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This is a very important aspect of driving. A lot of people will move their seat back and lean back to make themselves look cooler. However, having the seat in the right position will help your posture and keep your back straight.

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Most importantly, it’s about safety. You have to sit up straight, your arms and legs can’t be stretched out. If you were to get into an accident and hit a car, it would be more likely to break your bones. Your knees have to be somewhat bent. The best way to measure this is to have your foot on the break and when you can have your heel down on the floor and still press on the break pedal, that’s a good position.

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When it comes to your arms, you also have to keep them bent. The best way to measure this is to out-stretch your arms and you have to make sure your wrist hit the steering wheel.

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This should be given, but you should always wear your seatbelt. So many things can go wrong when not wearing a seatbelt. There are cases where people are projected out of the car. No matter where you are sitting in a vehicle, a seatbelt is a crucial part to your safety.


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By this I mean you should never rev your car first thing in the morning, or when you buy a new car. No matter what car, always warm up your car. Let it run for a minimum 2 minutes before you start revving it and don’t surpass 2,000 RPM. Just drive normally.


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In my opinion, the basics are knowing how to put air in your tire, change a tire, check your fluids and how to jumpstart a car. Those are the four basics you need to know when you have a car. You can never tell the future, you might be stranded somewhere and you’re not going to wait a hour for roadside assistance to change your tire. Learn the basics and owning a car will be so much easier.


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Stop driving with one hand, you don’t look cool, nobody is impressed with your driving skills. You always need full control. You might have heard the saying that you need to drive “10 and 2”

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That’s wrong. That’s what soccer moms do. You need to drive “9 and 3”

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This is the best way to drive and you have more control of the car. Secondly, when you have an automatic that have paddle-shifters, that’s the only way you can shift.





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