5 Good Looking Ways To Wear The Henley T-Shirt

Posted on Jan 30,2019 in Style

For our clothing company, ESNTLS, we want to perfect out Henley Tee. For our 5th collection, we have done just that! The Henley Tee is just one of those shirts that you need in your closet. They work with every outfit combination and look amazing! In today’s article, we are going to be focusing strictly on The Henley Tee! Here are 5 good looking ways to wear The Henley T-Shirt!

1.The Bad Boy Look

Due to the fact that Henley t shirts can be used so versatilely, you can pull this look off with ease! All you need to pull of this look is dark based clothing. When you pair a dark, matte Henley tee with dark jeans and some dark boots, you will look like a complete bad boy. If you want to spice things up, you should add accessories to this look. The necklaces and bracelets from Rose Gold & Black will literally revolutionize your outfit.

They are made with premium quality, and I love incorporating them within my outfits. Make sure to check out their matte colored pieces and see how you could implement these within your outfit! Also, they are giving you guys 25% off with our special link!

2.The Designer Look

For this look, I chose to incorporate some of that “Bad Boy” look, but mix it with some designer. I took a black leather jacket over a Henley tee, and threw on some Balenciaga Trainers. This look is more for the showy guy who wants to also be super stylish. Sure, this look will run you a good amount of money, but it will definitely show for it. You will turn heads in this look and best of all you will feel amazing.

3.The Over Shirt Look

If you are more of a casual guy maybe this look is the best one for you. Nothing is better than a Henley tee and a pair of well tapered chinos. However, if you throw a quality over shirt on over top your Henley tee, people will know you mean business. This look is great for casual events, as well as dressier ones. You will look amazing, and women will see that you know how to dress.

4.The Flannel Look

If you want to bring out your inner lumberjack then this is the look for you. Women love a manly man, and flannels will capture those manly qualities in you. For this look, all you have to do is throw on a flannel over a Henley tee with a pair of jeans. You’ll look instantly sexier and manlier. Flannels and Henley tees truly go hand in hand.

5.The Basic Look

If you are one of those guys that likes simple style, then this is the look you should go for. This look requires minimal effort and will still show off your styling capabilities. For this look all you need is a Henley tee, a pair of well tapered jeans, and an all-white leather sneaker. That’s it. You will look well dressed and sexy. Women will instantly catch an interest in you. If you don’t believe me, try it out!