5 Reasons Why Your Girlfriend MIGHT End Up with Another Man

Posted on Mar 23,2018 in Lifestyle

Boys! If you got a girlfriend, don’t screw it up and push her into the hands of another man. Not on my watch, today I’m going to be showing you 5 ways you could be doing that could breaking you two lovebirds apart.


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In case you didn’t know this already, women want to be showered in compliments and want to feel sexy. However, if you never tell her she’s pretty, you’re always fighting and angry, your road-rage is out of control. You just have a bad personality. No one wants to live the rest of their life with a psycho. Just make sure you have your basic manners in check and make her feel special.


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It’s proven scientifically that if you’re a slob, your girl won’t want to be with you. Let me give you an example, you do all this work to impress your girl, you dress up and smell nice. A couple months go by and you stop caring. You get comfortable and let go of yourself. All of a sudden, you become an un-groomed slob. She’s going to immediately notice your dis-interest and fall into the arms of another guy.

Let me help you, pick up the Roam so you’re ready for all emergencies and situations.

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As always, the price plays a huge part. The Roam retails for $50 and I know that seems expensive, but you know the TMF “fam” gets the best deal. With code “jose50” you get this whole set of essentials for only $25. This kit comes with everything, so with that price, that’s a steal. Most of the hardware is high quality stainless steel and everything feels like quality. In total, you’re going to get:

  • 2 Nail Clippers
  • 1 Nail Cleaner
  • 1 Nail File
  • 1 Slanted Tweezer
  • 1 Small Scissor
  • 1 Razor Handle w/ 3 Disposable Heads
  • 1 Toothbrush
  • 1 Sewing Kit
  • 1 Lint Remover
  • 1 Folding Comb
  • 1 Hand-Held Mirror

You’re getting 15 essential grooming tools for only $25. It would be a sin not to get it at that price.


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Women are funny, when you start dating you can’t be so clingy and give her all the attention in the world.  You don’t want to give her everything. Most get turned off by that and see you as a desperate guy. However, when you’re in a committed relationship, all of that changes. Now, she wants all of you and your attention. Well, us guys are still in the mindset of “Eh, let me do me”.

If you spend more time with the boys, ignore her texts, don’t give her any love or affection, that leaves her vulnerable to another guy that gives her that attention.


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This is usually a result due to lack of trust. Maybe she caught you checking another girl out, maybe she caught you saying a couple of white lies or you said something really messed up to her that rubbed her off the wrong way. All in all, she’s filled with resentment,  insecurities and anger. That’s the time when she goes to another guy to escape those feelings. Make sure you never give your girl a reason to doubt you.


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This is the worst one…she could leave you for a stud. BUT, I purposely left this one for last becuase who are we kiddin’ here. If you read these articles regularly, you are the stud. You’re gonna be the guy that girls leave their boyfriend for.

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