5 Areas Men Should ALWAYS Shave

Posted on Oct 27,2018 in Grooming

Shaving is a super important topic, hence the reason why I’m talking about it again. About a month ago I talked about the areas you should never shave, but today we’re going to be switching it up. We’re going to discuss 5 areas that you should shave or at least trim and keep it tidy. Keeping these areas clean will not only boost your sexiness, but also your confidence, keep reading to find out more!

1.The Neck Beard

There is really no other facial look that looks this bad. The neck beard just makes you look unmanaged and almost homeless. It’s just not a good look to rock. This look is so powerful, it can even make a very attractive guy, just plain ugly. Now, imagine what it will do to us normal looking guys. So, always make sure to trim your neck line and keep it tidy. Girls will appreciate this more than you know. Also, when a girl goes to kiss your neck, she probably won’t like the fact that a rug is brushing against her face. Just shave it, it’s that simple. Keep yourself looking clean and well managed.

2.The Back Of Your Neck

Please do not be the guy with neck hair. This is just gross. Having hair on the back of your neck just makes you look like your part gorilla and its super unattractive to everyone. The easiest way to keep this area tidy is by making frequent visits to the barber shop. But, if money is tight, and you can’t afford the frequent barber visits, just take a hand mirror and find the perfect angle so you can shave it yourself. If there is one area women just do not want to see hair at, it’s your neck! Just be clean guys!

3.Your Genitals

You need to make your “blue steel” as strong and potent as possible. You can’t let your dragon get cast away by a huge forest growing around it! Always keep this area trimmed and clean looking, women will love you for it. The best way to keep this area in perfect shape is with our sponsor, Manscaped.

They have one of the best razors in the game to tackle all of your shaving needs. Their Lawn Mower 2.0 razor will trim up your desired areas better than every other razor you’ll buy, that’s just a fact. If you do not already own one of these, you are truly missing out. Our sponsor, Manscaped, is a company specifically focused on grooming below the belt. The Lawn Mower 2.0 razor is waterproof, rechargeable, and has replaceable ceramic cartridges which is the best combo for any razor. It’s the best, just trust me. Use code TMF20 at checkout for 20% off, free shipping, and a free gift!

4.Your Back

Having a hairy back shows you’re a testosterone pumping jock, but it also shows signs of being a gorilla. Having a crazy hairy back is super unattractive to women. If you have a hairy back, shave it off, especially if you plan on going to the beach or pool in the near future. Women just do not like this. It comes off as gross and unclean to them. For a lot of men, a back is a sexy feature, so why would you want to hide this? There are a lot of tools you can find on Amazon to help shave this area. Go clean yourself up, you got this!

5.Your Butt Crack

Yes, I said it, your butt crack. It needs to be shaved. It’s as simple as that. Having a shaved butt crack is just more hygienic. When you have a hairy butt crack, it’s a lot harder to clean after you take care of your business. When you have a shaved one, it’s so much faster, and easier to wipe and get out of the bathroom. Your behind is already unsightly enough, so when you have a forest back there, it’s just gross. Don’t fully shave it however, just trim it low. This way it won’t be painful. Keep it clean and make life a little bit easier by shaving this area, you’ll see the difference.


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