5 Best Fashion Hacks for Guys (That Girls Will Love!)

Posted on Nov 05,2018 in Lifestyle

You guys already know I love hacks, especially hacks that will amplify your overall style and fashion sense. Hacks are just a creative way of take something and making it a whole lot better. Well, lucky for you, the hacks I’m about to share with you are going to make you a lot more attractive, sexier, and overall better looking! Here are 5 of the best fashion hacks for guys, and I promise, women will love them!

1.How to Pull Off Man Cleavage

Cleavage for guys is just a sex symbol when you “wear” it the right way! When a guy shows a little chest, women will want you, it’s that simply said. But, you have to pull it off in the right way. Many guys think that unbuttoning the third button on a shirt shows to little chest, and going all the way to the forth just shows too much chest. So, we need to keep it in between these two buttons. Here is where the hack come in. Take double sided tape and put it in between these two buttons, stick each side of the shirt together, and BAM, you’ve instantly turned into a sexy beast. You are welcome!

2.How To Keep Your Cologne Scent Longer!

You already know by now that women love men who smell good. So, you always need to smell amazing, just in case you run into the girl of your dreams. Many guys are told just to squirt their cologne on their neck and wrists, well that’s the problem. These areas are exposed to the sun and air, so the scent will evaporate pretty fast. You want to apply cologne on places where it will stick, such as your biceps (Upper Arm), and your chest. Doing so will guarantee you smell amazing all day! Also, apply a fragrance-free moisturizer on top of your skin to trap the cologne underneath.

3.How To Stay Fresh

Being that you are a guy, you obviously want to stay fresh all-day long. This can be hard. But, I’ve got the solution for you! Chassis powder is the solution! Our sponsor Chassis, supplies you with powder that will keep you and your “boys” smelling fresh all-day long. Their Premium Original Powder is amazing, but they revamped it by coming out with the Chassis ICE Premium Powder!

This gives your “boys” that super clean, icy feeling all day long. It feels amazing and makes you feel super clean. When you feel clean, you are more confident. Meaning, you’ll get that girl you’ve always wanted. These products are sold on Amazon, so it’s fast and easy to get. Click on the link and go by a bottle, or two, or twenty! It’s the best thing you can ever invest in.

4.How To Impress The Ladies

This hack involves women, water, and muscles, aka the trifecta to a perfect life. A simple hack you can do is to have a good physical appearance, meaning you need to capture your muscles the best way possible. A trick to make sure your muscles are as puffy and cut as possible is to drink a lot of water! Yes, all you have to do for this hack is drink a lot of water. Your muscles are made with a lot of water, so drinking water will just fill them with the nutrients they need. Also, bringing up a gallon of water to your mouth will cause your muscles to flex, and women will melt when they see you take a drink. That’s simply a fact.

5.How To Get Taller?

This hack is simple. Color coordinate your outfits! When you pick the right colors, and match the right colors in your outfit, it won’t just make you look more attractive, but it will also give you the illusion of being taller. So, if you are a short dude who wants to look taller, you want to avoid any color blocking and stick to a proper color coordination within your outfit. When you wear an outfit with monotone colors, it forces people to look at you without any color blocking obstructions, which gives your body a leaner and lengthier look. Don’t knock it until you try it!


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