4 Creative Ways To Make Money As A Teenager

Posted on Dec 19,2017 in Tech


This one is always overlooked becuase people don’t associate having good credit with making money. That is a big mistake. Of course, it’s not a traditional way of making money because you’re not going to receive a check every time your credit score goes up. However, having good credit is very important. The way you can make money by having a good credit score is by getting lower interest rates. Instead of having a 15% interest rate, you can have a 1 or 2 percent. That difference will save you thousands of dollars, that you can use to put into a savings account or for you’re new business. The way of maintaining a good credit score is always monitoring your credit. The best way of doing this is by using companies like Credit Sesame.  In opinion, this is the best website regarding credit score and making sure you’re where you want to be. The best part is that it’s completely free! You don’t even need to put in your card information, all you need is your name and additional information that is needed to find your score. Credit Sesame gives you personalized financial tips and tools that are updated every month.

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People hate credit cards. However, it is understandable, lot of people overuse them, they live beyond their needs and then they go into debt and end up owning thousands of dollars. When I say use your credit cards, always live within your needs, never use more than you can actually pay every month. The way to make money off credit cards is by using reward points. Most credit cards have some type of reward system and some even give cash back. I love using my travel points, because I get free flights!



If you have any type of skill like a graphic designer, website development, translations, photo and video editing. It’s definitely worth it to set up a new account with Fiverr becuase why not make money for stuff that you are good at? I’ve seen people charge 5 to 400 dollars and if you’re good and efficient, this is a great way to make easy money.

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This is a very risky investment, however you can make a lot of money. Cryptocurrency is the hot, new thing right now. Although,some people hate it, due to it’s volatility and they believe the risk outweighs the reward. On the other hand, the majority of people love it, becuase they are a boatload of money from it. Bitcoin started off at about $13 a share, and the time of the article, one share is $17,000. There are a lot of different cryptocurrencies out there right now. For example, there’s Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum and so much more. In conclusion, cryptocurrency is a great way to make money, but is it very risky so keep that in mind.

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