good. I always recommend the side-part, it looks good on almost every face shape, or the crew-cut, the slick-back, as these are classic hairstyles that look great on any guy.


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