5 Fall Outfits Every Guy Should Own

Posted on Nov 21,2018 in Style

My goal for the fall and winter season is for you to be the most stylish guy around. The fall season is already here and that means, it’s going to be a little chilly out. This time of the year is perfect to show off your style skills and just make yourself look amazing. So, here are five fall outfits that every guy should own.

1.The Turtle Neck Sweater

This outfit is a must, and it all surrounds itself around a turtle neck sweater. This outfit adds a next level of intellect to you that no other outfit can bring. It literally makes you look smart, and all your doing is throwing on a sweat, some chinos, and nice shoes. My personal favorite is a black turtle neck sweater from our sponsor, John Henric. They make the most quality sweaters in the entire world, and they make you look like a million bucks. This turtle neck structures your jawline and makes it a must for the fall and winter seasons.

2.The Hoodie

It doesn’t matter if you’re in high school or you are 40 years old, the hoodie is a must for you. This outfit consists of a more laid-back look, where the hoodie is in the spotlight. What most people don’t know is that you can layer hoodies, which is something important to note. If you want the perfect hoodie, on November 24th, ESNTLS is dropping our best line ever, and our hoodies are going to be the best in the game. So, mark the date on your calendars and pick up the best hoodie ever created.

3.The V Neck Sweater

I love a good V neck sweater. My favorite outfit to construct around one of these amazing sweaters is to wear a white dress shirt, then layer a darker colored v neck sweater over it with a pair of jeans. It makes you look sophisticated and stylish. My favorite v neck sweater is from John Henric as well. Trust me, you guys really need to check them out. The craftsmanship and quality that they put into their pieces are amazing. They are my go to brand for these upcoming seasons. John Henric is the best place I can recommend for sweaters and fall/winter wear. It just makes you look luxurious, so go check out their website and with our link you can find a SPECIAL discount code for you.

4.The Cable Knit Sweater

Wearing one of these sweaters is honestly one of my favorite looks. Not only does it make you look more buff, but it also makes you look insanely suave. John Henric has you covered with these as well. My favorite way to implement these in an outfit is to layer it with a quality coat, and then throw on a light pair of jeans and some boots. This outfit will have every girls’ eyes on you when you walk in the room. Go check out John Henric as I mentioned before, it will be the best decision you’ve ever made.

5.The Crew Neck Sweater

This outfit combination is going to be one of the dressiest mentioned today, but only to show you that you can still stay warm and dressy. So, what you’re going to do is throw on a white dress shirt, then layer it with a light grey crew neck sweater. After this, you’re going to want to throw on a suit jacket and match that jacket with matching dress pants. This outfit will keep you warm and sexy. I guarantee you, you’ll feel like a million dollars. Oh yea, John Henric also makes crew neck sweaters. So, hit the link to their website and invest in making your closet prepared for this season.