A few years ago, I was stick skinny. I was unhappy with my body physically and wanted to change my appearance for the better. I tried so many different tactics to put on the pounds and look leaner, but nothing was working. I know there are some of you out there that are very skinny and would like to gain muscle mass. If this is you, I want you to pay close attention to this article. Here are my top 4 secrets to gain muscle mass.

1.You Need To Eat More

This is one of the most important tips I am going to share with you today. You probably think you knew this already, but you are probably wrong. When I chose to gain muscle mass, I had to eat 4,500 calories EVERY DAY! That’s a lot of food. This would allow me to gain about 1 pound per week. So, you need to eat more than what you already are if you aren’t seeing any weight gain. Eat up boys! You got this.

2.You Need Proper Training

When you choose to build your muscle mass, you need to make sure you are training correctly. You need to ensure that you have proper form and can control your movements. When I started training, my bench was at 175lb, now it’s 265lbs! I’m saying this just to show you that results will happen, they just take time! So, be patient. Once you follow a proper training schedule, and implement a heavy caloric diet within your life, you will see true results. You will be buffer than ever before and you will be able to lift weights you never though you could.

3.You Need To Take Supplements

When you create a good balance of a proper diet & proper training, you’ll need to incorporate supplements. Supplements will get you that extra edge you’ll need to get the body mass you desire. The best supplements to take are from our sponsor, Body Building. These supplements helped me break through walls whenever I would hit them.

They have products such as Whey protein, BCAA mixtures, Multi Vitamins, and Fish Oils. All of these supplements combined will diet and training with get you lean and in shape. Body Building is the only supplement line I use, and you should too. Go check them out, you’ll thank me later.

4.You Need To Be Realistic

Weight isn’t going to just appear on your body overnight, it is going to take time! So, you need to be realistic with your weight gaining goals. When I was focusing on gaining muscle mass, I set my realistic goals to gain one pound a week. For me, this was a hard goal, but it was manageable if I properly trained, ate well, and used my Body Building supplements. So, if you are seeking to gain muscle mass, follow the steps I gave above and stay true to yourself. You will see results, just be patient!


You guys all know that I know my stuff when it comes to fashion. But, I also have a few essential items that I just can’t live without. These items help me on the daily to either boost my productivity and style as a whole. I like to live life by the second, and these items help me succeed just that. Here are 10 things I just can’t live without.

1.15” MacBook Pro Laptop

My laptop is one of the most important things on this list. I run all of my businesses on this device. It has my entire life on it. On top of that, I need a platform to edit all of the videos for my YouTube channel. I went the extra mile and decked it out with a huge processer and a 15-terabyte storage capacity. My videos wouldn’t be possible without this amazing laptop. It is definitely one of the best out there.

2.IPhone X

My phone is another one of those devices that I need. Phones are essential for obvious reasons, but mine allows me to do extra work for the amazing content you guys get to see. I can also run my businesses through my phone. Which means, I can make money directly off of my phone. You guys can do the same, all you need is a phone and some brain power and you’ll make money in no time.

3.Cartier Pen

Yes, I know Cartier is a little much and over the top. However, I write down a lot of the amazing ideas I have. I also like to write in my free time. So, I thought I would invest in an amazing, quality pen to do so. Spending all of that money on a pen ensures that I will then put it to use. I’m not saying you guys should spend a ton of money on a pen, it is just a decision I chose to do. Creativity is key boys.

4.Bluetooth Headphones

I am always on the go. I like to work out, listen to eBooks & podcasts, and just listen to music in general. So, I need a quality pair of Bluetooth headphones. The Strive Bluetooth Noise Cancelling Earphones by Kove has to be the best Bluetooth headphones on the market.

I understand everyone wants Apple Air pods, however, these headphones pack a huge punch and the price is a steal! You guys know that Kove makes amazing speakers, such as The Commuter, and they took all of the engineering behind that speaker and threw it in a pair of Bluetooth headphones. They are definitely worth the purchase. Also, use the code “tmfstrive” and get 65% off!

5.A Watch

If you are a true TMF fan, you know that I can’t live without a watch. A watch is just one of those accessories that I have to wear. IT puts together a whole outfit and just makes you look sophisticated and put together. I have the big named watches, such as a Rolex and an AP, however I like to wear cheaper watches too. Name brands aren’t everything, so if money is tight, get yourself an affordable, fashionable watch.

6.A Quality Hair Styling Product

Your hair tells a story, and I always want mine to reflect a good one. So, I always use quality hair products. Our company, Hudson & Mane, is what I wear. Not because it’s our company, but because it is the best of the best. I love our styling clay, it allows me to put some on right out of bed and look 100x better. It is truly one of the best hair products on the market, and if you haven’t already you should check us out.

7.My Gym Membership

I am a huge believer in going to the gym. When I don’t work out in the mornings, I tend to feel sluggish all day. So, I choose to go the gym and work on my body and my overall fitness goals. Working out is the key to a happy life. When you look good, you will feel good, and when you feel good, only good things will happen to you. Trust me boys, the gym is a key place to succeed your goals.

8.A Good Hoodie

We are currently in the Fall & Winter seasons, so a quality hoodie is essential. Hoodies are just amazing pieces of clothing. You can dress them up or dress them down and utilize them in a bunch of different outfit combinations. Our ESNTL hoodies are one the best on the market and if you haven’t already bought one, I highly recommend you do before they all sell out. They make perfect gifts now that Christmas is around the corner.

9.A White Pair Of Sneakers

Sneakers are one of my go-to shoe models. But, white sneakers have to be one of my favorites. You can wear white sneakers with literally everything and it will look good. Also, there are a bunch of different brands and sneaker styles to work with. I personally like the classic Stan Smiths, but you could also rock Nike’s, Common Project’s, and many other brands. White sneakers are just the best, and you can never go wrong with them.

10.My Pocket Knife

I personally believe a pocket knife is a daily essential that you should always carry. You never know when you are going to need to open a package or get into a situation where a knife would be needed. It’s just one of those items I like to have on me, to ensure I am prepared throughout the day. I highly recommend you start carrying one of these bad boys around with you. Just be safe with it.


During the Fall & Winter seasons, the weather tends to get super gross out. Whether it is snowing or raining, you are going to need proper footwear. You need footwear that will not only protect your feet and be comfortable, but also keep your feet dry! Here are the top 7 Fall & Winter Shoes that every guy needs to own.

1.The White Leather Sneaker

This is one of the most versatile sneakers in this list. It can be worn with literally everything. Not only is this sneaker super fashionable, but it also has functionality. Leather sneakers will keep your feet warm from harsh weather and they will also keep them dry. These are one of my favorite styles of shoes and I highly recommend you get a pair.

2.The Chelsea Boot

These are one of those boots that have made a huge impact on the fashion world. I personally love Chelsea Boots because you can wear them with almost anything and it will look good. Our sponsor, New Republic, makes some of the best Chelsea Boots on the market. They are affordable, yet have designer like quality. New Republic is one of my go-to’s for shoes, whether it’s an all leather sneaker or a Chelsea Boot. Go check them out and use the code “TMF15” for 15% off!

3.The Hiking Boot

Chunkier styled shoes are in right now. Hiking Boots give you that military feel, while also creating an amazing fashion statement. I love to rock my hiking boots with jeans or pants, it really gives you a manly look. Women love a manly guy, just saying. If you wear these right, women will notice and you will get that much closer to getting the girl of your dreams. Also, these boots are super comfortable, so there’s no reason you shouldn’t get a pair.

4.The Beater Shoe

This shoe can be any style, but it’s going to fulfill the role of your beater shoe. This simply means you are going to beat it down to the ground. Pick a shoe that is stylish, but inexpensive. These will be your go-to shoes when you know you are going to be in messy circumstances. I like to use classic leather vans for my beaters.

5.The Chukka Boot

The beauty about this boot is that is super casual, and very stylish. Not to mention, these boots are super comfortable and you can literally walk all day in these. They look different from the Chelsea boot; however, their unique design makes them that much more stylish. Invest in yourself and pick up a pair of these boots. New Republic has these as well! Go check them out right now.

6.The Timberland Boot

This boot is an iconic boot. The chunkiness of the boot gives you that lumberjack, manly look. Also, these boots will give you several inches on your height. They are a go-to boot for the shorter guys out there who want an instant 4” on their height. But they are also a go-to for the guys who want to increase their style. This boot is a historical artifact that is simply an essential boot to have.

7.The All-Terrain Sneaker

Let’s say you don’t want to where boots, and instead you want to wear a sneaker. Nike, Adidas, and Vans all sell “All Terrain” sneakers that will keep your feet warm and protected. My favorite “All Terrain” shoe is actually the All Leather Skate High’s by Vans. They have a special place in my heart and I just love them. Not to mention they are super stylish.


You have to realize that your style is like a baby. You need to nurture it and take proper care of it, so it will eventually flourish. Your personal style is super important, it is essentially who you are. People know you by what you wear, so you need to dress for success. Many people do a lot of bad moves when it comes to styling themselves. So, here are 5 things you should never do with your style.

1.Don’t Listen To What People Tell You

Your style is subjective, so you should never listen to what other people have to say regarding your style. Everyone has their own opinions, even me. When I tell you guys style tips, I’m telling you what worked for me. And since it worked for me, I believe it will work for you. However, if you have a certain style to you that works, roll with it. Be creative with your look and it will pay off.

2.Never Be Too Bland

Some people dress themselves up in a way that is just plain boring. You don’t want to be this type of person. You need to dress with purpose and dress with confidence. This doesn’t mean you should go out and a buy a whole new wardrobe, instead you should focus on the small aspects of your outfit like your socks, tie, or bracelets. Our sponsor, Gentleman’s Box, has amazing boxes that have 4-5 style items in it.

You can then implement these in your outfit and look like a total stud. They are an amazing go-to source for me, and I know you guys will love them. Use the code “TMF20” and get 20% their premium subscription.

3.Don’t Be Close Minded

Back in the day, I really struggled with this. I dressed in a way that closed myself from going out of my comfort zone. I was close minded to the world of fashion. However, I decided to break out of that box and find the keys to proper styling. There is no right or wrong way to dress and utilize your style. Always evolve your style boys. Never judge something until you try it.

4.Never Wear The Wrong Shoes

You can screw up your shoe choice in two different ways: Function & Occasion. By function I mean, you are not wearing the proper shoes for a specific function. An example of this is wearing sneakers in the snow. By occasion I mean wearing flip flops to an interview. Utilize your sneakers to your advantage and dress accordingly to the function & occasion you’ll be facing.

5.Don’t Be Uncomfortable

Guys, you should never feel uncomfortable in the clothes you wear. Whether you are physically or mentally uncomfortable with your outfit, you need to change it. Dress in ways that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Comfort is key if you really want to boost your style. So, next time you go throw on an outfit, make sure you feel as though you are as comfortable as possible.


Guys, if you are a true TMF fan, you know that our new grooming line, Hudson & Mane, is finally available and open to the public! We have been working on this company for months. But, after weeks and weeks of sampling our product line, we have finally perfected them. Hudson & Mane is going to be the best hair grooming company for guys, I promise you that! This product line caters to everything a man needs! Go check us out! Anyways, here are 9 hair secrets you should know by the time you’re 20.

1.Hang Out With People Who Have Good Hair

People with good hair, know secrets in managing that hair. They know how to properly style their hair. They know what barbers to go to that will give them the best haircut. They just know everything there is to know about having good hair. Their experience will then rub off on you and you’ll be able to reap the benefits.

2.Ditch The Gel

Gel is out dated. You need to start using a clay or a paste. If you have naturally thin hair or hair that is starting to thin, these are the products you need to start using. Paste and clays give your hair the illusion of being thicker than what it actually is. This automatically makes you more attractive to women, because they love thick hair. Our paste and clay at Hudson & Mane are exactly what you need to get the job done. Once you use them you’ll never go back.

3.Ditch The Towel

When you hop out of the shower, you need to stop using a towel to rub your hair dry. A towel has rough fabric which will turn your hair instantly frizzy and messy. This will then take a lot of time to fix. Also, you will actually pull some of your hair out. The best way to dry your hair is an old tee shirt. It is a lot less rough.

4.The Secret To Hair Growth

If you want to increase your hair growth, you have to cut your hair. When you have split ends, it will actually just cause your hair follicles to fall out. When you cut your hair, you get rid of the possibility of this happening. Also, when you cut your hair, your hair looks a lot thicker than when its fully grown out. So, get rid of those split ends boys.

5.Cleanse Your Hair

You need to cleanse your hair. I am not talking about regular shampoo and conditioner. After using these products, a lot over time, they actually start to build up in your hair. So, the best way to bring your hair from this state to a healthier state is if you cleanse it properly. Our Hudson & Mane shampoos and conditioners are charcoal infused, which cleanses your hair and removes all the gunk! You need these.

6.Let Your Hair Dry A Little Before Using A Hair Dryer

When you get out of the shower and want to dry your hair with a blow dryer, wait a little while. I typically wait until my hair is about 80% dry before I take out the hair dryer. Use your old t-shirt to take off some of the water, then go and make breakfast or something, then dry your hair. This will cause you to be using the heat and electricity less than you normally would. All in all, supporting a green earth.

7.Use Less Product In Your Hair

When you use to much product in your hair it will just make it look unnatural. Also, your hair will just look like a greasy mess! If you want to style your hair the right way to get the best results, use a minimal amount of product. That is all that is needed to get the job done.

8.Use Hand Cream

If there is ever a time where you go to do your hair and realize you don’t have any hair products, use hand cream instead. I remember one time I was traveling and forgot all of my hair products with me. So, I went to the hotel bathroom and used their body lotion to style my hair. It worked like a charm. With Hudson & Mane, you won’t have to fear this because we will supply you with your products at a subscription rate.

9.Apply Hairspray To Hairbrush

If you want that perfect hair style with no fly-aways, apply your hairspray to your hairbrush instead of your direct hair. This is the secret to having perfect hair. The brush will transfer that hairspray into every angle of your hair and keep it in place all day, guaranteed!


We are officially in the Fall and Winter seasons. This is the perfect time for layering and essentially when your outfits get a lot more intricate. This time of the year is when everyone gets the most stylish. What can you do to be the most stylish? Utilize jackets to their best potential! Jackets are an essential year-round, but during this time of year they are necessary! Here are the 8 best jackets for the fall and winter season that all men need!

1.The Bomber Jacket

This has to be one of my favorite jackets ever. The style of this jacket is timeless and it will never go out of trend. If you are a streetwear guy or someone who likes the casual look, this jacket does both! These jackets come in different thickness and materials so there are specific models for warmer and colder temperatures. These jackets truly speak for themselves and you should definitely have at least one in your closet.

2.A Field Jacket

Just like bomber jackets, field jackets are timeless and have been around forever. The cool thing about field jackets is that they are super functional. They typically have a lot more pocket space than other jackets and they will be of a lot more use than a bomber jacket. Not only are they functional, but they are insanely stylish. All of these jackets mentioned can be found at The Menlo Club. The Menlo Club is a monthly subscription source for fashion!

They only send you the best of the best brands such as Five Four, Grand AC, New Republic, etc. They are very affordable for the quality that they offer. Go check out The Menlo Club, they have a special sneaker, jacket, and sunglass bundle for you guys!

3.The Suede Jacket

Just like the bomber jacket, the suede jacket comes in a lot of different designs. It is a very versatile jacket that can be used to dress up or to dress down. They are super comfortable, they keep you warm, and the women love them! This is definitely a jacket you should pick up if you don’t have one already.

4.A Leather Jacket

This is the one jacket that you need to have, period. Leather jackets are the most versatile jackets on this list. They are also the most timeless. There will never be a point in time when leather jackets go out of style, it just won’t happen. If you want to have that bad boy look, this is the jacket you should wear. Women absolutely love leather jackets, they are truly one of their favorites. Invest in yourself and put one of these jackets in your closet for the fall and winter seasons!

5.A Denim Jacket

This jacket is definitely one of my favorites. Just like the leather jacket, the denim jacket is super versatile. You can throw on almost anything with a denim jacket and it will look good. They keep you warm and keep you stylish at the same time, it’s literally the best scenario ever. Odds are you have of these already, but if you are late to the fashion game then pick one of these up.

6.A Sherpa Jacket

These jackets are trending right now. Any jacket with Sherpa will automatically make you look like a mobster. They add a next level of “bad boy” to you that not even the leather jacket can give you. They truly make you look like the man. Sherpa jackets are here to stay and when they are worn correctly, women will go crazy for you. That’s a fact!

7.A Parka Jacket

This jacket is going to be a bit longer than the ones previously mentioned, they will typically cover you down to your butt. But the cool thing about these jackets is that are super technical. They not only have functionality by covering your body, but they have a hood that you can use when needed. Parka jackets are just a go to jacket for the colder and rainier seasons.

8.An Over Shirt

This isn’t necessarily a jacket, but it can be utilized as one. An over shirt is perfect when the weather is a little chilly but not super cold. When you throw on an over shirt over a regular t shirt, you’ll look like a stylish stud. This look is simple, but women still love it. They’ll notice that you know how to dress, and that is always a good thing!


There are so many different tee shirt styles out there, which means there are so many different outfit combinations you can come up with. T shirts are essential pieces of clothing. They are timeless, comfortable, and overall super stylish if worn correctly. Here are 6 t-shirt styles every man needs to own.

1.The Crew Neck

This is the basic looking t-shirt. It is essential to have at least one white and one black crew neck so you can be prepared for different occasions. The crew neck you should be wearing is ours from ESNTLS. Our crew necks capture your arms and make them look bigger, and they also make your chest pop out and look much more built. We designed our crew neck t shirts to make you look like a million bucks. On a side note, the crew neck is just the basic style of a tee shirt. It always works with whatever pants you wear, that’s why the crew neck is so timeless.

2.The Henley Tee

This style of t-shirt has to be my favorite. The Henley tee is a newer style and has recently become super in demand and popular. The Henley tee gives you the option to show off a little chest, which women love. I promise you, if you wear an ESNTLS Henley tee and let a little bit of your chest show, you’ll have your crush talking to you in seconds. This style shirt is definitely one to have multiple of. These shirts work miracles due to their versatility and sexiness.

3.The Tank Top

This is definitely an amazing style t shirt to have, because it exposes your body. If you have a good athletic build, a tank top will make you look irresistible to women. It allows your arms to be fully visible along with your shoulders, and women love when they see guys with a good body. You have to be smart while wearing these though. Wear tank tops in the right situations like at the beach or on a hot day. I know this is a lot to take note of and you might not have every t shirt mentioned, this is a good place to introduce Shoptagr.

Shoptagr is a completely free app that allows you to shop online and add different items from different stores, all in one cart. It makes shopping 100x easier and with the holidays coming around the corner, this app will save you the headaches! Download Shoptagr today!

4.The Sleeveless T-Shirt

This is a variation of the tank top, but a little more socially accepted. Imagine a t-shirt with the sleeves cut off, that’s all this is. This shirt exposes less skin than a tank top. These shirts look best if you have some sort of muscle definition. If you are still working on that, I’d stay away from this style of shirt. However, when you get to the point where you can rock one of these, you’ll look amazing in it!

5.The V-Neck

This style t-shirt is an essential, there is no question. The V-neck is one of the sexiest shirts out there. It allows you to show off a perfect amount of chest, and they also amplify your arm and chest muscles. Women love V-necks. Our ESNTLS V-neck shirts are the best in the game, just saying.

6.The Long Sleeve

The cool thing about long sleeves, is that they amplify your body mass look. If you are a skinnier guy, they will actually make you look bigger. If you are a built guy, it will expose your definition even more. All in all, it’s one of the best shirt designs ever made. Also, it’s getting cold outside so odds are you should be wearing long sleeves rather than crew necks this time of year. Our ESNTLS long sleeves are game changing as well as our other models, if you haven’t already checked out our online store, you should do that now.


It is truly crazy how glasses can transform your looks. If you wear glasses correctly, you will look a lot more attractive than you would without them. However, so many guys don’t know the proper ways to wear frames. Not to mention, sunglasses have the perfect balance of style and protection. So, here are the 6 ways you are wearing glasses wrong.

1.Choosing Fashion Over Function

Sunglasses were made for a reason, to protect your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays. So many people nowadays are just wearing sunglasses as a fashion statement, rather than what they were initially made for. I’ve seen so many people wear sunglasses where the lenses are so tiny, they truly serve no purpose. In fact, you are at a higher risk for getting harmed by the sun’s harmful rays. Use sunglasses for their purpose, but do it with style.

2.Not Wearing Polarized Lenses

When you buy a pair of sunglasses, they need to be polarized. This simply means they will fulfill their purpose to the max and will protect your eyes. The glasses without polarized lenses will lose their protective qualities overtime and will supply you with no purpose. So, invest a little more money into a pair of polarized glasses.

3.Buying Small Frames

So many guys wear glasses that just don’t fit their faces right. You need to make sure you buy glasses that fit! A great source to get glasses that are guaranteed to fit is at GlassesUSA.

GlassesUSA is a massive online frame store that will supply you with the proper measurements for your sunglasses. They sell high end and designer brands such as YSL, Gucci, Versace, etc. They also have their own brand of glasses that will be the biggest bang for your buck. Go onto the Glasses USA website with this special link and get a special discount, just for you!

4.Wearing Sunglasses Indoors

This is just something you should never do. You will just look like a stuck-up guy who is going nowhere in life. Wearing your sunglasses indoors is not a cool thing to do, in fact it is just the opposite. It doesn’t add any value to your life, so, why do it? Take them off indoors, it’s just a sign of respect. You aren’t a billionaire rapper, take them off. It’s easy.

5.Leaving Your Glasses Exposed

So many people just leave their sunglasses in random places that they shouldn’t be. These places may include their counter top, in the sun, on their dashboard, or on their office table. This is bad because the sun will directly hit the frames for a long period of time. This will, over time, take away the protective layer from the sunglasses. Keep your sunglasses stored in a case. This will ensure they are protected and safe.

6.Your Frames Don’t Match Your Style

This is another big mistake I see people make all the time. Everyone has their own type of style. Some people dress old-school, some dress like a hipster, some dress like rappers, you get the point. You need to make sure the glasses you are buying match who you are. If you’re wearing a pair of glasses that doesn’t match you, they just won’t look good.