5 Lies ALL Women Tell Men

Posted on Sep 21,2018 in Lifestyle

For this article, all I want to do is decode the female language. I want to do this so you can finally have a chance at getting that girl. Girls sometimes tend to live in the upside-down world, leaving you at question about a lot of things. I’m not calling out all women, I just want the guys to finally have knowledge about the girl of their dreams. I want the guys to notice that when a girl says one thing she might mean a whole different thing. Here are 5 lies all women tell men.

1.“I’m not interested”

I’m sure you’ve heard this line before when you are talking to a girl. It even gets worse when you see her a few weeks later with the word “taken” in her Instagram bio. It feels like someone just kicked you in the private area, and called you ugly. In order to avoid this, you need to make sure she’s showing some interest in you before you attempt to escalade anything. Make sure to read the tell-tale signs that she is interested before doing anything, it will save you the heartbreak.

2.“I have a boyfriend”

Most girls will just say this to let you off easy, but some girls actually are taken. There are two things you can do when a girl tells you this. First, you can just accept it and walk away, or two, you can be persistent. Persistency has its downfalls, but also has its many rewards. Women love a guy with persistence. If it turns out she was just telling you she had a boyfriend as a way of walking away, but sees you have persistence, she may give in to your suave personality. Only do this with a girl you know, if you be persistent with a random girl she might just think you are crazy in the head.

3.“You’re a nice guy but….”

This one hurts like a knife to the heart. When a woman says this, they are just trying to be nice and let you down easy. The truth is she doesn’t see you as boyfriend material. This might be caused because she’s not sexually attracted to you, maybe because you play it too safe. Make sure to be confident. Flirt with her, tease her, and make sure she has a sexual appeal towards you, but not in a creepy, weird way. Don’t look like a puppy she’s just going to play with, but instead her knight in shining armor. This point definitely hits home with the shy guys out there. If you are shy and want to build that confidence to get the girl of your dreams you need to dress the part. Wear things that will make her interested in you. Our sponsor, Rose Gold & Black is always a go to, to make your outfits more mature and dapper.

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4.“I’m not mad at you”

This is one lie that is commonly told by women. Sure, you might have messed up one way or another, but if she says she’s not mad at you, she is most likely lying to keep the peace between your relationship. Women essentially want you to read their minds and know that they mean the complete opposite of what they are telling you. She wants you to care for her and talk about her feelings. Sit back, relax, and let her vent her feelings to you. Help her out and shell really respect that.

5.“I don’t want anything”

Women will always tell you they don’t want anything for either their anniversary, birthday, or whatever the situation might be. But really, they do. Everybody loves receiving gifts, especially on special occasions. Buy her something that shows you care about her, something that shows you put a lot of time and effort into your relationship with her. Make her feel special.


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