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Many people say that if you’re going down a hill, you should put your car in neutral. That doesn’t make sense to me. Most hills are no more than a half-mile long. How much gas could you really be saving? Secondly, what if you had to pick up speed, that’s an extra half-second you need to switch gears. In addition, you lose control of your car. The only function that’s available is the brake. How good is that when you have a semi-truck coming up at a 100 miles an hour behind you and you need to speed up. Especially, if your panicking, your going to be stepping on the gas and nothing is going to happen.


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There are many cases when people are reversing and then they put it on drive immediately while they are backing out. Everyone has been a victim to it but the only thing you are doing is messing up the transmission. If you are in a hurry, take the extra second to come to a complete stop and switch gears. The last thing you want to be doing is to replace a transmission. Depending on the car, they can run you from 5 to 10 grand.


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When you put your car in park, that doesn’t mean your car is going no where. When you put your car on park, there is a little hook that engages when you put it on park.

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But any little tap or bump can break this hook and your car could rolling, especially if you are on a hill. Anywhere there is a small incline, just engage the emergency brake, it’s extra assurance.


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Many people believe that switching to neutral at a stop will save you gas. This is completely wrong. In reality, shifting to neutral and then to drive puts more of a strain on your transmission rather just holding your brake. This is true for a manual car, because you don’t wear out the clutch, however this does not apply to automatic vehicles.

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