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When you talk to the girl you have a crush on and get nervous, you start to get jittery and spazzing out.  Take a deep breath,  force yourself to slow down your movements, just relax. In the end of the day, it’s gonna look that you’re in control.


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Not like a douche where you’re all over the place and being super obnoxious. Instead, you should fill the room with your presence. Shy guys will usually hide away in a corner and that’s someone you definietly don’t want to be. When I walk in parties or events, I make sure to be wearing a conversation starter item, like my necklace or bracelet from RoseGold&Black.

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When your style stands apart from the rest then people notice you. When it comes to accessories, RoseGold&Black is your best bet. Their jewelry isn’t tacky or cheap, it’s a stylish add-on to your outfit that’s only going to add on to your character. I own almost all of their products, and from personal expirience I can vouch for the company and give you my word when I say their amazing. The best part is that you’re not breaking the bank, everything from RoseGold&Black is quality, but very affordable. If you click here, it will direct you to our special page with a discount, so I highly suggest you pick yourself up a stylish piece of jewelry.


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I understand this might be a natural gesture, but in a public setting, try to avoid crossing your arms.  This is a primitive way of showing that you’re insecure and trying to protect yourself. Instead, find other ways to use your hands, move them around when you talk, it re-enforces what your saying and makes the conversation more interesting. Remember, any type of gesture that creates some sort of blockage is something you want to avoid.


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People build their first impression of you, as soon as you start walking towards them. You want to walk controlled with your head up and chest out. It will make you look like a masculine guy who’s in control and doesn’t crumble under pressure.


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Mimicking the person you’re talking to, can make them more attracted you. Next time, when your talking someone, pay attention to their movements and respond back with a similar gesture.


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If you’re awkwardly just standing there, find somewhere you can lean on. Let’s say you’re talking to a girl, lean up against that surface, cross your legs and stick your exterior arm in your pocket. Boom! You have a chill and relaxed look that’s completely natural and your tricep looks good and you’re flexing those sweet kicks!

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