There are so many brands nowadays that are just ripping you off. These brands think they can just spike up their prices because they have a big name for themselves, but it’s all wrong. They essentially trick the consumer into thinking they are getting something of insane quality, and it’s not worth half of what they sell it for. Being that you guys are a part of the TMF family, I would hate to see any of this happen to you. So, here are 6 brands that are just ripping you off.


You guessed it right, Gucci is one of the most hyped brands out right now, but the biggest waste of money for its buyers. Sure, they are innovators and come up with insanely cool ideas and items, so you can’t knock them on creativity. But, they are definitely ripping you off. The quality on some pieces is above what it should, as it should be. But on some pieces, the quality most definitely does not match what you’re paying.


Pacsun gives you some good, trendy items, but it gives it to you at prices you shouldn’t be paying. Look at H&M and Zara for example, they give you exactly what you pay for. Pacsun doesn’t. They give basic quality at an above average price. Sometimes you’ll strike an insane deal at Pacsun, but if your shopping their non-sale items, nine times out of ten, you’re going to get ripped off for the quality that you get. Our Sponsor, The Menlo Club gets rid of this problem.

They sell honestly, and give you the quality items you want at the cheapest prices on the market. They sell a subscription service that gives you clothes every month to your door. They have a Menlo Club package deal just for the TMF squad, its only $30 and you get a free pair of shoes and socks with your purchase. I know you’ll love them, take the chance and pick one up today.

3.Urban Outfitters

The terms “overhyped” and “overpriced” define this company. They sell the most overhyped, overpriced clothing on the market. A simple t shirt can cost you up to $40 here. It won’t fit that well and it’s going to fit differently after a few washes. You need to invest your money smarter when buying clothes. Buy timeless pieces that have a universal usage, something that can be worn with many outfit combinations.

4.Beats by Dre

Its estimated that a pair of Beats by Dre headphones only cost them about $15 to make, but they sell it anywhere from $200-$500! That’s just crazy. They take advantage of their customers. Sure, the sound quality is good, but it’s just wrong that they charge that much for a pair of headphones that aren’t worth more than your dinner.


Coffee is a necessity for most people. So, brands like Starbucks take advantage of the consumer by marking up their prices almost 300% what they pay for their products. Sure, they have consumers who don’t care and will pay whatever for their beloved beverages, but it’s just not right that they take advantage of their buyers like they do. Buying your own coffee maker is cheaper and easier, especially in the stressful mornings.


This brand literally takes everyday items and slaps their log on it and thinks they can charge an insane price for it. They do this successfully, it’s just a complete rip off. They sell a tote bag that looks identical to an IKEA tote bag, but charge over $2,000 for it. It’s insane! So, be mindful of what you invest in and watch out for companies that just want to get their hands in your pockets.


In today’s world, everything is so much more advanced then back in the day. Nowadays you can do almost everything from the comfort of your bed with your computers. The reason I’m saying this is to make the point known that you have a lot of free time on your hands, maybe without you even knowing it. Here are the top seven things you should do in your free time.

1.Plan Out Your Day

Planning out your day is one of the most productive things you can do. Write or mentally plan out what you plan on doing the next day. When you wake up you don’t have to waste any of your valuable time thinking of what to do. This saves you time and allows you to have a much more productive life.

2.Learn How To Cook

The truth is nobody knows your personal taste buds than yourself. Cooking your own meals also lets you know what you’re putting in your body. It lets you know that you’re putting only good nutrients in your body, rather than harmful toxins and additives. This is also one very sexy trait to have when impressing a woman.


Taking a break is scientifically proven to boost your productivity. If you want to have a positive, productive life, it is crucial that you disengage from your everyday business for a few moments. You need to learn how to properly disengage from your stressful moments. Some good things to do are just laying down for a few minutes and listening to a calm playlist, as well as going for a walk.

Our sponsor Kove supplies you with the best sounding speakers so that you can do this effectively. The Commuter by Kove is one of the best, most affordable Bluetooth speakers in its class, it will help you disengage and find peace in your busy life. Pick one up with our code “tmfkove” and get 65% off at checkout. You will thank me later.

4.Help Someone Out

If you help someone in need out, it doesn’t just make you feel good, it gives you a daily boost. It was proven that those who help others out are actually more successful in the long run than those who keep everything for themselves. In your free time, instead of sitting on your phone and letting time waste away, go and find someone who you can bless; it’s crazy how life will bless you back without you even expecting it.

5.Do Something That Scares You

You know exactly what scares you, try conquering that fear in your free time. This fear is something you might not even want to think about, so you will want to avoid it. But, if you go ahead and build yourself up to passing that thing that scares you, it will have an amazing positive outcome on your life. There’s no better time to do scary things than your free time.

6.Pelvic Exercises

The muscles around your private area need worked out as much as any others. These are the muscles you’ll probably forget about in the average day. So, in your free time, focus on building these muscles up. It makes you more confident in the romantic times and more knowledgeable about these areas.

7.Take A Nap

Taking a power nap helps your brain and body boost itself to conquering more than what you would do without one. It makes you less stressed as well as more positive about your stressful circumstances. So, when your felling fatigued, take a short power nap and see how much farther it will get you.


Getting dressed in the morning can be one of the most time-consuming activities that you’ll do in a given day. You’re probably going to just throw something on and hope you look good, or you’re just going to spend a bunch of time trying to put together an outfit just to look somewhat good. Here are 8 tricks you can do to make getting dressed easier and faster.

1.Start Snapping Selfies

When you take a picture of your outfits, you save them in your camera roll so you are guaranteed never to forget about them. When you just throw something on and walk out the door, you’ll forget about that outfit entirely. So, when you throw on an outfit you like, snap a selfie of It in the mirror, then create a separate album on your camera roll for these pictures. This will ensure you never forget about it.

2.Keep Some Accessories In Your Car

Most of the time you are in a big hurry in the morning, and sometimes you just have enough time to throw on some clothes and run out the door. Make sure you have some accessories in your car, so you can add to your outfit whenever you’d need it. Some accessories I personally keep in my car at all times are sunglasses, bracelets, and even a backup watch. Our sponsor, Rose Gold & Black, has some of the best accessories on the market.

They have their new “Essentials” line which includes some of my favorite pieces from their company. Their products really save your outfits. Because you’re a TMF family member, you get 25% off my favorite RG&B products, go check it out.

3.Work From The Ground Up

This simply means, start your outfits by picking out your shoes first. You can pick anywhere from an athletic sneaker to a dress shoe, and this will be a good starting point to a good outfit. Once you pick your shoes, you pretty much have the vibe of what your outfit is going to be. After you pick your shoes, the rest of the outfit will just fall into place.

4.Have A Handheld Steamer

Let’s be honest, nobody has time to iron their clothes anymore. You should make your life that much easier and invest in a handheld steamer. This will cut your time of making your clothes look freshly dry cleaned in half. It’s an essential product to have to make life easier and your mornings less stressful.

5.Buy Wrinkle Free Clothing

Buying clothes that are wrinkle free is just a huge time saver. If you have a few clothing pieces that are wrinkle free, you can just have these as a backup in case you don’t have time to take out your handheld steamer. Either way, your mornings got easier than ever before with these tricks.

6.Have A “Fail Safe” Combo

Everyone should have a few pieces in their closet that will always look good. If you select a few pieces that you know make you look good and always have these clean and ready to be worn, you’ll never stress about an outfit again. This outfit could just be a pair of white sneakers, dark jeans, and a black t shirt, but you’ll look amazing.

7.Preplan Your Outfit

There’s no better feeling than getting out of the shower and you already have an outfit planned for the day. The best time to plan your outfits is the night before. This will put your mind at ease and give you a good start to your day.

8.Own An EDC Tray

This is just an aesthetically pleasing basket that you can hold your daily essentials in. I like to put my car keys, wallet, phone, and whatever else id need for the next day. It makes your morning a lot easier going and less stressful. If you find yourself losing either your wallet, car keys, or your phone, you definitely need one of these on your nightstand so you can get rid of that stress in its entirety. You’ll thank me later.


Listen men, you could be a 10/10 stud, but if you do any of the following 8 things you’ll instantly be less of a stud. If you’re below average and don’t think your attractive you definitely don’t want to do any of these. So, listen up, pay attention, and take some notes. Here are 8 things that instantly make you less hot!

1.Being Bossy & Aggressive

Being a dominant man is something that most women want, however, some men take this to the absolute extreme. You can’t just boss a woman around guys, come on were in 2018 now you should know this. If you’re with a female and she wants to do something their certain way or doesn’t want to do something at all, you can’t be the type a “my way or the highway” type of guy. Women find this super unattractive.

2.Ungroomed Body Hair

You could be a 10/10 stud, but if your body looks like sasquatch, you’ll soon turn into the guy that she “thought” was the one. If your body looks like your covered in a mess of hair, it’s just a huge turn off to women. Don’t shave everything off, but you definitely need to maintain and trim your hair. Our sponsor, Manscaped, offers one of the best trimmers on the market, The Lawn Mower 2.0.

This should be in every man’s body care tool chest. It handles every inch of your body, and will give you the best shave you’ll ever have. Manscape wants to hook it up for you guys, use code “TMF20” at checkout for free shipping, 20% off, and a free gift! This product is a deal on its own, but with this discount, it’s a purchase you need to make.

3.Trying To “1 Up” Everyone

When you act like your trying to be better than everyone else, your ego tends to show. Along with this, you seem super annoying. I guarantee no one’s going to want to hang around you, and you’re not going to get that girl that you want. Be cool and humble.

4.Smelling Bad

Men, you need to use a good fragrance, you need to make sure your breathe is always on point, and you need to make sure you just smell good at all times! This is vital if you want to get the girl of your dreams. If you smell at all, shell just get turned off and no longer be interested in you. Manscape has all of the scents you’ll ever need to smell great and get the girl you want.

5.Chewing With Your Mouth Open

Doing this just makes you look disgusting, immature, and like you were raised by animals. Don’t do this guys. Eat with maturity, show her you were raised well. This will show her you are the guy material she wants.

6.Bragging About Your Money

Doing this isn’t cool. It just makes you look like a stuck-up prick. You won’t impress her by telling her how much your car is worth or how much you make. Be humble, that’s what girls like. They’ll see you can make a good living, but in a respectable way. Trust me, shell like your humbleness rather than your arrogance.

7.Awkward Facial Hair

Make sure your facial hair is well manscaped and lined up. If you have a super patchy beard that looks like a mess, no girl will find you attractive. If you look like you spend time making yourself look good, it says a lot to women. This will make them want you more than if you look like a slob.

8.Being A Bad Tipper

Don’t be a douche. If you’re out with your girl of interest, show her that you mean business. Make sure you tip well. This not only shows your girl that you are conscientious about your waiter, but it also makes you look respectable and mature. Everyone deserves to get treated well, be nice and tip well.  


This article is going to focus on one thing: salvaging your style! How am I going to do this? I’m going to give you the top six style mistakes that you need to watch out for. A large majority of men are going to be guilty of the style mistakes I’m going to mention, but don’t be alarmed. They are easy fixes that will make you look well organized and overall a manly, stylish person.

1.Not Properly Taking Care OF Your Clothes

The way you can ensure your clothes will last and stay looking newer longer is based on how you take care of them and wash them. Most men could care less about this step and will completely ignore, but you should start caring about it now so you can save your money later. There are a few different steps you need to do in order to properly take care of your clothes. First, separate your dirty laundry into three piles: lights, darks, delicates. Make sure you also check what temperature the garment should be washed at; you’ll find this on the tag inside that specific piece. These steps will make your clothes look better and last longer.

2.Wearing Overly Torn Shirts & Sweaters

Sure, there was a huge trend involved with wearing torn garments, but be honest did it ever look good in the first place. Wearing these clothing pieces just says you’re a hype beast anyways. It’s just a dead trend that needs to be left in the past. Save your time and money and just don’t wear clothes that have an overly large quantity of holes and tears in them, it’s not cool.

3.Stop Dressing Like A Child


You need to start investing your money into pieces that will illuminate your adulthood. Run away from the garments that will make you look like a child, these clothing pieces will make you look immature and you’ll be taken less serious. Just dress your age. Sure, you can wear sneakers with ripped jeans, but make sure you have a dressy pair of shoes with a dark pair of jeans in your closet. Another item you’ll need is a good watch.

Vincero Watches is the best place to start if you want a watch that will make you look like you’ve already made it big, but the catch is they are very affordable! I wear my Vincero watch all the time; it just makes your entire outfit put together and boosts your confidence in the process. Use our special code “TMF” for a special discount when you shop with Vincero Watches. I promise you’ll love it!

4.Stop Letting Your Girl Pick Out Your Outfit

If you want to look like a 10-year-old boy getting ready for school, then go for it. But do you really want that for yourself? It’s time to start acting your age. If you’ve been following my videos, you’ll know what it takes to dress professional at an affordable price. You have the capability to be a dapper, handsome gentleman. Grow up and dress for success, on your own. You can definitely ask her what she thinks of your outfit, but if you’ve been following my tips of how to dress, shell absolutely love it!

5.Not Wearing An Undershirt

This is a big problem I see all the time. Guys of all ages are guilty of not wearing an undershirt. When you don’t wear an undershirt, whatever sweat builds up under your arms will just turn your shirt into a disgusting mess. I can tell you how many shirts I’ve ruined in the past before I figured out this trick. It saves your money and makes you an overall fresher, more hygienic person.

6.Invest In A Great Pair Of Shoes

So many guys will invest all of their money on their outfits, but forget about what goes on their feet. Sure, they’ll look good up top, but when you look at what shoes they have on; it will just throw off the entire outfit. Make sure you invest your money into either a versatile pair of sneakers that are crispy and on trend or a pair of dress shoes that are the same. If you can spend a little more, make sure you have both a proper sneaker and dress shoe that can be worn universally.  


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Us men can get a bad reputation of being these dirty sloppy pigs. This is why I give you guys so much information, so you can break this stereotype and look more handsome, attractive, smarter, etc. You have the potential to be so irresistible, every girl is going to want you. For this video, we have partnered with Old Spice, one of the manliest grooming brands on the market. They are here to help you with all of your grooming needs, so sit back and take notes boys. Here are five grooming routines all of you guys should do to make you that much more irresistible.

1.Odor Prevention

There’s no worse scenario then being on a hot date or talking to that girl that you like and you start to smell body odor coming off of you. It’s just embarrassing, and can even ruin your chances with that girl you like. Old Spice carries a shower foamer, which is absolutely amazing! This product was formulated by Procter & Gamble scientists, which ensures that it adheres to the skin better than its competitors. Not only is the functionality of this foamer amazing, but it makes you smell irresistible as well. The foamer I’ve been using comes in their Swagger sent, which is one of their best sellers. This is just an amazing product that is necessary to be a part of your grooming routine.

Plus, its only $5! Also, applying deodorant is vital to smelling good throughout the day. Many people use the same brand because it works for them best, but Old Spice carries an antiperspirant spray that kills its competition. I use it on a daily basis, and it is absolutely incredible. It smells great, and it lasts! It goes on invisible, so you don’t have to deal with any more annoying deodorant stains. You just spray it under each arm and your good for the day. Doing these tips will make you smell amazing and be that much more confident!


By pruning, I mean you need to manscape! Men, trim your hedges. No one wants to see a grizzly bear whenever times get intimate, it doesn’t look like you take care of yourself. You won’t have to trim your hair every day, but this is the checklist you should have. First, check downstairs, and make sure your hair is well managed. Next, see if your nose hairs could use a proper trim. Now it’s time to check your beard, make sure your beard is lined up and neat. The last place to check is your eyebrows. It’s important to make sure your body hair is well maintained, follow this checklist every now and then and make sure you look as neat as possible.

3.Hair Styling Process

This can be a big, time consumer when it comes to looking good, but you should be okay with that. Your hair tells alot about you and you need to make sure it looks good and healthy. The two things you need to make sure you have the perfect hair style is a good hairbrush and a good hair dryer, these two objects combined are the best dynamic duo in existence. Make sure your hair isn’t too long and always make sure your hair is as healthy as possible.

4.Beautifying Routine

Guys have to look beautiful too, there’s really no manly way of saying this. Your skin should be taken care of men, I can’t stress this enough. Soft and smooth skin is what girls want, and even though you might hate it, you need to apply moisturizer. Every morning I use a matte moisturizer to make sure my skin is perfectly hydrated; you guys should do the same. You’ll see how big of a difference your skin will feel, just in the matter of a few days.

5.Kiss Ability Routine

This essentially means, to make sure your breathe doesn’t stink and your lips are smooth. An easy way of tackling both of these at one time is to go through a proper oral routine. This includes flossing your teeth and brushing them as well. But, if you want those smooth irresistible lips, take your toothbrush’s’ bristles and brush your lips of all of its dead skin. Sounds weird, but this routine will make sure you are ready for any kiss coming your way.


When the average person thinks about having style, they tend to focus on the wrong ideas. These ideas include: being broke, how much the stylish pieces are going to cost, and the amount of time it’s going to take to get all of their stylish needs. But, you rarely think of the items you need that will make your outfit stand out and make you look good! Here is a list of 10 style essentials every guy needs to add to their collection, and most of them are under $20!

1.Lint Remover

When you own clothes over a long period of time, your pieces will start to pill. The main way to get rid of this is with a quality lint remover. You can get an electric lint roller on amazon for only $15! It will last you practically forever and will make your outfits that much cleaner looking.

2.EDC Tray

This is essentially a nice, aesthetically pleasing, leather tray that you can put all of your daily essentials inside of. I tend to put my car keys, watches, wallet, and even my cell phone in it. It will make your living space much neater and aesthetically pleasing to the eye. The best part about this is, it’s under $20.

3.Handheld Steamer

This item is definitely one to own.  Most men don’t iron their clothing, but if you do congratulations, you belong to a small group of men that do. This steamer will make your clothes look fresh out of the dry cleaners, giving your clothes that brand new look. The steamer I own is on amazon for only $30, it’s perfect travel size and makes my life that much easier.

4.Shoe Cleaning Kit

If you own sneakers, you need a sneaker cleaning kit. It’s that simple. You need your shoes to last you a while so you don’t have to always be buying new ones. A basic shoe cleaning kit will last you a while, and it should only cost you around $15 on Amazon. In addition to this, if you are interested in getting the best deals possible, make sure to download the app Honey.

You can join for free, and it simply takes the items in your cart and finds any discount codes that will be applicable at checkout, for free! There’s no catch, just free savings. The last time I mentioned Honey in my video, those who downloaded from the TMF Family saved an average of $50 on their orders. So, download Honey today and save later!

5.Tide Pens

These pens work miracles. On Amazon, you can get a pack of 3 for only $7! If you ever find a random stain on your clothes during a night out in the town, you can simply take out your tide stick and wipe it away. It’s a no brainer when it comes to must have stylish essentials that should be in your rotation.

5.A (Manly) Manicure Kit

Men need to take care of themselves, and what better than a cheap, affordable manicure kit. Owning one of these will ensure your nails are always up to par and in the best shape possible. This will ensure that you have healthy finger and toe nails that won’t lead to any ingrown nails in the future.  The one I recommend is the basic manicure kit by Steve Madden, it only costs $13!

6.Shoe Trees

You can get a quality, wooden pair of shoe trees for around $20. It will be the best purchase you will ever make for your footwear. Shoe trees will help keep the natural shape of your sneakers, absorb the moisture inside of the shoes after wearing them, while also looking aesthetically pleasing. It looks good, it has purpose, and it’s just an overall no brainer to buy a few pairs of these.

7.Wooden Hangers

The only hangers you should ever buy are wooden ones. Wooden hangers act as a natural deodorizer, giving your clothes an amazing smell. Not only will they make your clothes smell amazing, but they are sturdier than plastic hangers and look aesthetic as well. You can get a pack of 30 on amazon for around $20!

7.A Watch Box

You never want to have your watches thrown all over the place. You want them to be housed with each other, so you never lose them and they stay in perfect condition. A watch box will make your life a whole lot easier. If you own expensive automatic watches, you’re going to be spending around $50 which is a lot, but worth it. If you don’t own any that need direct sunlight, you’ll pay around the $20 mark.

8.An External Battery Pack

Every guy should own one of these. Everyone reading this has had their phone die on them before. Nowadays you need your phone almost every hour and need to make sure it is constantly charged. Having a battery pack will make sure you always have extra life to give your phone, so you don’t have it die at the wrong times.


Have you ever just saw guys in their 20’s that makes you question, “What the heck is going on here?” As a man matures you need to become smarter, wiser, and become more time efficient. If you qualify within the 20’s age group, you need to stop doing things that only school girls should be doing. Here is a list of eight things that all guys should stop doing by their 20’s.

1.Bragging About Your Workout

We get it. You finally benched 220 pounds, squatted 300 pounds, and are looking super vascular, you don’t have to tell the world. Also, don’t be that annoying guy that has to post everyday he goes to the gym. It’s just unnecessary and immature.

2.Relying On Mommy & Daddy (Too Much)

You have to realize that in life, you aren’t always going to have people around you to help you out, especially your parents. You need to learn how to walk on your own two feet and face adversity on your own. Even if you do end up failing, you’ll become stronger and wiser over time, which will help you out in the long run.

3.Thinking You Know It All

Everyone becomes victim to this at one point in their lives. The fact of the matter is, no one want to hang around a guy who thinks he knows it all and is invincible. You need to understand everyone needs change and you need to open your eyes to all of the new knowledge surrounding that change.  You don’t know it all, and if you want to grow your skills or chase after a specific passion of you’re the best place to start is with our sponsor, SKILLSHARE. Their company supplies you with classes where you can grow on your passions or learn new ones. Their selection is limitless from cooking to social media marketing. These courses should cost thousands of dollars, but you get unlimited access for under $10 a month.

4.Eating Fast-food All The Time

When you are in your teens you can eat whatever you want. You have a high metabolism and food moves right through you. As you age, your metabolism slows down making you more prone to weight gain. When you are in your 20’s you want to train yourself to eat healthy, but satisfying foods that will help you maintain your weight as you continue to age.

5.Getting Plastered All The Time

If you didn’t know, each gram of alcohol is about 7 calories. A gram of fat is about 9 calories. To put this into perspective, alcohol has a lot of harmful fats and calories. It’s okay to drink, but minimally. If you drink like you did back in college with your metabolism slowing down from age, you’ll go into full dad bod mode. Don’t do this, and make sure you’re the best looking you possible.

6.Skipping Out On The Gym

If you are in your 20’s and choose to hit the gym regularly, you are doing better than the majority of people your age. If you aren’t going to the gym regularly, you need to start doing so. Getting in good shape just makes for an overall healthier life. Making you happier and less prone to anger.

7.Cat Calling

Do not cat call. Period. It never works and you just look like an absolute loser sitting down doing nothing with your life. Grow a pair, and go talk to a woman like a man. This will make the situation better and more easy going.

8.Not Owning A Good Wallet

Ditch the duct tape and velcro wallets. Get an all leather wallet instead. This will make you look as though you know style whenever you take out your wallet to pay for the bill. On top of all of this, it will make you more confident bringing an all leather wallet, rather than the wallet you had in middle school.

9.Ghosting Women

There are so many women in the world and if you wanted to, you could go on dates every week. But, being that you are in your 20’s, you are a man now. Girls have feelings just like you and me, and if you see a girl likes you and the feelings aren’t being reciprocated by you, make sure she knows that. Don’t ghost her, just be a man and tell her, nicely.


Being that you are a guy, you might be asking yourself, “Why am I so awkward around girls? It’s a very common question that many guys have a problem with, not just you. The thing you have to realize is that people are just people. With your guy friends, you can talk comfortably for hours, but as soon as you talk to a girl, you tend to freeze and stutter over a few sentences. Here are seven reasons why you might be awkward around women, and ways to solve them.

1.You Are Trying To Be To Perfect

In your mind, you essentially look at your crush as having no flaws and being absolutely perfect. You want to look like a perfect guy to meet her level of perfection, which doesn’t end well. You just have to remember that she’s a person like everybody else. She poops and breathes like everybody else, and probably has insecurities of her own. Use this mindset from now on and see how comfortable you will get, rather than stuttering and looking nervous around her.

2.You Don’t Know What To Say

If this is the case, you are just overthinking everything. You might feel as though you need to have the correct “game” or have some type of players handbook to keep the conversation going, but this isn’t true at all. A very, very small percentage of guys can actually spit game, so the only thing you need to do is actually build up enough confidence to go up and talk to her. Ultimately, you just want a girl to like you for you. You need to act like yourself, and if she doesn’t like you for you, then she wasn’t worth your time and you need to move on.

3.You Think You Are Ugly

The truth to this is that no one is actually ugly. You are just too lazy to invest into yourself and your appearance. The number one thing that every guy should be doing to increase their handsomeness is to treat their skin. To many guys have too much of an “ego” to go through a proper skin care routine, because they think they don’t need it. If you are actually smart enough, you need to take care of your skin correctly. The best place to start in the skin care industry is with Tiege Hanley.

They have a fool proof skincare system that oversimplifies getting amazing looking skin, that will boost your handsomeness and appearance. The system includes instructions and all of the products you will need to look incredible, and it’s very affordable too! If you are a guy who thinks he’s ugly or could use a boost of handsomeness you need to try out this system as soon as possible.

4.You Think You Are Too Cool

If you act too cool with a girl and super distant, and dry with her, it’s not going to end in your favor.   Shell think you are just boring and uninteresting which will make her want to leave. So, just act how a lady would like to be treated, don’t be arrogant.

5.You Think That Getting A Girl Will Solve All Of Your Problems

This is a big issue that causes you to act awkwardly around women. This will make a girl think as though there are too many expectations on her, which will just increase the pressure on you. If you are unhappy with your job, body, life, whatever it is, a girl will not solve all of those problems for you. You need to be dependent on yourself and be dependent on your own. Depending on somebody for your happiness is a terrible way to start a relationship.

6.You Don’t Value Yourself

Again, too often guys see women as these amazing, flawless creatures that deserve to be praised. This is why you are acting awkwardly. In fact, YOU are the prize and you should be treating yourself that way. Invest and take care of yourself so your outward reflects your inward. With this mindset, you’ll turn into that confident stud that she is lucky enough to be talking too.

7.You Think She Has More Experience Than You

So many guys get overly nervous knowing that they have little dating experience, while also knowing the girl they are talking to has already been around the block. Don’t do this. She is still human, and she still gets nervous. Lack of experience should never be a turn off for women, and if it is, move on because she didn’t deserve you.