5 Items To Be MORE Stylish As a TEEN | BE MORE Stylish Than Your Friends

Posted on Jan 30,2018 in Style


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This  is the one item every guy should wear and it will never make you feel overdressed. Just pair it up with some jeans and a simple minimal watch from Bradford. It’s a super stylish look that subtle yet makes you look better dressed than 99% of the campus.


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Again, like the hoodie, this is a super simple piece that makes you look better than the rest. Most importantly, don’t forget the watch. That’s what makes the outfit and brings it to the next level. Most guys in high school or college don’t wear watches which makes their style not as developed as yours. Since I know you guys are on a budget, I got the perfect watches.

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If you’re looking for super affordable watches that look stylish, Bradford Watch Co. is the way to go. They usually go for $125, which is the norm for fashion, but since you’re reading this article, you get a $50 discount. Just use code “tmfstyle”. Which a stylish watch like this, you can never go wrong, especially with the price point it offers.


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A backpack is a big piece that either make or break your outfit. You don’t a clunky backpack that makes you look like a hiker. Personally, I like to keep it small and only buy canvas or leather, these tend to work and add to your style as well.


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It’s important to make sure you’re buying denim that fit right. It has to be fitted through your leg and tapered at the bottom. This way, it accents your shoe giving it the spotlight it deserves. But if you’re going to buy one pair, I recommend you buy a dark wash. It goes with every outfit, and most people won’t know it’s your only pair.


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I know what you’re thinking and no, it doesn’t have to be over-ly expensive. But I know it is to be a teenager. It’s all about clout. A good example of an affordable hyped item is the Yeezy “Powerphase”. They have the name behind them becuase of Kanye and it’s a classic silhouette  that you can get for around $200. This is definietly not a item that you need but rather want. If you get it, it will definietly boost your style but it’s not necessary.