5 Reasons You Should STOP Wearing a Watch

Posted on Oct 22,2018 in Style

Yes, I know what you are thinking. I lost it and I’m going insane. Well, you’re wrong. Watches have totally lost their true functionality nowadays. People need to understand why you are wearing a watch in the first place. So, here are 5 reasons why you should stop wearing a watch.

1.Wearing A Watch To Flex Your Money

Rappers are notorious for this. A few examples of artists that buy huge, iced out watches just to show how much money they have are 6ix9ine and Trippie Redd. These rappers lose pure sight of what a watch is made for. A watch is made to show its craftsmanship and to show off your knowledge of fashion and outfit management. The problem with these rappers is that their view of watches being a way to show off is wearing off on the rest of society. So, keep in mind what a watch was originally made to do, tell time and be an accessory to boost your outfit. I love to wear my Vincero Watch, to show my appreciation for a good-looking timepiece, because wearing an iced-out Rolex just makes you look arrogant and stuck up. Go check out our sponsor, Vincero, for some of the best looking and fashion boosting watches that are affordable and amazing quality.

2.Wearing A Watch Even When It’s Not Working

I used to do this all the time. Whether my battery died or my watch just broke, I’d still wear it. This is just a dumb thing to do. Your losing all sense of what a watch is made for when you do this. One time I was asked what the time was and I awkwardly looked at my broken watch and had to make the point know that I was wearing a broken watch. How embarrassing, right? So, take my mistake as a lesson and just don’t do this.

3.Maybe You Don’t Have The Budget For A Watch

If you’re at a point in life where your budget is tight and money isn’t wear you want it to be, you need to be smart with your money. Invest your money into things that will help you survive and progress in life, it’s that simple. This means you should not  save up all of your money and blow it all on a Rolex or an AP. Instead, you should be sensible and buy an affordable, yet quality watch from our sponsor, Vincero.

They offer the best quality watches that will increase your outfits capabilities, without eating your bank account dry. Spend your money wisely, and I promise you, buying a Vincero watch is one of the wisest things you can spend your money on. Trust me, their watches are incredible. Go check them out and use the code “TMF” at checkout for a special discount.

4.Your Phone Tells Time!

This is probably one of the biggest arguments against wearing a watch. Why have a watch when your phone tells time? Only having your phone as a means of telling time comes with its problems. First, you don’t always have your phone on you. What if you forget it or you’re out of reach of your phone, you’ll just lose track of time. Secondly, in some events, using your phone is disrespectful. For example, if you’re out to dinner or in a meeting and need to tell the time, but whipping out your phone will come across as arrogant, you’ll need a watch to get the time. So, rethink this argument and get a watch. Watches also add to your outfit and phones don’t. It’s that simple.

5.Wearing A Watch When You’re Working Out

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen guys at the gym wearing metal linked watches at the gym. This is just a big no. You’ll just end up scratching it or you’ll sweat will turn your watch into a disgusting mess. Not only will this occur, but wearing a watch while working out is just uncomfortable. Other than that, do you really think I’d tell you guys to stop wearing a watch? Come on, they’re essential and you know that already