5 Items UNDER $20 That Make you Handsome | THESE are Must Haves!

Posted on Sep 06,2018 in Lifestyle

After my last post, I asked a question and it said “Why do men always dress bad?” I was surprised to see that the top comment of that post was “CUS WE’RE BROKE” That got me thinking, is that really the truth? So I did some research and came to the conclusion that it’s totally false. You can look good, even on the low. To prove that, I’m going to show you 5 items that will make you look handsome and they’re all under $20. Let’s Begin!

1.Eye Cream

Little to no guys know the true power of eye cream. When they’re packed with Vitamin K and caffeine, they’re great for constricting eye vessels and reducing dark eye circles. Think about it, when you first engage with someone, the first thing they see is your eyes.  You could find a great one from a brand like Kiehl’s for under $20.


Sunglasses hide a good chunk of your face, especially when your tired and you don’t want people looking at your eyes. They do a great job hiding it while still keeping you stylish. But I know what you’re thinking “Jose, there’s no way I could find sunglasses under $20, the only good ones will cost me over $200” That’s where you’re wrong, I did my researched and scouted for brands and came across. Our friends at Wear Me Pro carry quality and stylish sunglasses like the one I’m wearing above, all under $20. You put these on, people will never think you’re wearing $15 frames. It’s a family business from Arizona and they hand check every frame before it ships out to you guys, so you know you’re getting the best pair every time. If you click on this LINK, it’ll take you to their site where they have a lot of different designs, however I made it a little easier and chose my favorite pairs to make it easier for you guys. I did talk to the owner and he did say that these are the most popular picks at the moment and have a limited stock. Which means they’re probably going to sell out soon, especially at this price point.

3.Hair Product

In order for you to look handsome all day, you need a strong product. You want something that gives you the hold, controls the flyaway hair and more importantly, has longevity. Which means it will last you all day. Most cheap products will last only an hour or two, and then you look like a mess. Look for something that has quality and works well with your hair.

4. Gym Membership

This is the ultimate gift to yourself. You can find a gym membership for as low as $10 a month at somewhere like Planet Fitness. I know a lot of people hate planet fitness, however unless your a true bodybuilder then this could be as good alternative. They don’t judge you there, you have the weights that you need, but the point is, it’s affordable. The truth is a lot of guys wonder why their confidence is so low but the reality is, they’re not investing in themselves.  If you don’t care about yourself, then how do you expect to feel good.

5.Facial Wipes

 Let’s say your spending the whole day outside or your on a date and you start sweating a lot, you need a good facial wipe to keep yourself in check. This is something I carry all the time and it’s makes me feel just as refreshed as I did in the morning

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