5 Style Items You’re PAYING TOO Much Money For | THESE Brands are RIPPING You OFF!

Posted on Jan 16,2018 in Style


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As you guys may remember, I did a hype beast challenge a while back and I bought one of the most expensive jeans I could find from “Fear of God”. I paid almost $900 for them! I could tell you from personal experience, it was so not worth it. You can easily go to H&M and MNML and get that same aesthetic for $50.

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When it comes to denim, all you have to worry about is making sure it’s 100% cotton and don’t pay anything over $100.


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Of course, Rolex and Omega are amazing watch companies, if you have the cash to buy that stuff, that’s awesome! In reality, you don’t have to spend that much money for a quality watch. You can just go to MVMT , find a quality timepiece that tells you the exact same time for around $100.

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So there’s no need for you to overpay for watches! MVMT has to be on top when it comes to affordable watches. When they started the company, they were tired of these brands bumping their prices, that wouldn’t make it affordable for the average guy. Since the beginning, millions of men joined the movement and own a MVMT watch! They also make sunglasses and jewelry, so I suggest you check them out for yourself. You’re not going to regret it. Use code “tmfashion” for 10% off!


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If you’re paying over $300 for a pair of sneakers, no amount of quality or craftsmanship will ever justify that price. In reality, you don’t need to pay crazy amounts to look stylish.

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You got the Vans Old Skool, Chuck Taylors and Stan Smith that are all timeless pieces that are under $70.


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There is still so many guys that will pay over $1,000 bespoke, well-fitted suit. At a certain point, when you take away all the luxurious fabrics, it’s just not worth the investment. You aren’t getting any more stylish. You can get amazing fitted suits for around $300-$500. I’m talking about Italian fabric, half canvas construction, it would be hard for the average guy to tell if you’re wearing a bespoke suit or not.


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We all know that sportswear is on the rise right now. Brands aren’t dumb, so they’re spiking up there prices. I went to PacSun the other day and I saw a Champion hoodie for like $60! I still remember when I could go to Walmart and buy the same hoodie for $25. Instead, thrift it, buy it used from eBay or Grailed or go to stores like Zara, Uniqlo, H&M. They have the same aesthetic in their clothing for half the price.