5 Grooming Routines ALL Good-Looking Guys Should Do

Posted on Sep 23,2018 in Lifestyle

Us men can get a bad reputation of being these dirty sloppy pigs. This is why I give you guys so much information, so you can break this stereotype and look more handsome, attractive, smarter, etc. You have the potential to be so irresistible, every girl is going to want you. For this video, we have partnered with Old Spice, one of the manliest grooming brands on the market. They are here to help you with all of your grooming needs, so sit back and take notes boys. Here are five grooming routines all of you guys should do to make you that much more irresistible.

1.Odor Prevention

There’s no worse scenario then being on a hot date or talking to that girl that you like and you start to smell body odor coming off of you. It’s just embarrassing, and can even ruin your chances with that girl you like. Old Spice carries a shower foamer, which is absolutely amazing! This product was formulated by Procter & Gamble scientists, which ensures that it adheres to the skin better than its competitors. Not only is the functionality of this foamer amazing, but it makes you smell irresistible as well. The foamer I’ve been using comes in their Swagger sent, which is one of their best sellers. This is just an amazing product that is necessary to be a part of your grooming routine.

Plus, its only $5! Also, applying deodorant is vital to smelling good throughout the day. Many people use the same brand because it works for them best, but Old Spice carries an antiperspirant spray that kills its competition. I use it on a daily basis, and it is absolutely incredible. It smells great, and it lasts! It goes on invisible, so you don’t have to deal with any more annoying deodorant stains. You just spray it under each arm and your good for the day. Doing these tips will make you smell amazing and be that much more confident!


By pruning, I mean you need to manscape! Men, trim your hedges. No one wants to see a grizzly bear whenever times get intimate, it doesn’t look like you take care of yourself. You won’t have to trim your hair every day, but this is the checklist you should have. First, check downstairs, and make sure your hair is well managed. Next, see if your nose hairs could use a proper trim. Now it’s time to check your beard, make sure your beard is lined up and neat. The last place to check is your eyebrows. It’s important to make sure your body hair is well maintained, follow this checklist every now and then and make sure you look as neat as possible.

3.Hair Styling Process

This can be a big, time consumer when it comes to looking good, but you should be okay with that. Your hair tells alot about you and you need to make sure it looks good and healthy. The two things you need to make sure you have the perfect hair style is a good hairbrush and a good hair dryer, these two objects combined are the best dynamic duo in existence. Make sure your hair isn’t too long and always make sure your hair is as healthy as possible.

4.Beautifying Routine

Guys have to look beautiful too, there’s really no manly way of saying this. Your skin should be taken care of men, I can’t stress this enough. Soft and smooth skin is what girls want, and even though you might hate it, you need to apply moisturizer. Every morning I use a matte moisturizer to make sure my skin is perfectly hydrated; you guys should do the same. You’ll see how big of a difference your skin will feel, just in the matter of a few days.

5.Kiss Ability Routine

This essentially means, to make sure your breathe doesn’t stink and your lips are smooth. An easy way of tackling both of these at one time is to go through a proper oral routine. This includes flossing your teeth and brushing them as well. But, if you want those smooth irresistible lips, take your toothbrush’s’ bristles and brush your lips of all of its dead skin. Sounds weird, but this routine will make sure you are ready for any kiss coming your way.


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