5 Sneakers All Men Should & Shouldn’t Own with Model Jen Selter

Posted on Apr 24,2019 in Style

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Don’t know what shoes to wear? That problem stops NOW! Recently on TMF, we had Jen Selter collab with us to shoot possibly the most educational video on YouTube. For those of you who don’t know who Jen is, she is a model with a following of over 3 Million! That’s a lot of followers! Anyways, within this article we are going to go over the 5 Sneakers that all men should and shouldn’t own according to Jen. Also, BIG shoutout to Stadium Goods for letting us film in their amazing sneaker store.


  1. Nike Air Force 1

This sneaker is timeless. I have talked about the Nike Air Force 1 more than once on my channel, because it is so versatile. If you are going out on a date or just going to a casual dinner, this sneaker will be perfect for almost every occasion. You can truly never go wrong with this sneaker. The best part of all is that these are under $100!

2.Adidas Ultra Boost

Adidas Ultra Boost are possibly one of the most comfortable shoes on the market. You can wear these to go out or even to go to the gym. They are also very versatile, just like the Nike Air Force 1. These tend to be a little pricey, however $180 is still very affordable.

3.Nike Vapor Max

This sneaker has really made a name for itself over the past few years. When Nike dropped this shoe, people went crazy for them! They retail around $200; however, they are ultra-comfortable. They literally feel like you are walking on a cloud of air.

4.Converse x CDG

If you want a cheap designer sneaker, pick these up! The Converse x CDG collab is arguable one of the cleanest looking designer shoes on the shelves. The best part about them is that they are only about $130! Designer for that cheap? Yes! Check these out for sure!

5.Off-White Jordan 1

If you are wanting to flex and have money to spend, these are the sneakers for you. The Off-White Jordan 1 has a super clean silhouette, and will break necks as you walk in the room. These are very expensive though, so get ready to spend several thousand dollars on these bad boys.


  1. Nike Foamposite

These are sneakers that should’ve been left back in middle school. These are bulky, ugly, and they are sort of an eye sore. Nike has some amazing shoes; however, these don’t cut it. Stick to buying the shoes that will actually look good in a women’s eyes.

2.LeBron 11 Low

A guy should never wear basketball shoes when they are not on the court. These words were said by Jen Selter, and I back them up! If you wear basketball shoes on a date, you’re not doing it right! Sadly, the LeBron 11 Low is one of those basketball shoes that just doesn’t cut it!

3.Nike High SB

Nike SB’s are okay; however, the high models are a little bit too chunky. If you are wanting to get a similar shoe to these, go pick up a pair of converse or high air force 1’s. Those are your best options for a sneaker like this.

4.Anything with Fur!

Listen, a guy should not be wearing any sneakers that have fur on them. These are just ugly. Jen said fur doesn’t cut it, and you should listen to her. Women truly do not like this kind of stuff. Wear the basics!

5.Nike Blazer

The Nike blazer looks good sometimes, however this pair is a NO GO! If you ever see this sneaker near you, run the other way. That is really all I can say about these. You guys should know better!