5 Reasons Girls DON’T Talk To You

Posted on Nov 19,2018 in Lifestyle

Guys, I am sick and tired of you not getting what you want. Every guy, especially my subscribers, deserve to have the woman of their dreams. In order to get the girl you’ve always wanted, you have to be an expert at talking to her. Many guys get this all messed up though, they’ll either get nervous and freeze up or just seem shy. So, here are 5 reasons why girls don’t talk to you. Make sure not to do these!

1.Your Body Language

Over half of your communication is nonverbal. This means that you need to use your body language as an advantage to you and not a disadvantage. In other words, you can’t look stand offish or else she’ll think you are not interested. Many guys fear rejection so they close themselves off, so try doing the opposite. Put yourself out there and just watch how easy you start to get the interest of your crush.

2.Your Ugly

Listen, I’m here to be brutally honest with you. I’m not the best-looking guy in the world and odds are neither are you. We could all look better. Your physical appearance is one of the main things girls look at when deciding if they’re interested in you or not. The fact of the matter is, there really aren’t any ugly guys out there. But, there are lazy guys that don’t put in any effort to better their looks. You need to invest in yourself and invest in your style. Girls notice the small things. I promise you, something as small as a watch will get that girls attention to you. Our sponsor, Tayroc, makes some of the most stylish watches on the market.

They will literally elevate your boring outfit into stylish outfit, just by putting on a watch. Tayroc watches leave an impression, they have a sophisticated look that most other watches don’t offer you with. Also, they are waterproof and have a 2-year guarantee! So, you will never have to take it off. Go check out Tayroc and see use one of their watches to elevate your style, use the code “TMF” and get 20% off at checkout. You’ll thank me later guys.

3.You’re Too Shy

Life is way too short to be shy, it is about to be 2019 and if you are unsatisfied with your relationship life it is about time you become more confident in yourself. If you are shy, you will literally accept rejection before you even approach a woman. This is a terrible thing to do. When you do this, you don’t take initiative and a woman can sense that you are insecure. Be more outspoken and go after what you want. Girls will see your confidence and be interested in you immediately.

4.You’re Too Arrogant

On the other side, you can.t be too arrogant. Confidence is sexy, woman love seeing this in a guy. But when you come off as arrogant or overly flashy, you’ll be alone for the rest of your life. You need to adapt in the middle of being too shy and too arrogant, that’s the perfect amount of each attribute to utilize. I swear, if you can accomplish this, you’ll have your crush in the bag after the first date.

5.You’re Too Feminine

You already know this, women want a manly man. They don’t want to hang out with a feminine guy, they’ll just look at you like a friend. Women want to feel protected and if you act feminine, she’ll be turned off from the start. A feminine guy is indecisive, needy, scared of everything, and always let the women take the lead. DO NOT DO THIS. You need to take the lead and show your girl that you mean business and that you can protect in every way possible. Be decisive and make her feel like a queen. It’s simple guys, you got this.


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