5 Fall/Winter Essentials

Posted on Oct 30,2017 in Style

Today, I am going to talk about the top 5 winter/fall essentials that should be in every man’s closet.

Turtle Neck


This is a classic staple and one that should definitely be in your closet. The beauty of the turtleneck is that it will make any outfit look sophisticated even if you are just wearing it by itself. The great functionality of it is that it keeps your neck warm and it covers your neck even if you have a long one. It also gives the jawline the appearance of a good bone structure.



I mean duh, they call it boot season for a reason. The fact is that no other shoe will offer the amount of protection, functionality, and style that a pair of boots is going to give you. Keep in mind that you’ll probably only be able to wear them for a couple of seasons so the best thing that you can do is take advantage of them and wear them.



This is another timeless piece that needs to be in your closet. An overcoat will make any outfit look sophisticated and it really does work with almost anything. The style of the overcoat will definitely depend on where you live. If you live in a warmer area that still get a bit cold, you should opt for something along the lines of a trench coat, but if you live in a very cold area, you should opt for something like a camel coat to keep you warm


Bomber Jacket

DSC09877 2

One of the most stylish popular menswear pieces has to be the bomber jacket. Bombers have been around for decades so you know that you will be wearing this for seasons to come and you will still look stylish. On top of adding more visual pounds to your overall look, it is such an easy piece to layer because it’s cropped shorter so your other layers will also show.



This is definitely an essential for all of your lazy days. They already have a thick fabric, which means that it is going to keep you warm. Now, just because it is fall and winter, it doesn’t mean that you are going to stop going to the gym and you are definitely not going to go in gym shorts, because of this having a good pair of sweatpants is a must.