5 Clothing “Fit” Tricks Every Man Should Know

Posted on Feb 17,2018 in Style


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I think guys went a little too far with the whole slim-fit approach. Now, they’re wearing uncomfortably tight shirts that make them look like sausages. The way to check if your shirt is too tight, just sit down. If your buttons start pulling apart, chances are you need to size up.


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For the average guy, there’s two ways to test if those pants are going to fit. First, when you see a pair of pants that you like, wrap them around your neck, if they fit nice and snug around your neck. Most likely, those pants are going to fit you. The second way to do this, is the fist test.

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If you can fit your elbow and make a straight fist at the same time, those pants will fit you.

Lastly, if your pants don’t fit you, please don’t wear them. A guy with sagging pants is the most unattractive thing for a girl. It’s basically a woman repellant. However, if the pants are a little bit bigger, it doesn’t mean that you have to throw them away. You can still wear them, you just need a quality belt. Something like Anson Belt, which I use all the time. The thing that makes Anson Belts different is the fact that it’s micro-adjustable. When you use regular belts that have a 1-2 inch space between each hole, whenever you’re wearing oversize pants, they’re going to start crumbling at the waist. Anson Belts don’t have holes, instead they have a track system, that can be adjusted by quarter-inches.

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This is to make sure that your pants don’t crease and to keep your pants stay up all day long. Not only are they aesthetic and stylish, they’re just so easy to put on. You just slip it on and you’re good to go! Right now they have a deal where you get 2 belts and 3 buckles or vice versa(6 combinations) for under $100. So, I strongly suggest you check them out “here“.


If you’re in the market for a new suit, you must know that the most important part of your jacket is your shoulders. Everything else can be tailored to look sharp on you. All you have to do is put on your jacket and lean against the wall. If the shoulder hit the wall and crumble, that suit is too big for you. On the other hand, if you lean against the wall and the bulge of your shoulder hits the wall first, it’s too small. What you want, is for your shoulder and the pad to hit the wall simultaneously, then your in the clear.


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You want that shirt to be nice and snug around your neck without it choking you. The way you test is, button up your shirt all the way and then put your between your neck and your collar. If you can comfortably fit one finger, then your shirt fits good.


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This is extremely simple, all you have to do is pop a squat. If you can squat down comfortably without it cutting off your circulation, then the jeans fit you properly. This is going to make sure that you’re going to be comfortable all day and most importantly, look good. Just make sure they’re not oversized.