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If you’re paying over $100,000 for a Porsche, then you should get a luxurious interior. For example, let’s take a Lamborghini, it’s a luxury track car and it’s interior is beautiful. What I’m basically trying to say, is for the money, it’s not worth it.


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This isn’t 2003, we have push to start now. There’s no need for a key anymore. Anything from the Porsche 918 to the Cayenne, they all have keys. This raises the big question…Why?


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If you see a Ferrari, people are going to stop and stare at your car, even a Mercedes AMG GTS, people will still notice your car. When it comes to Porsche, people just don’t care. They think it’s just another 40-year old who’s trying to act young. Without something unique like a wrap or an exclusive mod, it’s just like any other normal car.


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The Porsche stock exhaust is absolutely horrible. If you want to make this car sound good, you have to spend upwards of $8,000. Porsche sound like a tin can without any type of mods.


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This is supposed to be a sports car. In cars like Audi R8, you can clearly see the engine in the back. In the Porsche, you open a little compartment to only see plastic and two containers for fluid. Why not display the engine, if its a sports car.


  1. This is the stupidest article I have ever read. 1. The interiors are quality and all business. It’s not a damn S-class. It’s a purpose built sports car. One you odviously don’t understand. 2. Push to start – How lazy do you have to be? 3. They have a design language that other manufacturers emulate (the back end of you sample Mercedes GT-R is a direct clone of a 911). It’s based on an evolutionary design which has created one of the worlds largst enthusiast following worldwide (Just check out PCA – largest of any single marque club of its kind). If that’s not your thing get a poseur red Ferrari so you can get noticed. 4. Bad exhaust? Put that hole in your up to the pipes of a GT3 RS and tell me that exhaust sucks. You won’t. 5. Are you joking? I seriously doubt you’ll be doing your own oil changes so why do you care if you can see the engine. You don’t exactly sound like a gear head. Your reasons remain unfounded and trivial. And very uneducated. Your definitely not a sports car enthusiast. If you were the things you complain about would be nonexistent. Now get in your Cavalier and go home. Mic drop.

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  2. Man are you serious … You own a Porsche that you seem to like and now you just hate it? Btw, I’ve been following your yt channel.. it rocks


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