For our clothing company, ESNTLS, we want to perfect out Henley Tee. For our 5th collection, we have done just that! The Henley Tee is just one of those shirts that you need in your closet. They work with every outfit combination and look amazing! In today’s article, we are going to be focusing strictly on The Henley Tee! Here are 5 good looking ways to wear The Henley T-Shirt!

1.The Bad Boy Look

Due to the fact that Henley t shirts can be used so versatilely, you can pull this look off with ease! All you need to pull of this look is dark based clothing. When you pair a dark, matte Henley tee with dark jeans and some dark boots, you will look like a complete bad boy. If you want to spice things up, you should add accessories to this look. The necklaces and bracelets from Rose Gold & Black will literally revolutionize your outfit.

They are made with premium quality, and I love incorporating them within my outfits. Make sure to check out their matte colored pieces and see how you could implement these within your outfit! Also, they are giving you guys 25% off with our special link!

2.The Designer Look

For this look, I chose to incorporate some of that “Bad Boy” look, but mix it with some designer. I took a black leather jacket over a Henley tee, and threw on some Balenciaga Trainers. This look is more for the showy guy who wants to also be super stylish. Sure, this look will run you a good amount of money, but it will definitely show for it. You will turn heads in this look and best of all you will feel amazing.

3.The Over Shirt Look

If you are more of a casual guy maybe this look is the best one for you. Nothing is better than a Henley tee and a pair of well tapered chinos. However, if you throw a quality over shirt on over top your Henley tee, people will know you mean business. This look is great for casual events, as well as dressier ones. You will look amazing, and women will see that you know how to dress.

4.The Flannel Look

If you want to bring out your inner lumberjack then this is the look for you. Women love a manly man, and flannels will capture those manly qualities in you. For this look, all you have to do is throw on a flannel over a Henley tee with a pair of jeans. You’ll look instantly sexier and manlier. Flannels and Henley tees truly go hand in hand.

5.The Basic Look

If you are one of those guys that likes simple style, then this is the look you should go for. This look requires minimal effort and will still show off your styling capabilities. For this look all you need is a Henley tee, a pair of well tapered jeans, and an all-white leather sneaker. That’s it. You will look well dressed and sexy. Women will instantly catch an interest in you. If you don’t believe me, try it out!


I have made a lot of styling mistakes in my life. Through my shameful experiences I became a victim to bad styling rules. I walked around not knowing that what I was doing was actually breaking every rule in the style handbook. Well, now I know what I was doing was wrong and I want to share with you the 5 bad styling rules I used to follow.

1.Skinny Jeans

Back in the day I would wear the hell out of skinny jeans. They were my go-to pants. But that’s not the bad part. My skinny jeans would be so tight that you would see imprinting, and I’m not talking about my phone. Yea, you know what I am talking about. This is just uncomfortable for those pedestrians around you. Now I know that straight jeans are the way to go. If you want perfect tapering, just take a pair of straight jeans to your tailor and you are good to go.

2.Matching Your Belt To Your Shoes

Unless you want to look like your mom still dresses you, you don’t have to follow this rule. I was the guy back in the day who would listen to old GQ articles that demand you do this, but you don’t have to. It is okay to be off by a few shades or even contrasting belts. Our sponsor, Anson Belts is the best place to get belts.

Their belts have a track system which makes it insanely easy to put on and take off your belts. Also, the beautiful leather on your belts won’t wear out and the belt holes wont widen, because they use the track system. It is genius. Anson Belts are what I wear and they truly are a dream come true when it comes to fashion. Also, the different styles they have to offer are unimaginable. Go check out Anson Belts and take a look at their gift set where you can get a “once in a lifetime” purchase opportunity.

3.Wearing Dress Shoes Without Socks

I was very into GQ back in the day. So much so, I won their “How GQ Are You” competition. Well, they said that you don’t have to wear socks with shoes, and guess what? They are wrong. I was also wrong for following their styling tips. Who in their right mind would wear such a formal shoe without socks? A crazy person. Dress shoes and socks are a dynamic duo. Dress shoes were made to be worn with socks. Stay formal guys.

4.Never Wear Black & Brown or Blue & Black Together

I would always see people who wear either Black & Brown or Blue & Brown together as crazy. I always thought these different color combinations didn’t match, but I realize now that they do. There are so many different shades within these colors (Black, Brown, & Blue) that provide for some super stylish combinations. This concept is false, so play around with the different shades of Black & Brown and Blue & Black. You’ll be super stylish when you pull these looks off.

5.You Have To Be Bold To Stand Out

This was the theory that I always thought was true. I would’ve bet my life on this claim back in the day. Well, I was wrong. You don’t have to be bold to stand out. If you truly want to stand out you need to wear minimal pieces that are more refined. Wear intentional outfits and dress with a proper aesthetic. Less is more boys. Remember that.


There are so many lies about grooming that are being fed to you guys. I need to put a stop to this madness and fill you in on the truth. That’s what I do at the end of the day, help you guys become studs! I tried these hacks and realized they didn’t work and was like “Wow, I got lied to” and I don’t want that happening to you! Here are 8 grooming “Hacks” that are complete lies!

1.Using Toothpaste To Remove Hair

I have seen this trick in a lot of DIY videos across the YouTube platform. Guess what? I tried this and it didn’t work. This trick alone tells us one thing: we need to stop believing everything we see on the internet. Most of the stuff we see is fake. Lucky for you, I only preach the TRUTH!

2.Undershirts Stop Yellow Pit stains

This is absolutely not true. Undershirts will cause you to be more hygienic and it will actually cause the sweat to not seep into your dress shirt. However, your yellow pit stains are caused from your deodorant. If you want to get rid of these gross stains, change your deodorant to a natural based deodorant without aluminum.

3.Suds Doesn’t Mean Clean

When it comes to cleansers, many people think more suds means it works better. Well, suds are just a sign that it fights away grease. When you see a lot of suds it is actually a bad thing. This means it is stripping your skin of all of its natural grease and oil, which isn’t good. I only trust gentle cleansers. Tiege Hanley is my go to for skin care.

They have the best products, and they actually work at making your skin look amazing! Tiege Hanley’s products are the best of the best. Their cleanser doesn’t overly strip your face, but it makes it healthier! Go check out Tiege Hanley, they have an amazing subscription based system. I use it, you should too.

4.Pictures = Better Hair Cut

This is false. When you take pictures to a barber shop and show the barber what you want, it doesn’t always mean your hair will turn out like that. I actually used to do this, but it doesn’t work. So many guys are stuck with bad barbers without even realizing it. You need to find a good barber and roll with it.

5.Toothpaste Fights Zits?

I have seen so many videos that say toothpaste fights against zits. Well, this is false. Toothpaste doesn’t get rid of your zits. I used to actually recommend this, but it isn’t safe. It was made for your teeth not your skin, so it just dries out your skin completely. Overtime, your face will be a huge dry patch! You don’t want that. Tiege Hanley is your answer to getting rid of zits.

6.More Fragrance Attracts More Girls

This is a lie. Less is more. When you have a fragrance on, you want it to be light. This will actually draw girls into you, because they want to know where that amazing smell is coming from. When you saturate yourself in cologne, you smell gross? It is overpowering and no one will want to stand by you.

7.Wash Your Hair 2-3 Times A Week

This is sort of true, if your hair is dry and should only be washed a few times a week you are all good. However, I have received emails from many of my followers that have super oily hair, that needs shampooed a lot more frequent. If you do have insanely oily hair you can ash your hair every day, just make sure your conditioning it afterwards.

8.Using Hand Lotion As A Conditioner

This is another hack that I have heard and actually have done a few times. It isn’t the best route to go. I would only recommend this in desperate situations. Remember, hand lotion was made for your hands and conditioner was made for your hair. They were made this way for a reason. So, if you think this is good to do, just don’t do it.


I am a guy who likes to help other men succeed within life. I want all of my followers to be stylish and improve their looks. A problem with a lot of men is that they might think they are ugly or they might just lack some of the looks that they wish they had. Well, the fact of the matter is some guys are ugly. The #1 reason that makes a guy ugly is Pride! Yes, Pride! Here are a few reasons why:

1.You Are Too Prideful To Admit That You Are Overweight or Too Skinny!

A lot of men struggle with their body image. I was there at one point. I was skinnier than a bean pole, but I thought I looked fine. That was my pride kicking in. Well, I got rid of my pride and decided change was necessary. So, I followed a workout plan from Body Building, and started taking their supplements. That is when I saw change.

Body Building will show you how to properly train, and they will also provide you with the supplements you need to get fit and in shape! Go check out Body Buildings amazing articles, workout plans, and their in-house supplements. They have all of the protein, vitamins, and every other supplement you can think of!

2.You Are Too Prideful To Buy Skin Care Products!

Guys, it is not a bad thing to shop in the same aisles as a woman. Sure, women like to take care of their appearance and they choose to buy skin care products, but men should too! If you are too prideful to go into Sephora or CVS and shop for skin care products, you aren’t living life right. Women like a well-groomed and clean man, so if you want to be a man that a woman will want, pay attention to your skin and make sure it is always in proper shape.

3.You Are Too Prideful To Leave Your Shell

The problem with a lot of men is that they trap themselves in a shell. They block themselves from social interaction because they might lack confidence or social skills. Well, there are two things that men need in order to properly break out of their shell: charisma and proper social skills. With these two superpowers behind your belt, you will no longer be a scared duck who is too afraid to approach women or spark up a conversation with your crush. Life is too short to sit on the sidelines and wait, go after what you want!

4.You Are Too Prideful To Lose Your Masculinity

There are a lot of activities that men think only women should do. Such as: waxing their eyebrows, manscaping, grooming themselves, cooking, cleaning, etc. Whatever the task is, you need to realize that a woman isn’t the only one who is supposed to be doing that task. A true man will do these things, because it betters their appearance. At the end of the day a woman doesn’t want to come home to a slob, but instead they want to come home to a handsome man!

5.Pride Itself

The sad truth is that so many guys have been brought up thinking that they need to be better than everyone else and be at the top. Well, that’s not the case. Pride is one of the most unattractive things to a woman and to pretty much everyone. Suck up your pride and get rid of it. If you keep your pride bottled up inside of you, you can prepare yourself for a lonely life. It’s not that hard to not be arrogant and understand your mistakes.

The purpose of going to the gym is to get in shape, right? So, why does it even matter
what you wear to the gym? Well, there are somethings that will actually hinder your productivity and your overall workouts. I have seen so many guys go to the gym with the wrong equipment and gear and it just makes it harder for them to reach their fullest potential in the gym. So, here are 6 things you should never wear to the gym.

1.) Jeans

I go to the gym every morning around 5am and I can’t tell you how many times I see
guys working out in jeans. I don’t know why they do this, but it is just super unproductive. Jeans are very stiff and they don’t allow you to get in proper form when lifting. Also, if you try to do any cardio while wearing jeans, it just won’t end up well. So, moral of the story, do not wear jeans to the gym. It is that simple.

2.) Anything Cotton

The thing about cotton is, when you sweat, the cotton tends to absorb it and this will
lead to skin rashes and irritation if you wear it for too long. When you go to the gym, you need to wear breathable, stretchy clothing like the gear from our sponsor Grand AC.

Grand AC provides you with breathable clothing that is also functional, with zipper pockets and other neat specs. If you don’t already know, Grand AC is a part of the subscription company, The Menlo Club.

I absolutely love this company because they will send you monthly boxes that will get you perfectly dressed. You can shop many of their brands, such as, Grand AC, Five Four, and New Republic on their site. Go check out The Menlo Club, because they are running a deal where you can get a Full Grand AC Outfit for only $60!

3.) Crocs or Slides

Wearing any sort of sandal, slide, or croc to the gym is just a bad and unsafe idea. You
are leaving your feet prone to weights falling on them and you have no ankle support whatsoever. I have literally seen guys doing deadlifts with slides. They are asking for a twisted ankle at that point. So, stay protected and only wear athletic shoes designed for exercise, so you are properly protected and can work out at your fullest potential.

4.) Work Clothes

Guys, this is just nasty. Guys who wear their work uniforms to the gym need to stop
doing this. They will end up sweating all over their work clothes, and then going into work smelling terrible. Not only will these clothes prevent them from working out at their fullest capabilities, but it will make other coworkers want to avoid them because they stink. Stick to what I said previously, and wear clothes that are breathable, like the clothes from Grand AC.

5.) Axe Spray

I really don’t have to write much on this. But if you ever go into the men’s locker room
at the gym, all you will smell is cheap Axe spray. This smell isn’t something that women like. If you are going to use any form of body spray, make sure it doesn’t smell like cheap garbage. Instead, get a body spray that will actually make you smell good!

6.) Jewelry

Wearing jewelry to the gym is just a hazard. Whether you are wearing rings, necklaces,
bracelets, or anything else, you are prone to getting these pieces of jewelry caught on certain things and seriously hurting yourself. Also, with all of the equipment in the gym, you never know when one of your jewelry pieces will get caught on something and break. So, its better off leaving those items off when working out.

Guys, having big arms really does matter. It signals to everyone else that you can handle yourself, it makes you look much more attractive to women, and it just makes you look better. Having big arms just boosts a guy’s confidence, it’s as simple as that. So, today I am going to share with you guys how to make your arms look more muscular!

1.Seated Dumbbell Curls

Sure, you should exercise in order to get arm growth, but seated dumbbell curls have to be one of the best exercises you can do! When you do this exercise, you are isolating your bicep completely, which will in turn provide you with maximum muscle output. Also, seated dumbbell curls ensure you aren’t going to be swaying your dumbbells, like you would if you were doing standing dumbbell curls.

2.Tricep Push Downs

Your triceps are actually the biggest area of muscle on your arm, much bigger than your biceps. So, if you want to see a noticeable difference in your arms size, then you should incorporate Tricep Push Downs. This exercise will isolate your biceps and increase you muscle fast. But, you need to make sure you are maintaining a correct form throughout your exercise. Sure, there are different exercises you can do to work out your arms, but these two that I mentioned are my favorite and give the best pump!

3.Trim Your Arm Hair

Why do you think a lot of body builders shave their bodies? Because it allows their muscle to stand out more! So, if you want an instant way to give the illusion of bigger arms, you’ll have to man-scape. Our sponsor, Manscaped, supplies you with the tools you need to do this.

They produce grooming tools specifically for us men. The Lawnmower 2.0 by Manscaped is what I use to trim down my arms. Trust me, they look bigger than ever after I finish my trimming routine. So, go check out Manscaped and use code “TMF20” for 20%, free shipping, and a free gift!

4.Drink More Water

Our muscles are made of about 70-80% of water. So, you need to constantly be hydrating so your muscles are able to grow. When you don’t drink enough water, you are just dehydrating your muscles. This will then cause you to feel weak and your muscles will feel and look flabby and small. So, stay hydrated and drink anywhere from 8 to 10 glasses of water per day.

5.Get Tan

If you want a fast way to look better physically, you need to get tanner. When your skin becomes tan, you add contrast to your body. This then allows your muscles to pop out more and be more visible. This is why body builders always get spray tanned before their competitions. The light reflecting on their bodies makes their muscles much more noticeable and cut. It is an easy hack to do, and all you have to do is go out in the sun!

6.Make Sure Your Shirt Fits

If you want to give the quick illusion that you have big arms, you need to wear shirts that properly fit and hug your arm muscles. For example, if I were to put on an XL shirt, my arms would look super small. But, I tend to wear Medium and Large sized shirts, because they hug my biceps and triceps the best and in turn make me look ripped. So, if you are having trouble with this, try sizing down a size and find a t shirt brand that works best for you. Our ESNTLS tee shirts are the perfect t shirt to solve this issue, just saying.

Listen, I want you guys to always be evolving with your fashion levels. I want you to never fall behind, but instead I want you guys to be fashion sensible in every area. A lot of my viewers are always pointing out the fact that my fashion tips are for “the rich guys”, and they will cost you a lot of money. But, I try to always make my tips budget friendly. However, this article is for those who are seeking the most budget friendly tips. So, here are 6 budget friendly tips to dress better.

1.Upgrade Your Least Expensive Item

Here is an example of what I mean by “upgrading your least expensive item”: You could be wearing one outfit for $100, but another outfit for $130. The difference in these two outfits is that the guy wearing the $130 outfit looks more stylish. But why is that? Well, he is wearing a necklace. Men’s accessories are an essential, budget friendly addition to every outfit and a simple necklace will elevate your outfit to new heights. Our sponsor, ROSEGOLD & BLACK, has the best Men’s Accessories on the market. They have necklaces, bracelets, and other essential men’s items. You need to invest in your style and take a look at their selection. Also, they have a holiday special going on right now and you’ll save 25%!

2.Use Pinterest

This app is a powerhouse for a dude who is trying to be stylish. So, here is how you use it. Download Pinterest on your phone and go through their large selection of outfit combinations. For example, odds are you have a white t-shirt, so look up outfit combinations that include a white t-shirt. They are an amazing source to increase your style knowledge. Best of all, they are completely free to use!

3.Shop from Cheaper Brand

Everybody knows about H&M and Zara; however, these brands could be a little expensive to some people. So, you need to take a look at the brands you would never think to shop at. For example, Target & Walmart would be amazing places to shop at in this instance. They have surprisingly quality clothes for low prices. I did a video a little while back where I bought a full dressy outfit from Walmart. I properly tailored their clothes and looked better than Hugo Boss’s clothes. It was crazy! So, always keep these shopping outlets in mind when adding to your closet.

4.Try Styling Out of Your Comfort Zone

The main idea I want you guys to take away from this tip is: You need to always evolve your style. Evolving your style is a free way to look and dress better. Do things you normally wouldn’t do. An example I want you guys to know is this: I matched a hoodie with a full suit. This was a free way to restyle my clothes, because I already had these items in my closet. Just be creative with your style and dress out of the box. Odds are, it will look amazing.

5.Join Mailing Lists

When times are tough, it’s always amazing to get a discount on clothing you want. When you join mailing lists to certain online shops, they will send you discount codes on occasion that can really help out. This is a free and easy way to ensure you can get discounts on clothes when you are online shopping, nothing can beat that.

6.Educate Yourself on Menswear & Your Body Type

This is the tip that wraps up all of the ones previously mention. Before you go off and splurge on clothes, you need to be aware of what to buy. Clothes fit differently for all people, and everyone has different body types. So, you need to strictly buy clothes that will look the best on you. This tip will save you money and help you not buy unnecessary items. So, educate yourself and find out what type of clothes looks best on you.



You heard me correctly, Target. The clothes from Target are actually pretty good quality for the low price that you pay. They have a brand called The Good Fellow & Co that I have actually worn myself. It supplies you with a fashionable look at a very low cost. Not to mention, you can do your grocery shopping while you shop for clothes, what’s better than that?


If you have ever heard of this brand you know that they have some of the best deals in the whole game. Uniqlo is one of those fast fashion stores, and they essentially compete against places such as Zara and H&M. However, I like Uniqlo a lot. You could walk in there with just $100 and put together about 3-4 amazing looking outfits! It is definitely a store to check out.


Everybody knows H&M. They are known for their amazing prices and their fashion pieces. I don’t mind H&M, and for some of us out there it’s one of those stores that we have to shop at because we can’t afford anything else. However, H&M quality isn’t the best. Sure, the clothes are cheap but the materials used are also pretty cheap. But, I have nothing against them, they offer affordable clothes and that’s the purpose of this article.

4.Vincero Watches

We have discussed a lot about clothes, but not so much about accessories. You guys know how much I stress the fact that you wear a watch, so let me introduce you guys to Vincero Watches. Vincero sells some of the best watches in the entire market. Watches make you go from unstylish, to stylish in seconds. But, Vincero watches makes you look incredible! It is truly crazy how well made their watches are! They have over 12,000 Positive feedback reviews from people just like you. I absolutely love them. Go check out Vincero Watches and use code “TMF” for a special discount!



Zara is essentially a step up from H&M and Uniqlo. They have higher prices than those two other stores, but offer a little better quality of clothing. They are for the higher end gentlemen who can afford to splurge a little bit more than others. But, if you shop correctly and buy essential pieces, this store is definitely an affordable one. They have amazing quality jeans, jackets, shirts, & everything else.


This is probably one of the cheapest brands on this list. They sell different brands on this website, but for insanely cheap! I remember I was looking at their store the other day and found a nice pair of Chelsea boots for like $20! I was shocked. They are definitely a website/brand to look at if you want to shop on a budget.

7.Top Man

This is one of those brands that are fast fashion, but also have a high-end look to them. Their prices are definitely not the cheapest on this list, but their quality is pretty good for what you pay. They are competitors with Zara, H&M, and Uniqlo. These four brands all offer good clothes for cheap, but if I were to pick one I’d probably go with Top Man. Their quality is a little better than their competitors.

8.J Crew

This brand is just timeless. J Crew has been around for a while now and we all know the name. They are notorious for offering amazing quality clothing items at a reasonable price point. I personally love J Crew and wear their clothes all the time. They are definitely a store that you guys should check out the next time you go shopping.


Everyone has different types of hair. I am Hispanic, so my hair is natural super thick and hard to manage. So, over the years I have come up with different tips and tricks to manage my hair. Well, these tricks will work perfect for all of you guys too! Here are 5 hair hacks every man should know. I promise that these hacks will make you so much more dapper and handsome, pay attention boys.

1.How to Get More Volume!

If you want extra volume in your hair, all you have to do is blow dry your hair upside down. When your hair has extra volume, it will automatically make your hair look fuller, and healthier. This will then make you look more handsome. My hair naturally has volume, but it was hard for me to utilize its volume to my advantage. This hack really helped me. All you really have to do is bend over, blow dry your hair and comb it down simultaneously. This will be an easy way to get lots of volume!

2.How to Achieve Healthy Hair

You should give your hair a break sometimes from blow drying it. Instead, you should take at least 2 or 3 days out of the week and refrain from blow-drying your hair. This will allow your hair to stay healthy! For these days, I love to use our Hudson & Mane grooming products to sculpt my perfect “bed head” look.

Our grooming line, Hudson & Mane, is the best grooming line in the world. Sure, I made it, but we literally use the best of the best materials and will transform your boring hair into incredible hair. Also, our styling products just smell amazing! The females will be all over you. Go check out Hudson & Mane and invest in yourself!

3.How to Use The Right Hairbrush!

As mentioned previously, everyone has different hair types. In addition to this, everyone likes to style their hair differently. Well, you should be using specific brushes for specific hair styles! If you want your hair to look really sleek and put together, you should be using a brush with bores hair bristles. If you want a dry matte hair look, then you are going to want to use a ceramic brush.

4.How To Properly Use Conditioner

Conditioner should be used every single day. Unlike shampoo, conditioner doesn’t strip your hair of all of its natural oils. It will just increase the healthiness of your hair and make it look a lot sleeker. Our Hudson & Mane Charcoal Infused Conditioner is what I would recommend to you guys, not just because we make it, but it is literally the best. You really have to try it. I promise once you try it, you will never go back. However, condition everyday it will make your hair that much more handsome looking. It will overall just get rid of the dirt and grime in your hair and keep it looking great.

5.How To Control Your Frizz

We all have bad hair days. The worst part of a bad hair day is the frizz that comes with it. So, if you want to get rid of the pesky frizz all you have to do is this: Take some hairspray and spray an unused toothbrush. Then, take that toothbrush and start brushing away your frizzy hair. I like to utilize the toothbrush within this hack over any other brush because it is small and perfect for taking your frizz away. The small bristles will perfectly distribute the hairspray and make you look great!


Every guy should have a few go-to outfits in their closet. In today’s article, I am going to share with you specific outfits that are essential and are must have outfits! We are currently within the fall and winter seasons, which means you are going to need to stay warm. These outfits are going to ensure you are suited for the harsh weather, but also look amazing! So, here are the top 5 outfits every man must own for the fall & winter seasons.

1.The Sherpa Look

You guys know how much I love a quality Sherpa jacket. When you incorporate Sherpa within an outfit, you immediately look like a boss! For this outfit, I chose to wear a tan turtle neck shirt, a black Sherpa jacket, some well-fitting chinos, and Balenciaga runners. You don’t have to spend $600+ on some Balenciaga’s to fulfill this outfit, any running styled shoe will work with this outfit. I love how the outfit includes both a casual and active look to it. This outfit is perfect for the guy who is always on the go, but wants to look like he means business. Also, I chose to incorporate a beanie within this outfit. I actually got the beanie in my monthly subscription Sprezzabox.

 Sprezzabox is a monthly subscription service that supplies you with amazing, quality accessories to advance your current style. I love them! Check out Sprezzabox and use the code “TMFSTYLE” for a special deal!

2.The Comfy Uniform

This outfit has been my go-to recently. It has to be the comfiest outfit on this list, and I personally love this look. It is comfortable, stylish, makes you look fashion sensible, and it’s also one of the most casual. This outfit consists of a hoodie, a pair of jeans, and a pair of Yeezy’s. This outfit just makes me want to go to work, due to the fact that I am super comfortable! Ladies like the comfy look on guys, so this an outfit combination you should consider. The yeezys are just an additional add on that I like to use, you can use any clean athletic sneakers.

3.The Commuter Look

This look is specifically made for the dressy commuter. This outfit consists of a pair of dress shoes, a pair of dress pants, a dress shirt, and a zipped down sweater. If the temperatures are very cold, you can also throw on a contrasting parka jacket. This look has a lot of life to it. The colors are bold and it just looks amazing. Plus, you look business ready and will be noticed for the amazing effort you put into constructing this outfit. It is definitely one of my favorites.

4.The All Black Look

This look is one of those looks that you need to wear throughout the colder seasons. Wearing all black makes you look sophisticated, smart, and fashionable. For this look, I chose to wear black Chelsea boots, black jeans, a black turtleneck undershirt, and a dark denim jacket. The denim jacket adds a contrast to the whole look, while adding to its overall aesthetic. For the colder seasons, wearing all black is just something you need to do. Black is back guys, and it will truly make you look amazing!

5.The Light Look

This look is when you are trying to flex your manliness and stylish attributes at the same time. I personally love this look. I wore a light pink hoodie, some blue jeans, and a pair of Timberlands. The chunky boots just make you look manly and give you that lumberjack quality that women love. The hoodie and the jean combination make you comfortable and stylish. These three items together are one of the best combinations you could put on. You will be the most stylish guy in the room wearing this fit!