You know I’m a hard gainer, so I feel for you skinny guys that are trying to put on mass so that clothing could look good on you. I had the exact same struggles until I started lifting weights and eating more. When I was super skinny, I picked up a couple tips and tricks to look better in clothing and that’s what I would like to share with you today. If that sounds interesting, let’s begin!

1.Layering Is Key

This is just common sense. When you’re too skinny, you want to look heavier. Therefore, throw on layers to add volume to your appearance. Jackets, sweaters and shirts are all way you can practice layering and due to your body shape you don’t run the risk of looking like a snowman.

2.Your Sleeves Have To Be Fitted

Even if there’s a slight risk of excess fabric, your arms are going to pay for that. Even now, that I have muscular arms , if I was to do this mistake, it’d have the same effect on me. Always make sure that that sleeve is tight and never loose, this ensures that your arms don’t look like twigs.

3.Use Lighter Colors

Lighter colors like whites, light gray or beige, make you look heavier. This has to do with color and how people deceive you differently according to the color that you wear. On the other hand, you have colors like navy or black that make you look extra sleek and streamlined, that will make you overall frame appear thinner. However, these are all problems you can fix with a little bit of effort and knowledge. At the end of the day, your ultimate goal should be to pack on muscle because that’s what looks good in all types of clothing, which also results in a more healthier lifestyle. If that’s what you want, then I suggest you take the first baby step and get yourself a weight scale. It keeps you accountable, and gives you the ability to track your progress as you gain weight.

Hands down the one I recommend the most is the Digital Scale & Body Analyzer from Vitagoods. Personally, I have been using this scale every morning for almost a year and I’m loving it. Every morning, before I do anything, I hop on the scale and see what my body weight is. In order to maintain my weight, I have to eat a lot of calories and this is the perfect way to track my progress. Not only does it measure your weight but your body fat percentage, bone density, water weight, and even muscle percentage.

The only downside is the price, becuase of the quality and the information it gives you, this scales is upwards $130, however you know I would never make you guys pay that much. So our friends at Vitagoods, gave a discount for 60% off if you use code “josefit”. All you have to do is click on this LINK and take your first step towards getting that dream body.

4.Avoid Huge Accessories

If you’re a skinny dude, then you have to make sure that your accessories aren’t too heavy or bulky as it will contrast against your skinny frame and highlight it. So, avoid big faced watches, stacking bracelets or big rings.  Keep your jewelry and accessories minimal and simple, it’s more proportionate to your build..

5.Wear Clothing That Builds Your Shoulders

This is why I love clothing, if you wear the right pieces, you can structure your body the way you want it to look like. One thing I clearly remember when being skinny was having boney shoulder, and lacking a wide frame. Therefore, wear items that give you some sort of definition like suit jackets, crew neck sweaters,  biker jackets, and denim jackets. These have extra padding in the shoulders and gives you a dominant appearance.

6.Wear Shorts Under Your Jeans

This is kind of a weird one. When you’re super skinny to the point where you look like a stick. It’s very hard to find jeans that fit. So when you buy skinny or slim fit jeans, it looks like you’re wearing a classic cut. Since, you don’t have any thigh muscles or junk in the truck, you look like your pants are about to fall off. Simply wear basketball shorts under your jeans and it’ll give your pants more volume, sort of like the layering trick I was talking about earlier.

7. Wear Thick Shoes

You’re in luck, chunky trainers are in right now. Since shoes are the anchor to your outfit, a chunky shoe will add “hefti-ness” to your outfit and make you appear bigger. Some examples of these are Air Max 97, New Balances, certain oxfords and now that Fall/Winter is coming upon us, boots are a great option.

8. Roll Up Your Sleeves

Anything from a long sleeve t-shirt to a dress shirt, you need to roll up your sleeves. That excess fabric will collect in the top part of your arm and make your biceps look bigger than what it really is.


I’m sorry to say this but it’s almost back to school season. I know, I know everyone hates it but I want to make sure that you kill it this year. Today, I’m going to be showing you 8 secret hacks you could be doing to be a genius at school.

1.Play Video Games

You probably didn’t see this coming, however, everything in moderation. Excess or an addiction of anything will never be a good thing. Indulging in a pass time activity like playing video games has been proven to increase your cognitive abilities and even problem solving skills. Two things you’re going to need to kill it at school.

2.The Mozart Effect

This states that listening to music as you study can actually help you focus. This comes from an outdated theory that states playing music for babies would make them grow up smart. There’s been numerous doctors that state music activates both sides of the brain and helps with memory and creativity. Whether this works or not, it all depends on the individual person, so it’s worth the shot.

3.Get A Stylish Backpack

Even if you’re a freshman, don’t be known as the kid with the freshman backpack. You’re not going hiking anywhere, there’s no need for overpacking, keep it sleek and professional. Lockers are overrated so there’s no need for that either, and in some schools like mine you had to pay for them in the beginning of the year. The best thing you can do is start searching the web and tag items that you like. So you create a wish list and know exactly what you need to buy. The best way to do this is through ShopTagr.

It’s a free add-on for your computer that allows you to tag different items on the internet and get notified when the price changed or when your size restocks. I use this everyday when looking for pieces that I forgot about 2-3 months ago and when the price drops 50%, ShopTagr lets me know. So, if you want to shop smart this school year, make sure to download it today!


Yes, I know, I was in school too and hated this. However, they can be very helpful. Most of them have the most important points to your chapter so only write down what matter not the extra fluff. Use these tools to your advantage.

5. Chew On Peppermint Gum

As you study, chew on peppermint gum as it’s going to help you focus and pay attention. Theory says that you should also chew on peppermint gum while your taking the test as well for an extra boost of memory.

6.Use Google Scholar

Google is great for quick searches and answers. However, if you want to write a paper that’s going to impress all of your professors, you should use Google Scholar. This is where you’re going to find much more reliable articles than Wikipedia.

7.Use Google Translate

When you write papers or do homework, your grammar and spelling is very important. Therefore, put your essay into Google Translate and have it read it back to you. When you hear it back, you’ll hear how poorly or strongly your essay was written and be able to fix it before you turn it in.

8.Use Control+F

Whenevr you want to find a specific word or phrase, Control+F will help you find that in a heartbeat. It will show you all the times, the phrased you look up is in the article. This is a great way to avoid wasted time and cutting right to the chase.

Today, I waned to show you 7 small little details that you might not notice but people will, details that will instantly improve your style. If that’s sounds interesting, let’s hop right in!

1.Unbutton One More Button

Too many guy wear shirt and polos in a constricting way. That’s not where you want to be, you want to be known as that cool, relaxed and sexy guy. My rule of thumb is unbutton 2 or 3 buttons, any more and you’re running the risk of looking like a douchebag. However, a little bit of man-cleavage makes a huge difference

2.Roll Up Sleeves On Short Sleeve Shirts

If you guys may have noticed, the 90s look is very trendy right now and those Hawaiian shirts are in. However, if you ever bought one, you probably know that the sleeves fit horrible. Even if you have big guns, they never tend to fit right. But don’t worry, it’s just a simple fix, roll up your sleeves, not only does it make you look more stylish but it gives you extra tailoring for no-cost.

3.Wear Something Out Of The Ordinary

Ask yourself this. When was the last time you tried something new with your style? Most of you are probably thinking right now and can’t even think of a time when that happened. So how do you expect to make your style more interesting? One thing I always love doing to change it up is wear my Original Grain watch. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve been stopped and asked where I got this watch. It’s something you’ve never seen before. A quality timepiece with a wooden bezel. I guarantee you that when you wear this, people will turn heads. This isn’t any ordinary watch.

Of course, since your reading this article, I have a special link for you guys sent from our friends at Original Grain. If you click on this LINK, then it will take you to our special site where all of their watches will be discounted just for you guys! In conclusion, if you need something to spice up your style, this is the way to go, so go buy yours today before it’s too late!

4.Change The Buttons On Your Shirt

Some companies will try to fool you with low-quality buttons becuase they focus more on the shirt than anything else. So, go to your local craft store and buy some quality buttons and just inter-change them! Those small details make the biggest difference. P.S. in the picture above, the buttons used to be white, look how much better it looks now.

5.Military Tuck

To look more sophisticated, instead of tucking your shirt in regularly, use the military tuck. All you have to do is take that excess fabric and fold it back as you tuck it in. It gives you a tailored look…for free.

6.Change Your Shoelaces

I love white sneakers. But one thing that sucks is after a few wears, they pick up every piece of dirt and stain imaginable and just make you look dirty. Wiping it down does help, laces are much harder to clean and still make you look dirty as well. Simply, just buy brand new laces and that small adjustment will make the biggest difference as picture above.

7. Make Sure That Your Collar Is Tucked In

The last thing you want is to have to wear a collared shirt and having it all over the place. Make sure at all times that it’s tucked into your sweater of jacket or else you’ll look like a cheap Tony Montana.

Curly hair is in right now, but the reality is straight hair is easier to manage and more convenient. I’m not saying there is anything wrong with curly hair but there are some times where I wish I had dead straight hair so I wouldn’t have to deal with all the products and the process I go through every morning. So today, I’m going to be showing you how to straighten your hair naturally!

1.Hat Method

This is a free, zero-effort method that will cause no damage. The way you go about this is as soon as you get out of the shower, dry it as much as you can with a towel. Next, apply some leave-in conditioner or some sort of pre-styler and slick your hair back. Throw on a hat and do everything you need to do (make your bed, eat breakfast, brush your teeth, etc.) Once you’ve done everything, take your hat off and it’ll be dry and straight. Easy as that!


This is the next best option, especially if you’re looking for volume. Blow-drying your hair and not air-drying it will give you the most volume out of all the 5 methods I’m showing you today. As before, use your pre-styler and blow-dry it in different directions to style it into place.


This is probably the best method of all if you want that pin-straight hair. However, this is also the most harmful to your hair. Although you might not see it in but in the future you will. Which is why I always recommend the alternative from our friends at Flow.

It’s a hair straightening brush that’s super easy to manage. The best part is, it’s very simple to use because it’s shaped like a brush. You use it as if you were just brushing through your hair. The way it works is pretty straight-forward. The bristles on the brush heat up and evenly straighten your hair instead of compressing them. Even better, it has a built in LCD screen so you can manage how hot you want it to be. A rule of thumb would be medium heat and then work your way up if you notice that it’s not working.

If you weren’t reading this article right now, you’d be paying $80 for this. But since, you’re apart of the TMF fam, if you use code “tmfflow” you get this brush for 50% off! So if straight hair is a look you want, then this is the tool you need.

4. Brazilian Blow-Out

If you’re going to do any type of treatments, I would say that Brazilian Blow-Outs are the safest method or should I say the least damaging one. It’s the most natural one when it comes to straightening you hair. The only downside is that it’s expensive and it HAS to be done by a professional. On the other hand, you can choose to do a home treatment however they are very damaging to your hair, and if you care about your hair like I do, I’d spend the extra money and get it done by an professional.

5. Natural Hair Mask

This is the longest method and you have to apply it twice a week, it takes a lot of work but it has not harmful chemicals. The only bonus from this is that it has no harmful chemicals and if it works, it’s probably the safest way to go.  All you have to do is mix:

-1 Cup of Coconut Milk

– 5 Tbsp of Lemon Juice

-2 Tbsp of Olive Oil

-3 Tbsp of Corn Starch

Mix all of that and apply it to your hair. Wait an hour and hop into the shower and that’s it!

Are you tired of that random guy taking the girl of your dreams? Are you tired of being the guy that no woman wants? Well, say no more because today I’m going to be showing you how to be the guy that all the women want. so you’ll stop scratching your head and wondering what you did wrong.

1.Be Genuine

There’s nothing more “beta” than trying to be like someone else. You probably think that being yourself will only drive women away, however the truth is there’s nothing more charming than talking to a girl and being you. On top of that, being confident with it too.

2.Grow Up

Stop being irresponsible and acting like a little kid. Even if you’re 20, women love the thought of dating older men because of their wisdom and experiences. Hence, why you hear all this women saying “I’m tired of all this little boys.” Women want a man. By the way, this has nothing to do with your bank account or your physical appearance. It’s about how you carry yourself and take responsibility for your actions. How you handle your failures will tell people a lot about how you are as a man.

3.Invest In Yourself

Think of this as a way of “self-evolution”. When you put in the time and effort to make yourself look and feel good. Women appreciate that. They don’t a slob just like anyone else. So stop sitting on the couch and make yourself better. Do whatever it takes to bring yourself to the next level. So, go ahead and get those shoes you like and that watch I keep telling you to get. All of that, makes you the stylish stud that women want in their lives.

P.S. with a watch from MVMT, you don’t have to break the bank to look apart.

Everything they have is so uniquely designed, they modern, clean and aesthetic designs that most other brands aren’t doing. The best part is, they look expensive. When you take a look at this watch, you would never guess that it cost around $100. Everything in their store has an affordable price tag and it’s backed by super-quality. They also dropped a new collection that how a lot of dark tones, and I’m waiting for mine right now in the mail and I cannot wait to try it out. If your watch game is weak and you want to spice things up with an affordable watch, click on this LINK and use code “tmfashion” for 10% off at checkout! You also NEED to check out their sunglasses line, it’s something you will never see anywhere else. Fashion forward frames at a great price.

4.Be Strong (Mentally and Physically)

No woman wants a guy that comes off as weak. She always wants to feel safe in your presence. Don’t be the guy that throws temper tantrums or be melodramatic. Instead, be smart and practice self-control. Trust me, that’s going to turn her on.

5.Never Follow Her

Guys who follow women let them instantly know that you’re weak and desperate, something you can never be. This always happens to the nice guy that’s afraid of losing her. Guess what? That’s exactly what you’re doing, driving her away. Women love men that take charge, that are decisive. Being strong and making the call are just what alpha’s do, which is why she’s chasing those guys and not the nice guys.

6.Don’t Be Needy

As soon as she feels that you need her to function, she dips. This is why she goes after that bad boy that ignores her, cheats on her and treats her like crap compared to the nice guy. When you up dating a girl, be confident enough that she’s with you and only you, don’t smother her with neediness, because she’ll leave you in a second.

Women send so many mixed signals, that you dan never know if she likes you or not. So, today I’m going to show you 10 things women do, only if they like you.

1.She Will Agree To Do You A Favor

If someone does a favor for you, they have to like you. Think about it, would you do a favor for someone you don’t like or hate? Probably not. This my friends, is called the Benjamin Franklin effect. Theory goes, you can’t do something for someone that you don’t like.

2.Texts You Back

95% of the time, they will always get back to you. Unless, she’s playing hard to get, but that’s a different story. Women will only text back to guys that they have interest in. They don’t like their time to be wasted.

3.They Will Smile And Laugh About Everything

Trust me, you’ll know it when you see it. Girls make it so blatant sometimes, almost to a point where it gets annoying, everything you say, is extremely funny and you don’t get why. If she doesn’t like you, it’ll be the same like talking to a friend, just a normal conversation and you feel like your talking to one of your boys.

4.She’s Going To Compliment You

When a women sees something that they like, then they’ll make sure that they point it out. At this point of 2018. I would say that 80% of men still don’t know how to dress properly. That’s not something women want to see, however the second they do see a well dressed man, then that stands out to them and makes them more inclined to be attracted you. Everything from your accessories to your shoes, women notice everything. Especially when it comes to accessories, it needs to be on point, that’s why I only get my jewelry from RoseGold&Black.


These guys nailed it when it comes to style and price-point. All of there stuff has a modern and clean design that looks amazing with any outfit you throw on. It also makes you stand out from the sea of guys that just don’t care about their style. That’s when you get the compliments. They’re constantly releasing new things all the time to keep things fresh, so if you haven’t been on their site recently then I highly suggest you do. I just picked up some of their new accessories and I can’t get enough of them. On top of that, if you are considering buying something from RoseGold&Black, then click on this LINK here and get access to our special site with a discount included. I promise you that you won’t be disappointed.

5.She’ll Make Sexual Gestures

If she bites her lip, or caresses her face, these are signs that she’s probably into (sexually) and really likes you, if you see a girl do this, take note of that and make your move.

6.She Asks You Questions

If you’re talking to a girl you start noticing that you’re the only one asking questions and if she’s giving you one word answers, she’s probably not too interested so don’t worry about and keep moving. However, if you guys go back and forth and it feels more like a natural conversation rather than a forced one then you’re in business. She’s probably interested in you and wants to know more about you.

7.She Will Agree To Spend Time With You

Time is super valuable and no one has time to waste. If you ask her to hang out and she agrees, she obviously wants something more. No girl would hang out with a guy unless their good friends or interested in them. Sad truth, but also gives you a straight answer whether she’s interested or not. By the day, it doesn’t have to be a date, if you have a chance to hang out with a girl, then do that too, get ask her to spend time with you.

8.She Teases You

If she makes fun of you a bit, then don’t take it the wrong way. It’s a girls way of flirting with you. She wants to laugh with you and show you that she’s not always a nice girl who says “Yes” to everything. And you should respond by teasing back.

9.She Fidgets A Lot

Chances are she’s more self conscious when she’s around you and feels nervous when talking to you. If notices that she’s playing with her hair or constantly fixing her shirt, she’s trying to make herself look the best around you. Whenever you see a girl adjusting anything about her when she’s talking to you, just know she’s into you.

10.She Asks For Help

This is one way a women becomes vulnerable to you. Reality is, most things she can already do herself. But she wants you to the be knight in shining armor to come and save her, it’s basically another way to prove that you care about her.

Today, I wanted to share 7 things that you do in your daily life, that could probably kill you. If you want to know how to save your life, let’s hop into it.


Laziness will not only leave you broke, but can also kill you. An unsanitary lifestyle can increase your chances of catching a deadly diseases by 2-3 times. Anything from heart disease to cancer, can all be rooted from laziness, so all that swiping you’ve been doing, isn’t all that great.

2.Not Brushing Your Teeth

You probably think this is a joke but when you don’t brush your teeth, you start developing plaque. This can lead to tooth decay which then leads to gum disease. All of that because you decided not to spend 2 minutes to brush your teeth. While you think it’s harmless, oral care is super important. This is why I recommend the Elements Toothbrush by DazzlePro, something that I use everyday.

This isn’t just like every electric toothbrush, it changes it’s vibration patterns every 30 seconds. giving you the most effective brush you’ve ever got. Just so you know, your regular toothbrush does about 30,000 strokes per minute. Your regular toothbrush? You’d be lucky if you got 300 strokes per minute. It has 4 different options you can choose from depending on your teeth sensitivity and what you the most comfortable with. This is to make sure that your oral care is on point. It also comes with a sanitation station. So every time your done, just pop it into the compartment and it will get rid of all bacteria on the brush.

Of course, if you didn’t read my articles, you would paying a super high premium for this toothbrush, however since your apart of the TMF squad, you can get this brush for 45% off if you use code “tmfelements“. I don’t know how long it’s going to last, so get it while you can! Remember gentleman, you can’t cheat your health.


Isn’t it the best feeling to just shut off that pesky alarm clock and sleep through the morning. However, doing this consistently leads to higher depression levels, diabetes, weight gain and even impaired brain function.

4.Wearing Skin Tight Denim

Not only does this kill your style, but it kills you. There was a story of a woman wearing skin tight jeans and she was helping a friend move and since she was squatting a lot, she lost circulation in her legs and had to be rushed to the hospital. Now, imagine being a guy and how squeezed your “juevos” feel down there.

5. Tight Tie

You should be able to fit 1-2 fingers in your shirt collar, it should never be tight enough to the point, where blood pressure starts building up and can cause harm to your optic nerve and even cause glaucoma. Who would have thought? A tie can make you go blind.

6.Staying Indoors All The Time

Some guys are like vampires. avoiding sunlight and staying indoors causes Vitamin D deficiencies , which in turn lowers your testosterone levels, which results in a lowered sex drive. This can also lead to cancer, heart disease, weight gain and even depression.

7.Being Bored

Being bored and having nothing to do, is probably one of the worst things you can be. This lowers your heartbeat and makes it weak, which then makes it difficult for you heart to work in stressful situations. Exercise your heart and get it pumping. Next time, your bored, go out for a jog or do 50 push-ups, don’t be a couch potato.


So if you watch my videos and read a lot of my articles, you had to have heard about my morning routines. Anyway, I wake up at 5:30 every single morning. I’ve decided to do this for many reasons and I noticed the more I did it, the more certain things started happening and that’s what I want to share with you today. Let’s Begin!

1.No One Else Is Awake Yet

I’m a bit selfish here. This gives me the chance to do things for myself, without other people bothering me. I feel as though it gives me a head-start on life. By the time everyone else is getting up, I’m already working.

2.You Get More Accomplished

I get more accomplished at 8AM, than most people who wake up at that time. By 7:30, I already worked out and still have some extra time to relax. By waking up early, you get to work out early. Now, you’ve got something actually accomplished before the sun is even up. That is a hell of a way to start your day. By the way, every morning I give myself a reflexology massage with my mat from Vitagoods.

The theory behind it comes from ancient times where they came up with a way to target certain body parts and relieving pain from it. It helps with relaxation and reducing stress, in addition it also increases blood circulation. I can’t really give you details behind the science but from expirience I can tell you that this thing works, I love the relaxing feeling I get every morning by standing on it for only 2 minutes. All in all, if your trying to wake up at 5:30, this is the tool that you need. However, at a $40 price-point, you might not be convinced, therefore is you click on this LINK and use code “tmfreflex” you get it for 50% off, and that in my books is a steal.

Gentlemen! If you want to succeed and get more done, make a morning routine that includes this mat, trust me, you won’t regret it.

3.You Build Character

You think it’s fun to wake up early every morning, rather than just sleeping in and getting more sleep. Do you think it’s fun to lift weights this early? HELL NO! Fighting that urge to sleep takes all the power in the world, but guess what? It’s definietly worth it. Prove yourself wrong.

4.You Stop Wasting Time At Night

A lot of my friends tease me and say that “I have a bedtime” but I’m not doing this because someone is telling me too, I’m doing this because I want to. Truth is, I don’t waste my time on pointless things anymore. If it’s not making me happy or money, it’s useless.

5.Your Creativity Increases

When I decided to cut back on the simple pleasures like playing video games, watching TV, going out late nights with friends, I was able to get more free time in the morning where most of my creativity spurs. Since you have zero distractions and your starting off on a fresh slate from a long night’s rest, your brain is on overdrive and you get stuff done. Period.

I’ve heard it all “Jose, I’m at the gym, I’m here to lift, why do I gotta dress nice?” Reality is, if your single you can meet the love of your life anywhere…INCLUDING the gym! Who doesn’t love fit girls? So, why not look the best you can and be sexy at the gym. What you wear can make a huge difference, so today I wanted to show you exactly what you can do to look great while your working out.

1. Dress For Comfort

When it comes to the gym, how comfortable you are should be your main concern. All the fabrics and fits you use, should allow you to move, bend and lift. Any fabric you choose, should be elastic and moisture-wicking. This allow you to sweat and breath better, which is exactly what you want at the gym. They give you the ultimate mobility and move with your body.

2.Don’t Be A Try Hard

Don’t be the guy that went to Nike and bought all the latest clothing technology and you look like Iron Man rather than someone who wants to workout. However, on the other extreme, you don’t want to wear all your dirty t-shirts and old “raggy” clothing. Be that “in-between” guy, the normal guy. The guy who looks good, but doesn’t seems like he cares more about Nike Tech than his next set. Here’s what I use, for bottoms, any tapered sweatpants and shorts that are cut above the knee. For tops, tank tops are great, any type of performance shirts and long sleeve tees look great.

Try to avoid any string muscle tees or those deep cut offs, that would make you look like a douche more than anything. Even though your not, that’s what others are going to think. Honestly, most of my gym gear comes from Grand AC, they carry all of these perfect items that I just mentioned. It’s great fitting gear that won’t cost you a arm and a leg. It’s designed with athleisure in mind, so not only will it make you look sexy inside the gym but also out. The best part? If you sign up to their monthly subscription called the Menlo Club, you get an automatic 25% off anything from the Grand AC store. Just to give you an idea of these prices, you can get shorts for as low as $20 and tanks tanks are usually around $13.

This is how it works. Grand AC is part of the Menlo Club and it has 4 brands, FiveFourClub (Lifestyle Clothing), Oshenta (Sunglasses), Grand AC (Athleisure/Gymwear) and New Republic (Shoes). So if you get the subscription box, you’ll get the best of all worlds. However, just this month with this LINK, they are running a absurd sale, that I don’t even know how they’re making money of this. If I were you, I’d check it out right now and make sure you gym gear is in check.

3. Highlight Your Best Features

Everybody has them, those features that makes them feel confident and look better. In the gym, it’s all about body confidence. Wear the right clothing that fits you right and work towards the body that you want. Say you have nice legs and muscular thighs, wear shorts more often. If you have broad shoulders and big arms, cutoffs and tank tops are probably best for you. Figure out what you have, and show it off. If this doesn’t sound like you, then wear a long sleeve tee and take the safe route, just pull up sleeves for some extra sexiness.

4.Dress According To Workout

When I hit legs, I usually wear shorts rather than sweats because I feel less restricted and have a larger range of motion. When I work out my upper body, I always wear a tank top. You look more jacked and feel more confident. Therefore, a hell of a lot more sexy. Now, go talk to that pretty girl on the treadmill.

5. Don’t Be Obnoxious

Some people take this confidence thing to a whole another level and people start hating you. All this hard work went to waste becuase people can’t stand you. Also, please don’t grunt really loud. Don’t be that guy. Lastly, don’t be “Mr. Accessory”, if you’re wearing a belt, then use it correctly.


Gentlemen! Today, I wanted you show you certain body hacks you guys can do to be perceived as a cool guy that everyone wants to be friends with. If that sounds interesting, let’s hop right in!


Having both hands in your pockets makes you the ultimate shy guy. No matter what you do, always have one hands and make hand gestures, this will also make you look more confident and welcoming. People don’t want to talk to people who look shy and don’t want to interact.


Confident people never look submissive, they always keep strong eye contact and make it clear that they’re talking to you, whether it be in a friendly manner or not. Introverts, on the other hand, always look away and never look at you in the eye. However, if you’re shy and this is a bit hard for you, start wearing glasses. Imagine talking to a hot girl and throwing on a pair shades that adds a barrier between her eyes and yours.

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3.Use Your Victory Stance

When you ace a test or when an athlete scores a touchdown, they get super excited that they throw their hands in the air and make themselves as big as possible. You want to do that too and it’s called the victory stance. Obviously you won’t be standing all day with your hands in the air and looking like something’s wrong with you. Instead, stand up straight, keep your legs shoulder width apart, back is strong and straight, and lastly, your hands are you side  or in front of you and you can use them as you talk.

4.Never Use Your Phone As A Safety Net

Everyone knows your phone becuase your shy. As soon as you go on your phone, you become hunched over and unapproachable,trust me, you’re not fooling anyone. Just get off your phone and step out of your comfort zone, start talking to others, don’t be scared.

5.Smile With Intention

Smiling is very important, however too much of a good thing can sometimes be a bad thing. If you always smile awkwardly, or smiling all the time, just looks like your ultra submissive. Cool guys are alphas, not betas. As Clint Eastwood says “Don’t always smile, let your presence be enough”Only smile, when you meeting new people or when you genuinely feel happy.

6.Watch Your Tone

If you want others to perceive as cool and confident, your tone needs to reflect that. Don’t have a “up&down” tone that could get annoying and not something someone wants to listen to. Before you speak, take a deep breath and slowly exhale while you speak. It will keep your voice one tone and not spike up and have a voice crack.