5 Secret Ways Brands Are Ripping You Off

Posted on Apr 23,2018 in Style

I have a feeling that a lot of these brands are going to hate me after this. But at the end of the day, I’m not working for them, I’m working for you. I’ve been in the menswear industry for a while and I know the “ins” and “outs” of the retail space. That’s why today I’m going to show you a couple ways brands that could be ripping you off. Let’s Begin!


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Whenever you look up a brand online, make sure you always see that “lock” symbol beside the URL. That ensures you complete privacy and any personal information you enter on that website is protected by S.S.L. (Secure Sockets Layer) Encryption. I would stay away from any websites that don’t provide that service becuase you’re either being scammed or your information might get stolen.


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Not too long ago, I used to think outlet stores were giving me the best deal possible. I came to find out that companies will lower their quality and craftsmanship for those “factory” prices. In reality, they’re just fooling people like us who think we’re getting a deal. I’m not saying you should stop going to outlet stores but I’m just making you aware of the quality.

What I recommend you do is go to the actual store, not the outlet and shop out of season. You’re going to get the quality that you’re actually looking for with those ridiculously low prices.


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This can be watches, wallets, belts,  or even eyewear. These designer brands only pay a couple of bucks to produce these items yet put a 1000% markup, to fool you into thinking you’re buying a premium product. That’s why I trust brands like Vincero.

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These products are priced fairly, you are paying for what you’re getting for. So people like us could actually afford them and still look stylish. If you’ve ever bought a Vincero watch, I know  you were surprised with the quality and craftsmanship that the watch has. Most people would think you’re wearing a $500 watch, when in reality you can get yourself one for around $100. That’s the type of brand you want.

If you want to check out Vincero watches and see what real value is, click “here” and pick one up today! In addition, just becuase you’re reading this article, there’s a special discount integrated with the link too!


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This is another tactic brands use to trick you and increase profit margins. Every notice when a company makes a new and re-designed bottle that looks more modern and sleek? It’s another reason to make their bottle smaller. On one side, it could be a new design, however most use this tactic to secretly reduce the portion size while keeping the same price. Next time you buy any type of grooming products, take a look of the ounces and compare it’s prices to other competitors. All in all, make sure you’re getting the value and quality you’re paying for.


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I see this everyday. Brands try to make you spend a minimum for free shipping. This forces people to buy more items and tricks them into thinking they’re getting a better deal. Next time, buy what you need and see how much shipping is. Chances are the cost of shipping will be a lot less than what you need to reach that minimum.