5 SHOCKING Benefits Of Waking Up At 5:30 EVERY DAY

Posted on Jul 21,2018 in Lifestyle

So if you watch my videos and read a lot of my articles, you had to have heard about my morning routines. Anyway, I wake up at 5:30 every single morning. I’ve decided to do this for many reasons and I noticed the more I did it, the more certain things started happening and that’s what I want to share with you today. Let’s Begin!

1.No One Else Is Awake Yet

I’m a bit selfish here. This gives me the chance to do things for myself, without other people bothering me. I feel as though it gives me a head-start on life. By the time everyone else is getting up, I’m already working.

2.You Get More Accomplished

I get more accomplished at 8AM, than most people who wake up at that time. By 7:30, I already worked out and still have some extra time to relax. By waking up early, you get to work out early. Now, you’ve got something actually accomplished before the sun is even up. That is a hell of a way to start your day. By the way, every morning I give myself a reflexology massage with my mat from Vitagoods.

The theory behind it comes from ancient times where they came up with a way to target certain body parts and relieving pain from it. It helps with relaxation and reducing stress, in addition it also increases blood circulation. I can’t really give you details behind the science but from expirience I can tell you that this thing works, I love the relaxing feeling I get every morning by standing on it for only 2 minutes. All in all, if your trying to wake up at 5:30, this is the tool that you need. However, at a $40 price-point, you might not be convinced, therefore is you click on this LINK and use code “tmfreflex” you get it for 50% off, and that in my books is a steal.

Gentlemen! If you want to succeed and get more done, make a morning routine that includes this mat, trust me, you won’t regret it.

3.You Build Character

You think it’s fun to wake up early every morning, rather than just sleeping in and getting more sleep. Do you think it’s fun to lift weights this early? HELL NO! Fighting that urge to sleep takes all the power in the world, but guess what? It’s definietly worth it. Prove yourself wrong.

4.You Stop Wasting Time At Night

A lot of my friends tease me and say that “I have a bedtime” but I’m not doing this because someone is telling me too, I’m doing this because I want to. Truth is, I don’t waste my time on pointless things anymore. If it’s not making me happy or money, it’s useless.

5.Your Creativity Increases

When I decided to cut back on the simple pleasures like playing video games, watching TV, going out late nights with friends, I was able to get more free time in the morning where most of my creativity spurs. Since you have zero distractions and your starting off on a fresh slate from a long night’s rest, your brain is on overdrive and you get stuff done. Period.

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