5 Shirts Every Guy Should Have In His Closet

Posted on Sep 27,2017 in Style

Today, I am going to show you the 5 shirts that I think every guy should have in his closet.

A White Dress Shirt


This one is a staple that you can dress up or dress down. This shirt is a no-brainer because you can use it with pretty much anything. A helpful hint would be to make sure it’s in a non-iron format, it’s a very functional feature that will save you time by not having to iron it every time you wear it.

Make sure you check out a really cool clothing company called Deo Veritas. This company will deliver custom fit shirts right to your door. One of the best things about it is that you don’t have to measure just answer 8 simple questions and their algorithm will come up with your perfect fit. The shirt below was their first try and as you can see it fits beautifully.


They have a vast variety of fabrics that can range from super high-end fabric to lower (high quality) fabric. The best part is that they guarantee that they will have this at your front door in less than two weeks.

A Good T-Shirt


Now, I am not talking about a trendy longline tee. I am talking about a good classic t-shirt. Something you can wear with jeans, shorts, and even with suits if it fits right. The two classic colors are white and black, although, I tend to lean more towards black.




A button down you need to have in your closet is the flannel. It’s such a versatile piece, especially for fall and winter because it makes for easy layering (leave it unbuttoned to make it more casual). Don’t go with something too crazy that looks tacky, stick with your basics, red, greys, blues. You want to make sure it’s something that you can use all the time because after all, it is an essential.


Polo Shirt


Another essential that should be in every man’s closet is the polo shirt. The great thing about polo shirts is that just like dress shirts, there is a vast collection of different styles. Most of them are super versatile because you can pair them with different types of bottoms (shorts, jeans, chinos, and sometimes even suit pants).


Casual Button-Down


For this type of shirt, there are a couple of features you should look out for to make sure it is causal, it should be cropped shorter so that you can wear it untucked and they usually come in a certain print or pattern (usually flannel or gingham).