You know what I realized? Us as millennials, or young adults, we have a hard time being money conscious, with the newest Starbucks drink coming out every week, it’s hard to save money. The sad part is, we’re not even realizing it. So today I wanted to show you the top 5 things you’re probably wasting your money on. Let’s begin!

1. Alcohol/Caffeine

According to, 51% of millennials, ages 20-25 go to a bar at least once a week. Another website states, the same statistic goes to a coffee shop at least 3 times a week. On average you could be spending anything from $3-$10 a week on any of these drinks. This is basically a toilet funnel for your bank account. This is also another explanation why millennials have a more of a spending habit than their elder and have less control of their savings. In other words, this is wasting your money.

2.Phone Bill

No one tells you how much it sucks being a grownup until you have to pay your own bills. Out of everything that I have to pay for, there’s only one that sticks out the most to me and it’s something I use everyday. My phone bill. As of right now, I have AT&T and have unlimited everything, guess how much I’m paying. $100 a month! Truth is, I don’t even use all the unlimited data. That’s when Mint Mobile caught my eye, when they told me they have wireless plans starting at only $15 a month! That’s freaking amazing…and also means I’m getting ripped off by my other carrier.

At first, I was a bit skeptical and asked them “How can you offer an unlimited plan at such a cheap cost?” It’s simple. They cut out all the middle men and work directly with the consumer, they don’t have any retailers or physical stores. They sell to you. If you’re a young guy and want to stop overpaying for your phone bill, I highly suggest you check out Mint Mobile. All you have to do is go to their website, pick your plan, and they ship out the SIM card. Easy as that. They run on T-Mobile’s network so you know you’re getting good service wherever you go! On top of that, if you don’t like it, you have 7 days to get your money back.

3. Your Weekend 

I saw a statistic that came out that read Americans spend their most money on weekends, more specifically on Saturdays. For some reason, whether it’s you need to relief stress or for some other reason, people feel as though they need to throw away their money own simple pleasures. Instead, try to fight against it and cook that dinner date  at home and not at the fanciest restaurant in town.

4.Cable TV

Let’s be honest, when’s the last time you actually watched cable TV. I can’t even remember. You’re not alone, 61% of adults only use streaming services such as Netflix to watch their shows. I would recommend canceling these and sign up for a streaming service, if you don’t want to do that, you got YouTube as well, and that’s free.

5.Un-Used Gym Memberships

Don’t be a gym-donor. A lot of guys have 2-3 gyms that they signed up and never use them. Again, that’s just as good as throwing your money in the air. Sign up to one and actually use it, not only will it benefit you, but put your money in good use.

Being skinny sucks because as soon as you throw on that shirt, people look at you and you just look like an average guy. However, the second the shirt comes off, the first thing that shows are the man-boobs and those extra pounds around the stomach. This is the result of having a thin frame but mostly being composed of fat. Which basically comes with all the risks of being overweight. This is where the term skinny fat comes on, or when you’re metabolically obese.

First, let’s determine if you’re actually a skinny fat. For this you’re going to need a scale, however you need to understand that weight in itself is not a great way to understand your metabolical health. You could be 250 pounds but if you eat healthy and stay healthy, you’re still metabolically healthy and vice versa. You’re going to need something like the Form Fit Scale from Vitagoods.

It’s a high tech scale that asks your age, height and how much physical activity you do per week. From this information, the scale will measure your weight and send a painless electric shock through your body to measure your muscle, bone density and fat. Then, you can see your body fat percentage and see if you fall on or over average compared to other people. With this number, you will determine if you’re a skinny fat or not. To give you a picture about myself, I currently weigh 182 and I’m 12-13% body fat, putting me in the athlete tier, attached below.

If you have a thin frame and you’re over 30%, chances you are skinny fat. This is why every guy needs this in their bathroom, because it’s so crucial when it comes to analyzing your weight and seeing what you could do to improve yourself. Whether it’s my diet, my cardio, or my weightlifting program, I always make sure I’m processing and never stagnant. So many fall into that trap because they don’t care about what they eat or do to improve their body.

If this sounds like you, implement a caloric deficit diet in your life. You’re going to need to eat less calories and burn more. However, don’t cut off too much calories where it intersects with your muscle growth. The most you want to lose is a pound a week and try not to deduct more than 500 calories from your daily intake.

Secondly, maintain a high protein diet. Protein helps muscles keep everything they need to keep growing. As a rule, shoot for 0.8 grams of protein per pound of muscle. For example, if you weigh about 150 lbs, then you want to eat around 120 grams of protein a day.

Finally, overload in the gym. If you want to gain muscle and lose fat, you’re going to want to overload your muscles every single time your in the gym.

Never settle for the same the workout, always change it up and one up you last work out just by a little bit until you can’t handle it. If you do the same thing everyday, then your just gonna be like every other average guy in the gym and that’s not what you want.

When you find the right pair of jeans not only are you going to want to wear it all the time but it will also make you look the most stylish. So why not kill two birds with one stone? That’s why I went on the hunt for the best fitting jeans and I think I found it.

These jeans from Express not only fit amazing. but their stretch plus denim makes you want to wear it all day, everyday. That’s what I’m going to do today, I’m going to be showing you how to wear the same jeans everyday of the week with different outfits. If that sounds interesting, let’s begin!


Pair the perfect jeans with this color-blocked windbreaker, also from Express and you got yourself a great streetwear outfit.

2.Casual Hoodie

This is for the days where you want to relax and just throw on a hoodie. That’s also another reason why I love these jeans, they’re so versatile that they add to any fit and set it apart from the rest.

3.Dress It Up

Let’s throw on a dress shirt and some boots. The beauty with dark wash jeans is that they go with the flow, and match any fit. I can guarantee you that when you put them side by side with the other outfit, no one will suspect that they’re the same pants.

That’s what Express does right, they have any fit from super skinny to relaxed to make sure that every guy can get their right pair of jeans. They even have extended sizes so no one is left out. If you’re someone who is always on the rush and doesn’t want to spend time figuring out your outfit everyday, then these jeans are for you. If you’re stuck with the same jeans you had since middle school, then I recommend you click HERE and pick up some fresh new jeans that you will have for years to come.

4.The Badboy

This is just a classic that every man needs. N0thing is more attractive to a woman than a badboy, a leather jacket and boots go down as one of the most classiest outfits ever.

5.The Lumbersexual

Give off the manly look with a flannel and some fall/winter boots. Simple outfit but to the point. Especially if you have a beard, this will boost your testosterone into overdrive and have women melt over you.

6.The Go-To

These are one of those looks you can always rely on no matter what. If you’re confused on what to wear, then this is your go-to because you can never go wrong with this. Pair these with some trainers and you have a simple, well put-together look that’s easy to rock almost any day.

7.The Casual

This is just a staple look with dark jeans. Just a t-shirt. That’s all you need. Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest bang. Wear this and any girl will pick you over a hype beast wearing a Hanes Supreme tee.

On a day to day basis a lot of guys do certain actions that can ruin their life and not even notice it. So, today I wanted to show you guys things you could be doing that could be harming your everyday life. If that sounds interesting, let’s begin!

1.Eating Non-Stop

If you eat past the point of being hungry, it’s just detrimental to your health. This will cause you to lose touch between your bodies hungry and satisfaction signs. This is also when you exceed your daily calorie intake and in conclusion, makes you fat. It starts with gaining a couple of pounds, which might not seem like a big deal, and you keep doing it. Leading you to lose confidence and this can also cause you to lose motivation and accept your reality. Moral of the story, only eat when you’re hungry.


It’s so easy to rack up debt when you have multiple credit cards with big limits. The problem is that you’re going to spend more than you make. This just leads to late payments, or even worse, not paying it back at all.  As a young person, this is the worst possible way to start your life while you’re building your credit. Since your credit score and credit report mean absolutely everything when it comes to making big payments. Whether it’s your first car, house or apartment, this score needs to be strong.

When I got my first credit card I always made sure to keep track to where it was at and always monitoring it so I keep my good score. That’s why I got CreditKarma, it’s a completely free app that allows you to check your credit score as many times as you want no matter what.

This will give you a better picture to where you’re at with your credit and how you can improve it as well. As a young guy, this all you need. They don’t teach you this in school so let CreditKarma do the job for you. What sets it apart is the fact that it gives you tons of tips and tricks to boost your score back to where it needs to be. Trust me, I’m not alone on this, more than 80 million people have already downloaded CreditKarma and started building their credit, so the real question is…why aren’t you?

Click HERE to download it today!

3.Too Many Energy Drinks

Yes it tastes great and the boost of energy is sometimes needed on those slow mornings. However, when you intake so much caffeine so quickly, your blood pressure increases and your hyper-focused but also anxious. The problem is, when you do this everyday, you start becoming dependent on it, and you start getting headaches when you don’t drink it. When you start relying on these things, that’s when the serious problems come in.

4.Your 9-5 Job Lifestyle

This is not about the job, but more so the lifestyle that comes along with it. You always have the same day, everyday, nothing is changed. You wake up, go to work, go home, watch TV, go to bed and repeat. Although it might not seem like it but this can start slowing down your metabolism. Which can lead to weight gain and other serious problems down the line. Change it up a bit, be active, find a hobby, always keep striving for more, in order to get the most out of your day.

5.Drinking Too Much

Drinking 3 or more drinks everyday are at risk for liver damage, different kinds of cancer, high blood pressure, or even cause depression. You got two options, either control your liquor or not drink it at all, if you know it controls you.

The other day I was walking through my college campus and I was shocked. It’s 2018 and guys are still dressing like slobs. I was appalled so I took some time to myself and thought, “It’s not what we should we doing but why” Why is it that guys are still dressing bad. Well, I figured it out. Today, I’m going to be showing you why most guys are dressing bad and how you can flip that around. Let’s begin!

1.They Lack Creativity

You have to picture something in your head and then execute it in real life. For many guys, it’s to figure out what colors to match and  what styles to mix in order to make yourself look good. This is why composing an outfit is so difficult and why guys settle for less. If this is you, your best bet is to stick to basic clothing. Wear neutral colors and essential pieces is something you can never go wrong with. If your wardrobe is made out of basics, you can pretty much go in blindly and pick out something stylish.

2.They Lack Guidance

Style is hard, I’m not going to lie. However, if you learn and get inspired by others, then you’re golden. I always get ideas from celebrities and style icons to wear different pieces and outfits. If you struggle composing outfits, find guidance. You can be just like a celebrity and have your own personal stylist, based on your body type, skin color and style preferences. Our friends at Bombfell do exactly that.

It’s the best way to get quality and stylish clothes delivered to your door that are hand-picked by professional stylists. All you have to do is fill out a simple questionnaire on what you like and don’t like. A stylist will see your answers and start curating clothing pieces for you. The best part, it’s not even expensive. On top of that, you only pay for what you keep. If there’s something that doesn’t fit the way you wanted or if it’s not your style. Then you just return it with free shipping. If you click this LINK, then you’re going to get an extra $25 off your first order. Guys, I wouldn’t recommend this unless I myself use it and it’s extremely effective. These stylists know what they’re doing, let them do the work and make you look like a stud. Think about it, how baller would it sound if a girl tells you “Damn, how do you look so good?” Just respond by saying “I got a stylist”

3.They’re Afraid

Men get scared, they’re just too afraid to step outside the box. Since they’ve never worn something out of their comfort zone, it sounds taboo in their head. They just think it’s never going to look good. With style, you can’t be narrow minded. You never know, you might look amazing in something you never would of thought of wearing.

4.They Hate Shopping

Men aren’t wired like women are, they just hate shopping. Instead of spending time and finding something that looks good, they just settle for less. You hating shopping isn’t an excuse. If you want to look good, put in the effort.

This is a article that I wish I read when I was in school. This is exactly what I needed before I started my first day. It will be your ultimate guide to what you need to be a stud and stylish,most importantly, to be functional during this upcoming year.

1.Everyday Kicks

Your a student so here’s what your looking for. Something comfortable you can walk in all day. Something affordable that won’t break the bank. Lastly, something versatile you can wear all day. I think I have found the perfect pair, the Adidas 3MC, I just bought two new pairs and I’m in love with them, something I definietly recommend and they’re only $60.

2.Everyday Jeans

For those that know a bit of style, you know how important this is. The truth is, one pair can get you through multiple semesters. They are super versatile. Just make sure is a dark color like indigo or gray. Lastly, make sure they’re nice and slim so you can take it from a classroom to a night-out.

3.A Good Watch

This is one of the style moves that most of your friends aren’t doing. Not only is it the beginning of the year but our friends from Vincero are having they’re 4 year anniversary blowout sale. I rarely see these guys do a sale so while they do, I highly recommend you take advantage of it. I seriously don’t believe there’s going to be a cheaper time to buy a Vincero and the time is now. When it comes to quality timepieces, they kill it, you’re getting a watch that looks upwards 1K for only a fraction of the price. Click HERE to pick yours up today!

4.Great-Fitting Hoodie

This is a huge essential when it comes to school. You will always have those day where you can’t spend the whole day styling your outfit and need something to throw on and leave. That’s why a well-fitting hoodie and jeans are a perfect outfit.

5.Quality Backpack

You need a quality backpack you can beat up throughout your school year. This is probably one of the most important accessories for school and something you need to invest in.

6.Buy A Lot Of T-Shirts

I talked about this before, t-shirts are your best friends. You need so many of them, because nothing beats a well-fitting t-shirt, you can wear this day in and day out and still be stylish. You can never have enough of these.

7.Versatile Jacket

Bomber jackets, windbreakers, leather jackets can all be used in different situations and elevate your outfit completely. You can throw these onto almost any outfit that you have and it’s gonna look good and stylish.

8.Collared Shirts

Truth is, in school you’re going to see so many kids wearing matching socks to their Nike t-shirt, and basically look like a walking billboard. Wear something different from the rest and stand out a bit but not too formal. Throw on some casual collared shirts, not only will they make you stylish but also not a robot like everyone else.


You can always wear your Beats by Dre or something more expensive like Bower&Wilkins, but I recommend to always stay with the Apple Airpods. They sound great, priced pretty reasonably and are so functional. There’s not a moment of the day where I don’t have them with me.

10.Crew Neck Sweaters

This past season, I’ve been really into crew-neck sweaters, from streetwear to dressier options, I’m always rockin’ them. You can easily layer them and wearable for three seasons of the year. It’s a definite buy for this school year.

It’s back to school season so what you carry in your backpack is very important and since I haven’t made one of these EDC articles in a while. That’s why today I’m going to be showing you guys 10 essentials items I carry in my backpack. I graduated college two years ago so even if you a business professional, this still applies to you. Let’s Begin!


When it comes to the bag itself. Then you need to pick something stylish and versatile. This one from Carl Friedrik works perfect. I pretty much carry this around wherever I go and pretty much is always a part of my outfit. I do enjoy the fact that it’s minimal and light-weight. The bigger the backpack, the more you’ll be inclined to fill it with clutter. On the other hand, when you keep it smaller, your more likely going to carry your essentials. As for quality, there’s no other backpack like this on the market. It’s something different.  You won’t find a leather like this anywhere else. Speaking from expirience, they just get better with age. That’s the type of product you want if you’re going to be using it every single day.


For those emergency situations when you have to wipe something off and also great for those hot summer days and need to wipe off some sweat. You might not think you need these but trust me, when it happens, you’ll thank me.

3.Tide “To Go” Pen

This comes with me wherever I go. Imagine your on a date and stain yourself, that’s embarrassing, well not for me. Becuase when you carry this around, you’ll feel safe wherever you go.

4.Small Bottle Of Cologne

Do I even have to explain myself. Women always want a man who smells good. I want women to love me so I always carry some fragrance with me. Duh! But seriously, always carry a small bottle with you in those times where you need to smell good.

 5.Apple AirPods

Whether I’m in the gym or working, I’m always listening to music and these come with me wherever I go. I’m even allowed to take calls hands-free so these AirPods are a must.

Before I continue, I have to tell you guys about something I use everyday online but not apart of my EDC.  When it comes to online shopping, the only way I buy something is through ShopTagr. It puts all of my favorite online items in one page so later on I can pick and choose what I want or if I want to wait till the price lowers, which is one of the options. Download it today by clicking HERE.


This goes without say, however what makes mine different is by it’s case. This leather case from Carl Friedrik makes my phone aesthetic yet functional. The leather provides great protection while look amazing at the same time. It also have a slot in the back for a credit card, something I use every day..


This is also super important when it comes to first impressions. Whether your on a date or in a meeting with a client. If you pull out a super bulky disgusting wallet, they’re probably going to think that you’re a slob. On the other hand, if you pull out this sleek leather card holder, you’ll give off a more professional persona, of course this wallet is from Carl Friedrik.


This is probably the most important item on this list. I have everything from my personal to business life on this thing and I can’t leave the house without it…literally. To protect it, I also use a Carl Friedrik laptop sleeve and it does a great job protecting it while also giving it that sleek design. By the way, if you see anything you like on this like from Carl Friedrik then when you checkout use code “TMF10” for 10% off!


If you wanna look kissable, do yourself a favor and carry chapstick.

10.Portable Charger

I just hate looking for a outlet whenever I run out of battery, this is a lifesaver every single time.


 One of my biggest fears is kissing a girl and having disgusting breath. Don’t let be a fear anymore and carry some mints.

12.Water Bottle

You wanna know how to get beautiful skin? Drink a crap-ton of water. I fill up my water bottle up to 10 times a day, stay hydrated my friends.

As you probably know, I love hacks and skincare is no different. However, we are guys and don’t want to pamper ourselves for an hour a day, we don’t have time for that.  Therefore, I’m here to make it easier for you. Today, I’m going to show you 7 hacks for your skin that you probably never heard about and should try.

1. Sleep With A Beanie/Old Shirt

If you have medium to long hair, you should probably a bandana or such to hold you hair back. The reason I say this is because when you sleep, your hair usually falls on your face, in addition, your hair is full of oils, chemicals and dirt. When it touches your skin, it can clog your pours and causes some serious acne.

2.Wipe Down Your Phone And Glasses

Before you go to bed every night, wipe down your phone and glasses. Similar to the last tip, these two objects touch your face every day, and are also packed with dirt and oil. Something you definietly don’t want around your face. Simply, wipe it down with a clorox wipe and you should be good to go!

3.Apply Heat To Your Skin

If you use anything type of moisturizer, serum or acne products, you want to use heat to increase it’s effectiveness. Personally, ever since I started using this Forever Young wand from Vanity Fair, I never looked back. Whenever I apply anything to my face, I like to use this wand to open my pores, instead of steaming it.

4.Apply Coldness To Your Face

Just like hot temperatures have certain benefits to your face, cold temperatures also have benefits. After you wash your face, when you have already opened your pores, you don’t want them to stay open. This will also cause acne, becuase it’s easier for dirt to get in. Therefore, you need to apply cold to your face so that your pores close up.  Cold can also stop redness and irritation on the face. This not only makes me feel rejuvenated but also prevents any breakouts as well.

Since this is a top of a line skincare tool, of course it’s going to come with a top of the line price. This tool usually retails for around $200, but since our friends at VanityFair want all the guys to feel and look good, they reached out and gave us a crazy discount that is very rare for them. If you click on this LINK and insert code “jose70”, then you get a 70% discount!  So if you want your skin to look good, this is the tool to success.

5.Change Your Pillow Cases At Least Once A Week

This is pretty much common sense, obviously you sleep on your pillow so a lot of stuff accumulates on it so you become more prone to breaking out. Clean your pillow cases once a week to ensure cleanliness.

6.Lemon And Sugar Hack

First off, make sure your not allergic to lemon or sugar. Cut the lemon in half and sprinkle sugar on it. Then just apply it as any other exfoliant, wash it off with cool water and feel how smooth your skin is.

7.Do Some Yoga

Apart from regulating blood pressure, most of these positions have your heart above your head so your blood flow increases which causes great skin as well.

Let’s get real, school is back. I know how you feel, I used to hate to go back to school. However, if you are dreading to go back to school, I want to make it a little easier for you. Why not go to school and also kill it with your style. That’s why today I want you show you guys 5 pants you need this upcoming year and how to style it. If that sounds interesting enough, let’s begin!

1.Track Pants

Let’s be honest here, you’re going to want to be comfortable while being in school. You need to stay relaxed and focused throughout, so why not wear some stylish sweatpants to make you feel comfortable and also keep you stylish. Ideally, you’re going to want to wear something that’s close to your body and not loose. Something fitted and tapered. When it comes to sweatpants, although it considered loungewear, you can’t make it seem that you’re wearing pajamas.

2.Distressed Denim

When it comes to jeans, I don’t look anywhere else but MNML, they provide a quality pair of jeans, that fit perfectly and compliment any type of style. If you ever wonder where I get my ripped or distressed pants from, it’s always from MNML. Not only do they have a great selection, but the prices are affordable as well. As a student, distressed denim makes a perfect match for your level of dress. Since streetwear is trending right now, all this is going to do is make you look like a super-stylish kid, your friends would be jealous about. These jeans are 98% cotton and 2% spandex, so nothing here is synthetic like anything in Pacsun, when it comes to quality, MNML kills it. At the end of this article, I will have a list of all the denim mentioned in this article, in addition they also agreed to attach a discount code to it as well. Check it out below!

3.Clean Slim Denim

Let’s take a step back from trendy denim for now and focus more on the classics. Every man needs a pair of classic slim denim that never goes out of style. You can wear this with any type of style whether it’s smart, dapper, casual or street. These jeans go with everything. Personally, I prefer going for a more dark blue or black pair of jeans, these seem to be the most versatile and works with 90% of outfits. On top of that, you can wear it everyday and most won’t know that it’s your only pair of denim.

4.Chino Shorts

Unlike your friends who are wearing basketball shorts like their on their way to a pickup game. Wear something that’s appropriate to a classroom. That’s why I added chino shorts to this list, they’re a great casual option that add so much to your outfit. Ideally, you want them to be cut above the knee for ultimate thigh exposure. Also wear colors that are outside the box like pastels, peach, green or light blue. They’re going to be more in-line for the season white keeping you fashionable.

5. Chinos

This is just an essential. Chinos are a necessity to all outfits  and add to your style. Even if you’re going to a school that requires a dress code, you’re probably going to be wearing chinos so why not stick out and make yourself stand out. Get your stuff fitted. Even if you have a uniform or something similar, do what you can and don’t be like the rest. Imagine everyone wearing the same thing and looking while you actually look good in your uniform, don’t you think that’s something girls would be interested in? You’re going to stand out like a sore thumb and everyone is going to look up to you.


Tearaway track pants navy…

Track pants navy/safety…


m1 denim bleached…

M54 denim blue…

Crepe Chelsea boots…

m6 denim blue…

S43 stretch denim matte black…

S17 denim blue…

Boys! It’s back to school season and it’s time for you to start looking like studs. That’s why today, I’m going to be showing you 7 grooming tips you NEED to start doing. Let’s begin!

1.Always Rock A Fresh Haircut

I still remember to this day how many kids would go through the semester without even cutting one haircut. At that point, you just look like a struggling student who gave up on life. Do you really think your crush is going to notice you then? If you want her to pay some mind to you, get a haircut every two to three weeks. That fresh fade is going to automatically make you look like a stud, so you don’t even compare to the other kids.

2.Apply Deodorant The Night Before

You’re young, chances are your sweat glands are on overdrive. You don’t want to be known as the guy who sweats everywhere and has dirty armpits. To avoid this, put on your antiperspirant deodorant the right before so during the night, you won’t accumulate sweat. It’s an easy hack yet a life saver for a lot of guys.

3.Pluck Your Eyebrows

Don’t shave them and don’t leave them as is. This little grooming tip will set you apart from all he other kids. They would never think of plucking their eyebrows, but your not like most kids. Your face is the first thing that people see, so it’s important to make you look as good as possible.

4.Never Pop Your Zits

This is probably one of the worst desicions you can make as a young man. I get it though, acne is out of control and when you go to school, it’s embarrassing to have a big mound on your face. However, this temporary solution can cause long term problems. All your doing is pushing the bacteria back into your skin and could affect the surrounding area. On top of that, you could also cause acne scares in the long run.

Ideally, how about avoiding the need of popping pimples and adapting a new skin routine from Tiege Hanley. Not only does do a great job of preventing acne, but also removing and reducing it. As you guys know, Tiege Hanley is the best simple skincare system for men, where it’s strategically made so it’s fast, simple and effective.

Instead of always popping you zits, how about get to the root of the problem? Get rid of acne as a whole, so you will no longer damage your skin. When I was a teenager I would do anything for a system like this, all I had was a regular CVS cleanser and a brush. I didn’t have a routine or anything,  So if I were you, I’d take advantage of this.

To take your next time to a clean face, click HERE and purchase your first box to an acne-free life (and also 20% off).

5.Apply Cologne

Put on a real man’s fragrance, and not AXE like all your other friends. These just smell cheap and give most girls headaches. Let your scent set you apart from all the Walmart colognes everyone else is putting on.

6.Warm Shower

Even though hot showers can make you feel amazing in the morning, it can be detrimental to your skin.It basically, flushes off all the natural healthy oils. Instead, try to take a luke-warm shower.

7.Floss Daily

This is one thing I truly believe, no young guy is doing. I bet some of you don’t even own any floss. Not only does it cause bad breath but it’s just disgusting when you have decaying food in between your teeth. Do yourself and everyone else around a favor and start flossing.