At the end of the day, everyone is attractive to a certain extent. However, it is up to you to make yourself look even better. You need to go the next step to boost your appearance through grooming, fashion, and personality means. Being that I am a nice guy, I want to make your lives even easier. I am going to give all of you handsome gents out there 7 fashion hacks that will make you look even more attractive. As I say all the time, women will notice! Keep reading guys!

1.Match Your Belt with Your Outfit

Women always pay attention to a guy’s outfit; you guys know this by now. So, what can you do to ensure that you are matching correctly? Well, you can use your belt to your advantage. Whenever you wear a belt, make sure to match it with the rest of your outfit. If your belt matches your pants correctly, there won’t be any interruptions within your outfit. This will not only show women that you know style but it will also give you the illusion that you are taller than you actually are. For me personally, I always like to wear an Anson Belt.

Anson Belts are innovators within the belt market. They make their belts with the best of the best materials and they use an innovative track system that nobody else uses! Their belts are truly life savers! Go check out Anson Belts and see the amazing offer they have for you!

2.Take Care of Your Clothes

Your clothes should be treated properly and taken care of. Think about it, whenever you buy a new pair of shoes you always take proper precaution so you don’t get them dirty. Well, you need to do this with every piece of clothing you have. Make sure you don’t get stains on them, and make sure your clothes are always looking clean! In addition to this, always check the inside tag on your clothes to see the proper way to wash them. This is a perfect way to keep your clothes looking new all the time.

3.Throw Out Your Old Clothes

With every piece of fashion, there is always a day when it goes out of style. So, what do you do? Throw your old clothes out! If you have stains, holes, or any other eyesore on your clothes just get rid of them. You don’t have to throw them out, but donate them. Allow someone else to utilize them who truly needs it. Now that your old clothes are gone, you’ll be looking sharp all the time.

4.Make Sure Your Shirt Collar is Crisp

Whenever you dress up, you need to keep this hack in mind. Your shirt collar is always flopping around and it sometimes just looks messy. Well, you can actually take double sided tape and tape your shirt collar down. This will ensure that your collar is not going to move around and that you’ll look like a million bucks. A sharp collar goes a long way guys, trust me!

5.Use the Color Red

The color red signifies that you are THE man. To women, red signifies interest and dominance. It makes women want to approach you and find out what you are all about. You might not believe me, but look it up. Red is a good color to implement within your outfits. If you implement it correctly, you’ll see just how lucky you get. Women are going to be all over you by the end of the night.

6.Roll Up Your Sleeves Properly

Dressing up is one problem that some guys have. In addition to the shirt collar hack previously mentioned, utilize this one as well. The correct way to roll up your sleeves is to do one big roll to the middle of your forearm, and then do a half roll to a little above your elbow. This is what will look the best and will give you the best forearm definition. You all know by now, women can’t resist nice forearms!

7.Fold Your Shirts Vertically

Sometimes it can be a challenge to stay neat and tidy when you fold your clothes. Well, this hack gets rid of that issue for you. Instead of folding your shirts horizontally and stacking them in your dresser, fold them vertically. When you fold your shirts vertically and lay them next to each other, you can fit a lot more shirts. Also, you will no longer have to rummage through your dresser to find a specific shirt. All of your shirts will be visible to you!


I preach to you guys all the time that you need to take care of yourself, it is crucial to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Also, it makes you look presentable. Women don’t like a slob or guys who doesn’t take care of themselves. Well I decided to throw out all of the tips I’ve preached to you guys to see what would happen. For the past 30 days, I stopped taking care of myself, here’s what happened:

1.My Hair Was Crunchy!

Throughout the extent of 30 days, I noticed that my hair became super dry and crunchy. One of the main reasons why this occurred was because I wasn’t using any products that I used to. So, what do you think would happen to you guys if you did this? The same thing! Let me tell you, it is simply not worth it guys. Take care of yourself and make sure you are in tip top shape.

2.I Didn’t Want People to See Me!

When I chose to do this, I knew it wasn’t going to end well. However, it was a lot worse than I thought. I didn’t want people to see me! It was that bad. Now is the time where I want to tell you about Hudson & Mane.

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3.My Confidence Went Down!

As you probably guessed it, my confidence went down throughout the duration of this experiment. I am typically a very confident man, however when you let yourself go, you change! I didn’t want to go out in public, I didn’t want my fiancé to see me looking like a mess, and I was just unhappy with my appearance. I say all of this to stress the fact that you need to groom and maintain yourself.

4.My Skin Got Dehydrated!

This was one of the worst things that happened to me. Before this experiment, I would have a routine of using lotion on my skin and just keeping it healthy. Since I couldn’t do that any longer, my skin turned against me. It became super dry and caused me to breakout. I know I might be scaring you, but I just want to make sure you don’t make this mistake. I was the test dummy for you guys.

5.I Just Felt Dirty!

When you stop taking care of yourself, you tend to feel dirty, like all the time! It is not a good feeling at all. I would shower and still feel dirty because I stopped following my skin and hair routine. My beard was getting super long and unmanageable, my skin was super dry, and my hair was crusty. Guys, take my loss as your gain and always take care of yourself.


Women are different breeds then us men. They work in an entirely different manner. For example, they won’t always tell you want she wants or wants on her mind. Instead she’ll want you to guess or figure it out on your own time. Well, this can be a big deal to us men, because we tend to misinterpret a lot of things. Well, I’ll make it easy on you. Here are 7 things your girl will never tell you she wants!

1.She Wants You to Workout

Women simply want their man to be presentable. They want them to be fit and in shape. This makes them feel as though they have the best guy in the world. If you are a slob and just play video games all day, you are in for some dark times my friend. Women want a man who drives toward success, and looks the part. Take control of your physical appearance and start getting your body in good shape!

2.She Wants You to Dress Well

When you dress well, women always notice. I truly can’t tell you how many times I have said that phrase to you guys, but it’s true! You girl wants you to look as though you have a good sense of fashion. They want to show you off! If all you wear is stained Hanes tank tops, you probably won’t even meet her parents. If you want to improve your fashion sense, go ahead and visit MVMT Watches. MVMT is one of my all-time favorite watch brands of all time.

They make all of their products with the best of the best materials and I can testify to that! Go check out their selection and use code “TMFASHION” for a special discount.

3.She Wants You to Smell Good

A quality fragrance truly goes a long way. Women want their man to be above every other guy in every situation possible, and smelling good is one of them. So, invest in a quality fragrance. Make sure that it’s a fragrance that sets you apart from the rest, but in a good way. You are the man at the end of the day, take initiative and start smelling good!

4.She Wants You to Be Ambitious

Women love it when they see drive in a man. This makes them feel safe and secure. In other words, if you are a very ambitious man, you can bet that whoever you are with is going to be eager to spend the rest of their life with you! Having a sense of drive gives you a purpose. IT just makes you feel good. So, find your passion and be ambitious and chasing towards your goals.

5.She Wants You to Man Up

This sort of goes hand in hand with being ambitious, however it is a bit different. A man is someone who takes ownership for their faults, someone who protects, loves, helps, and cares for those around him. A man is someone who women fall in love with. Some guys out there are just children, so it’s about time you reevaluate yourself and make sure you act more like a man.

6.She Wants You to Take Initiative

Taking initiative is another action that women just fall head over heels for. When they see their man drop everything and solve whatever issue is going on, it makes them feel amazing. This is because they feel comfortable with where they are at. They see a guy who takes initiative as an amazing husband, father, and way later down the line, grandfather. Be man who takes initiative, that’s it.

7.She Wants All of Your Attention

Women will never tell you this, but they want all of your attention on them. Women don’t necessarily want a guy who will buy them a bunch of stuff, instead they would rather have their attention. That seems to be one of the only things that matter to women. Obviously, a guy can only do so much. But make sure your girl feels loved and important at all times. This will ensure a healthy relationship.


There is a lot more to life than being really good looking. But, we can’t ignore the fact that good looking people just have it better in life. They get more jobs, more opportunities, more women, and pretty much more everything. However, good people know they’re attractive, which is why they get all of those things that we don’t get. What if I told you, you could get all of those opportunities that really good-looking people get? And what if I told you that you’re 90% more attractive than you think you are? Here are 6 reasons why!

1.You Are Judging Your Ugliness Because Of Social Media

You guys have to realize, most handsome guys on social media, really aren’t that good looking. There are so many forms of Photoshop that actually make someone look as good as they do. Any model you see is probably using this tool. It makes them look super sexy, so they use it. In other words, it’s a fake picture. You should never judge yourself off of a picture.

2.You Are Told That You Are Smart

If you realize you are smart, or someone tells you that you’re smart, you are instantly more attractive. When you are smart on the inside, that reflects on the outside. This simply means, the confidence you have in your smarts, will translate into you knowing how sexy you really are. Own your looks and be confident with yourself.

3.You Aren’t Complimented On Your Looks

This can actually be a good thing. If you aren’t complimented on your looks, odds re people are too nervous to tell you because you are super attractive. Another reason may be that people are just jealous that you are so good looking. Look at the positives and don’t overthink this too much. You are a stud!

4.You’re Relationships End Up In Disaster

A study shows us that most relationships where the girl is more attractive than the guy tends to end in the best outcome. So, if your past relationships didn’t end too well, you can assure yourself you were way out of that girl’s league. So, you better start upping your standards, because you have a hottie waiting for you to date her.

5.You Catch People Looking At You

If you ever catch someone looking at you, then looking away super-fast when you notice, you are attractive. People tend to look at things that make them feel good. Women love to check out handsome guys, so if you catch a girl staring at you and looking away multiple times, you might as well go and get her number!

6.You See People Raise Their Eyebrows When They See You

When someone raises their eyebrows, it means they are either shocked or caught off guard. If you ever see someone look at you and naturally raise their eyebrows, it is a tell-tale sign that you are attractive. Raising your eyebrows is a natural action that the brain conducts, it isn’t necessarily forced. So if you see this happen, that girl thinks you are sexy.


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, I only like to give you guys positive tips. At the end of the day, I love you guys and I love my TMF family. All I am here for is to help you guys out. Today’s topic is going to be a tough pill to swallow, but pay close attention. If you have a crush, you need to make sure she likes you before you make your move. If she doesn’t like you, you can save yourself the embarrassment. So, here are 10 signs a girl doesn’t like you back.

1.If Communication Starts and Ends With YOU

If you see that you are the one putting in all the effort to communicate with your crush, odds are she doesn’t like you. There has to be an equal factor where she texts you just as much as you text her. Even in person, if you are the one approaching her all the time and she doesn’t go out of her way to talk to you, she probably doesn’t like you.

2.If She Calls You Cute

Think about it, dogs are cute, babies are cute, you are not supposed to be cute! At the end of the day, you are a man, who should be treated like one. The best way to transform yourself to turn from a cute guy to a manly guy is with our sponsor, Tiege Hanley.

Tiege Hanley is a skin care system that is guaranteed to help you look your best. Say goodbye to all of your acne, blemishes, and everything that would make a girl not be interested in you. The best part is, they are giving you guys a special discount if you check them out right now. Go invest in your looks and get the Tiege Hanley system!

3.If She Tells You Her Bad Qualities

If a girl is always telling you about her bad qualities, you are pretty much friend zoned. Friends tell each other what they don’t like about themselves. You would never tell your crush what you don’t like about yourself, because you don’t want them to see that side of you. So, if you see this happening, run the other direction.

4.If She Puts In No Effort

As previously mentioned, if your crush is putting in no effort, she doesn’t like you. It is truly a hard pill to swallow. But, you are a man. So, act like one. There are so many fish in the sea, and you just have to find the right one. Don’t let one girl define your happiness, because there is a perfect girl waiting for you somewhere else!

5.If She Says “She Is Busy”

This has to be the hardest text to get. Sure, there may be circumstances where a girl that likes you is actually busy when you want to hang out. But, if this is a repeated thing, and she always is coming up with an excuse, you need to realize it’s over. She is not interested. Move on, it is her loss!

6.If She Talks About Other Girls

Girls like to have their crush 100% focused on them and them only. They don’t like to be compared to other girls and they hate it when their crush talks to other women. So, if your crush is insisting that you should start talking to other girls or her friend, she doesn’t like you. She is trying to get the attention off of herself, because she is not interested.

7.If She Doesn’t Touch You

Touching is a big factor for women. During a casual conversation, you’ll be able to tell if a girl is interested in you if she’ll touch your arm or just be flirtatious with you. So, look out for this sign. If you are having a conversation with her for hours and she makes no effort to touch you, odds are it isn’t looking good.

8.If She Doesn’t Flirt With You

This goes hand in hand with the whole touching idea. You’ll know when a girl is flirting with you. She’ll laugh at your jokes, try to act cute with you, touch you, and just give you that look. If you don’t see any signs of this, you are probably in the friend zone. So, move on and find the girl that was made for you.

9.If She Gives You One Word Responses

One word responses simply mean that she isn’t interested. As mention previously, girls will give a ton of effort in order to impress their crush. If she is just giving you one word texts, it’s a wrap. You need to move on and realize she doesn’t feel the same about you.

10.If She Flirts With Other Guys

When girls like guys, they tend to show you. So, if you aren’t getting any signs and she is flirting with other dudes, you can pretty much guarantee she isn’t in to you. Sometime girls flirt with other guys just to make you jealous, but you need to see if that is the case or not.


Before we hop into the topic of sneakers I just wanted to let you guys know that our sunglass company, Jade Black, is up and running! At Jade Black, we are producing the best of the best sunglasses, for only $49 a pair!

They are polarized, they are sleek and modern, and they are made with the most premium materials. Go check out Jade Black today and buy a few pairs! Now let’s get into sneaker talk. Sneakers are an essential to your everyday life. However, the action of wearing sneakers could be so much more stylish. Well, I am going to help you guys out and give you 6 sneaker tricks that you need to know!

1.How to Tie Your Sneakers the Right Way

If you are the guy who just wants to rock the classic bunny ear knot, then be my guest. But, I love to tie my sneakers with the deadstock knot. This style of knot is when you tie the laces back to the same way they came when they were new. This knot allows you to slip your shoes on and off super easily. Also, it’s a knot that stays! It won’t come undone out of nowhere like the bunny ear knot.

2,How to Make Your Shoes Waterproof

Well, this trick is actually super easy. All you need to buy is waterproof spray. Spray your shoes with this stuff, and your sneaker are now water resistant. You will no longer have to worry about getting anything spilt on your brand-new shoes! I love this hack, because it is affordable and makes you not worry about getting your expensive shoes dirty.

3.How to Dress Up Your Sneakers

I love to dress up my sneakers with either a suit or dressy clothes. There is just something about doing this, that sets you apart from everyone else. In order to do this properly, you need to have the right mindset. I wore athletic trainers with my black suit and it looked great, so I rolled with it. Do the same and have the same mentality, but make sure your sneakers are clean! That is one of the rules you need to keep in mind with this trick. Also, try pairing a pair of our Jade Black sunglasses with a beautiful pair of sneakers. That is a guaranteed show stopper.

4.How to Properly Pair Pants with Sneakers

Your pants can either benefit the sneakers you have on or totally ruin them. If you are someone who like baggy pants with big leg holes, this tip is for you. First, you need to make that leg hole smaller. So, you are going to need to give your pants a pin roll. To do this, you need to grab your excess fabric at the bottom of your pants and fold it up twice. This will ensure the fold won’t come apart, and your pants will no longer be taking away from your amazing sneakers.

5.How to Know What Sneakers Can Be Dressed Up

As I previously mentioned, sneakers can be dressed up pretty easily. However, you need to know exactly what sneakers you can do this with. For example, you need sneakers that are pretty simple and aren’t too over the top. I like to wear either Jordan 1’s, Common Projects, or any other sneaker with a simple silhouette. That’s all you got to do with this trick.

8.How to Match Sneakers Correctly

I see so many different people buying super colorful sneakers, and then matching them with the rest of their outfit. This doesn’t just look crazy, but it is super unstylish. If you have a pair of sneakers that is a little colorful, you don’t need to match those colors with the rest of your outfit. Instead, wear neutral colors such as black and white to offset the look of your colorful sneakers. This is the proper way to style your sneakers.


You all have probably heard that cold showers are healthy and actually benefit you. It is simply backed by scientific research. However, I had to put this theory to the test. I wanted to see what cold showers would do to my body over the course of 30 days. The results will shock you. Cold showers provide your body with so many positive benefits, it’s simply crazy! I put my stamp of approval on taking cold showers, and recommend them to you guys. But you may be asking yourself, “Jose, what are the benefits of cold showers?” Well, here they are:

1.Cold Showers Build Stronger Immunity

You might be asking, “how does a cold shower build stronger immunity, this has to be bs?” Well, you are wrong. Cold showers actually increase your white blood cell count. Those cells are strictly used to fight off harmful toxins and germs within our body. It is proven by scientific research, and I can vouch for this claim. It really does! I have felt better than ever this past month.

2.Cold Showers Give You Instant Energy

The shock that the cold water gives you as it hits your body is like no other. Coffee and energy drinks can’t produce this same effect. It is truly amazing. I have noticed that my mornings have become so much more productive. When I jump into work I am immediately ready to get my work done, whereas before taking cold showers I was sluggish and kind of eased myself into my work. Trust me on this, cold showers are the best.

3.Cold Showers Give You Softer Hair & Skin

If you want to have softer skin and hair, start taking cold showers. First, women love this. Secondly, you’ll feel so much more confident. Cold water allows your natural oils to stay in your skin and hair, where warm water strips it from you. I paired my cold showers with our products at Hudson & Mane, and I haven’t felt sexier in my entire life!

Hudson & Mane is our new hair care line of: shampoo, conditioner, and styling products. We are truly the best in the game and I give you my word on that. Go check us out and invest in our Hair Care Bundle for the best hair of your life! Use code “TMF20” for 20% off!

4.Cold Showers Make You Mentally Stronger

As I previously mentioned, cold showers give you instant energy. But if you think about it, you can use this energy to your benefit. I would always go to the gym in the morning and throughout my month of cold showers I was so mentally strong that I easily crushed PR’s in the gym. The shock of energy from the cold water gave me energy, which then mentally strengthened me to hit new records, which then made me physically stronger. I am telling you right now, cold showers are the way to go.

5.Cold Showers Improve Your Breathing

When you take cold showers, it makes you breathe heavily. When you take these showers on the regular, you can practice different breathing styles to enhance your breathing. You will be able to hold your breath longer, and overall have healthier breathing habits. Try it out, and see how much better your breathing gets.


The morning time is probably the most important part of your day. This is when you can be the most productive and essentially prove to yourself that you are driven. However, the mornings can be a challenge in themselves. Nobody loves getting u super early and being super productive, most of us would just like to shut off our alarm and go back to sleep. Well, today I am going to help you out with your mornings. Here are 7 morning habits that will turn you into a BEAST!


The first thing you should do when you hear your alarm go off is stretch. Think about this. When you are asleep, your body stays in the same position for hours. You wake up super stiff and your muscles are overly tense. So, when you stretch, you are loosening your muscles. This will also allow your blood to properly flow around your body, which will then give you energy!

2.Manage Your Phone

If you are not growing mentally every day, you are not living life correctly. I see so many guys just wasting hours on their phone. When they decide to get off of their phone, sure they might have watched a couple funny videos, but did they actually benefit from them? The goal I am aiming at with this tip is to make sure you guys are being productive. Follow Instagram pages that give your life tips. Follow YouTube channels that will help you grow each day. If you do this small change, you’ll see a huge difference in yourself!


I preach this message to you guys every day. You need to take proper care of yourself. No woman likes a dirty guy. So, you need to invest in some quality grooming products. Our sponsor, The Dollar Shave Club has you covered!

They are my go-to source for all of my shaving, grooming, and even fragrance needs! Also, they have starter sets for only $5! Go check out The Dollar Shave Club today and invest in yourself! You’ll be a beast in no time at all.

4.Work Out

If you want to be a beast, you need to live like one. Go to the gym at least 5 days a week for at least an hour each of those days. Train your body properly, and you’ll see how amazing your body will look in just a short amount of time. At the end of the day, women love guys who take care of their appearance and figure, so be that guy!

5.Wake Up at The Same Time Everyday

Life is all about falling into a routine. When you successfully get into a healthy routine for you, you will see a huge amount of physical and mental growth within your life. So, one of the best ways to do this is to wake up at the same time every day. I wake up at 5am, that may be a little extreme for some people, but it is what makes my days the most productive.

6.Write in A Journal

Journaling your thoughts and ideas is what will make you way ahead of the game. When you write down a good thought or idea you are more driven to chase after it. Also, you will never forget that million-dollar idea you had. So, start journaling for a few minutes every day. Write down your thoughts and just see where that takes you.

7.Have A Daily Plan

When you wake up in the morning, allow your brain 2-3 minutes just to plan out your day. Figure out what you are going to do, and how productive those activities are. This will not only wake yourself up, but it will keep you focused and driven throughout your day. Trust me, this is what millionaires do, and you should to!


Jeans are an essential for almost everybody. They are just a staple clothing item that can be worn on almost every occasion. Think about it. You can dress jeans up or dress them down; they are super versatile! However, many guys are just wearing their jeans wrong. There are a lot of different aspects you need to look at when wearing jeans. So, in today’s article I will be giving you several tips to make sure you are wearing your jeans properly!

1.The Waist

In order to make sure your jeans fit properly, you need to see how they fit your waist. For example, I see so many guys sagging their jeans or getting jeans that are just way to big. On the other hand, I see so many guys getting jeans that are clearly way to tight for them. So, you need to make sure the jeans you choose to wear will securely stay on your waist without a belt, but are not tight at the same time.

2.The Rise

There are three different rises on jeans: the high rise, the mid-rise, and the low rise. But which one should you pick? The high rise is very unflattering, the low rise will just make you look feminine, so go with the mid-rise. This rise will ensure a good looking fit and people will be sure to notice. Girls always check out how jeans fit on guys, so make sure yours fit correctly! Always go with a mid-rise fit when buying jeans.

3.The Hips & Butt

The important rule here is that there should be no sagging. It will just make it look like you are wearing a diaper. As mentioned previously, girls like to check out guys in jeans. Where do they look? Yup, the butt. So, make sure your jeans perfectly compliment your butt & hip region. If you are a guy who wants to increase his luck in getting women, try pairing your perfectly fitting jeans with some accessories.

Our sponsor, ROSEGOLD & BLACK, is my go-to spot for stylish bracelets, necklaces, and all sorts of other jewelry pieces. If you wear their accessories, women are going to notice and realize you know style. Check out ROSEGOLD & BLACK now to get 25% off my personally chosen products!

4.The Thighs

This is an area that I usually have trouble with. If you want to make sure your jeans fit properly around your thigh area, do this simple test. Put your jeans on, and pinch the side of your thigh. If they fit properly, you should be grabbing anywhere from half an inch to a full inch of fabric. If you can’t grab any, they are too tight and you should size up.

5.The Inseam

The inseam in the measurement from the bottom part of your crotch to the bottom part of the jeans. So many guys get this wrong. Here is how can ensure your inseam is the proper size. If you see any bunching, or heavy bunching at the end of your jeans, the inseam is too big. If you see no bunching and the jeans are above your ankles, the inseam is too small. You need to make sure the bottom of the jeans is around your ankles with little to no bunching.

6.The Leg Opening

This area of the jeans is usually over looked. However, it is a very important aspect to your jeans. You need to make sure your leg opening is properly tapered. If they are too big it will suffocate your shoes, but if it is too small it just won’t look right. So, make sure they are the perfect size and will sit comfortable on top of your shoes.


I don’t want to boast, but I tend to get a lot of compliments on the fragrances I wear. For example, I was at the gas station the other day and the lady behind the counter mentioned top me that she liked my cologne. Well, I want my TMF family to get these compliments. I want you guys to smell your best, and get as many compliments as possible. Lucky for you, I’m throwing in my towel. I am going to let you in on the best fragrances of 2019! These are guaranteed to get you complements and maybe even a few numbers!

1.Paco Rabanne 1 Million

This cologne screams success and luxury. The overall vision behind this scent is very sensual and fresh. It tends to give off a citrusy yet leathery smell, that is guaranteed to get the attention of your crush. The bottle itself is shaped like a gold bar, because the creator defined gold as a very seductive material. The best part about this cologne is that its only $60! This is definitely worth checking out, I back it 100%!

2.Creed Aventus

This is one of those colognes you bring out for special occasions. Why you may ask? Well, it is expensive as hell and it was designed to reflect power! This scent was inspired to resemble the qualities of the great Emperor Napoleon. The scent pretty much signals power and seduction. Napoleon had a very powerful romantic life and day to day life, which this cologne captures beautifully. You’ll definitely get noticed wearing this scent!

3.Kenneth Cole For Him

This scent includes hints of jasmine, ginger, and citrus. It creates an amazing balance of smells, which then leads people guessing what you are wearing. It is fairly inexpensive, so it is a perfect option for everyone! It is a favorite of mine and I think you guys would love just as much as I do. This scent is also exclusively available on Scentbird!

Scentbird is a subscription based company that delivers designer and brand-named cologne to your doorstep! The best part it is only 15$ a month! This month I received Man by Mercedes-Benz, and Him by Kenneth Cole; two amazing scents. They are an amazing brand and you guys should definitely invest in this service! Use code “TEACH30” for 30% off your first month at Scentbird.

4.Bleu de Chanel

This has a very fresh and woody scent. It is one of my all-time favorites. I vividly remember having this cologne in my collection during my high school years. Now, I use it for my romantic date nights. Trust me, this cologne is nothing to play around with. The ladies will be all over you. Go check it out.

5.SPICEBOMB by Viktor Rolf

This cologne is only for the man who thinks he is truly confident. It gives off a warm cinnamon and tobacco scent. This scent is fairly strong so you don’t need to apply a lot. But the reason I love it is because it makes you smell manly. When you wear this, you’ll get looked up and down by all of the cuties at the bar. Believe that!

6.Dolce Gabbana For Men

This is another classic cologne that I love. It is woody, it is manly, and it is simply classic. Also, this is another one of those colognes perfect for a date night. Lucky for you, it is available on Scentbird. So, don’t forget to check them out and take advantage of the amazing 30% off deal!

7.Dior Sauvage

This fragrance is fresh with a little kick of amber and spice. As you have probably noticed, the theme of my fragrances is spice. I like to have a fragrance on that allows me to stand out. Dior Sauvage is one of those fragrances that will do just that. Ditch you Axe body spray and invest in some quality, good smelling scents.

8..Tom Ford Ombré Leather

Tom Ford is a beast with his fragrances. If you want a scent that is strong and manly, you have to go with one of his fragrances. This one is currently a favorite of mine and I absolutely love it. As the name implies, the strongest scent coming off of this fragrance is the leather aspects. So, it is perfect for a night out!