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Get something that structures your face and makes you look better. Let’s say you had a rough night or you didn’t get enough sleep, just put on a pair of sunglasses and instantly look more attractive. Celebrities have been doing this for years. Glasses also make your face more symmetrical therefore, more attractive.


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When you don’t wear any jewelry, specifically bracelets, your arms look longer and thinner, almost like twigs, which is obviously something you don’t want. As you soon as you throw a bracelet, your arm appears more muscular and a bit shorter. Not to mention, if it fits perfectly, it makes your veins pop out, which of course, vascularity means instant attractiveness. That’s why I love RoseGold&Black, they make jewelry that’s adjustable, that means it fits everyone. I definitely recommend you guys try RoseGold&Black, it’s a brand I’ve been supporting for a while and wear it everyday. If you guys want to check out these bracelets, click “here” for 25% off.


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You want a simple black t-shirt that makes you look sexy and muscular. It makes any guy, no matter what skin complexion look handsome.


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Apart from being trendy, they fit amazing and it’s acceptable to wear it casually, it’s more like athleisure. The part that makes them attractive is they make guys look like athletes. Women love athletes, that’s why jocks are popular in school. If you look like some athletic stud, women want to be with you.


Screen Shot 2018-01-24 at 7.17.35 PM.png

You can actually wear this casually (if it’s short enough) with a pair of jeans and white leather sneakers. What this does, is show a level of sophistication. It’s simple! Just throw on a simple white shirt and I guarantee you’ll look more attractive.


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