5 Biggest Problems EVERY Teen Faces

Posted on Oct 17,2018 in Lifestyle

Teenage years are some of the most awkward years of a person’s life. So many teens are stuck in this awkward stage, but they don’t have the guide or handbook that they need to get through it properly. Well, I’m going to hook you up! Here are the 6 biggest problems every teen faces, and how you can overcome them!

1.Unexpected Woodies

This is just a terrible thing that every guy faces during their stages of puberty. You’ll be sitting in class and the bell will ring and BOOM, you realize you have an unexpected woody! This is the worst. It’s embarrassing and something you want to avoid at all costs. Next time you find yourself in this situation do one of these two tips. First, I’m going to tell you about a trick called “The Pull and Tuck”. To achieve this trick, you need to discretely stand up while tucking your throbbing rocket in between your underwear waist band. But make sure no one sees you doing this! The second trick is to put your hands in your pockets and discretely maneuver your woody in your waistband. Boom, problem solved!


Hormones are the worst when you’re a teenager. Not only do hormones make you horny all the time, but it makes your skin break out like crazy! Back in the day, if you had acne you either had to just wait it out with time or you had to use a bunch of nonsense products that really didn’t work. Now, you have so many amazing products that completely get rid of your acne for good! Our sponsor, Tiege Hanley, has an Acne Care System that will do just that.

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3.Being Awkward

At this ag, you tend to experiment a lot. You try to find yourself and what you like, and this can cause you to get awkward sometimes or just not know how to act in certain situations. If you find that you might be socially awkward sometimes or in certain scenarios it might be due to that fact that you care too much about what people think of you. None of this matter at all. You need to just be yourself and embrace who you are. The right people will find you and be a part of your life. You’ll also grow lasting friendships with those people because you were yourself the whole time and you weren’t being fake to try and fit in. It’s that simple, be yourself guys.

4.Peer Pressure

This tends to be a big problem that teens tend to face nowadays. When your young you tend to experiment with different things, that’s natural, but sometimes it can be bad. Drugs, drinking, vaping, and other things are all bad practices teens become pressured into doping. Guys, it’s not worth it. First off, you’re not legal to take action in doing any of these things. Secondly, it just shortens your life. Be clean, stand your ground, and don’t be afraid to say no to bad things. You’ll be the bigger man!

5.Girls & Rejection

Guys, don’t even worry about this. Getting rejected isn’t a big deal, it happens to the best of us. Go test out the waters and see what you want in a woman. Go to the mall or park and meet people your age and start approaching them. If you get rejected, so what. But doing this will help you grow into a confident man, because you will no longer be afraid of getting rejected by a woman.

6.Waking Up Early

When you’re in school, you tend to hate waking up early. You hate it for obvious reasons, but you need to start embracing this. When you get older, it’s so much nicer to wake up early. Not only can you get ahead of everyone that’s sleeping, but you just feel so much more energized and productive. Waking up early every morning makes for a better life. So, get on track, find a passion and wake up early and work towards it. Be a young Albert Einstein and start growing your knowledge in the mornings, this will impress everyone and make you better than your peers. Waking up in the morning just makes you feel like you have control of the day, try it out!


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