5 Summer Essentials For Men – Under $100 at JCPenney

Posted on Jul 13,2018 in Style

What’s Up Gentlemen! It’s your boy, the king of frugalness and shopping smarter. If you have been following me for a while, you know I go into different stores with only a $100 bill and see what I can get. My goal is to make as many outfits as possible. Today, we partnered with JCPenney and I’m here to show you my top 5 Summer essentials for under $100.  Want to know how I did? Let’s begin!

To start off, my receipt:

Before you guys flip out on me, I bought some extra stuff for myself. I loved the items they had at JCPenney so much that I decided to add on some items on the side. If I was to take those items away, I’d spend under $100 plus tax, so for 5 Summer essentials, that’s not bad at all.

1.Canvas Sneakers

I was kind of upset they didn’t have the color I wanted becuase of my size. However, I picked up these light brown canvas sneakers that look killer with denim. I only got them for like 20 bucks too! These are a super versatile shoe that look with every Summer outfit and if you’re on a budget, JCPenney got you covered when it comes to footwear.

2. Grooming Tool

Guys, it’s summer, the man-scaping game has to be on point. Your going to have your shirt off a lot more now so those whiskers around your nipples gotta go. For 19 bucks, you can go from looking like a slob to a stud. It has 16 different settings and could anything related to hair from edging up your beard to trimming down your armpit hairs. It’s an all in one!

3.Swim Trunks

When it comes to swim trunks, I always prefer to keep it a solid color and a bit shorter. I feel that bright colors look better on my skin tone and when it’s a little higher up the thigh, girls can get a glimpse of your muscular legs, which is a definite turn on. JCPenney killed the fit of this, so I had to double up and also buy a blue pair. I can tell you right now, these are definietly going to get a wear in them this Summer.

4. Casio Watch

This is a classy watch that is extremely trendy right now. For only $30, you can have retro timepiece that is going to upgrade your Summer fashion. That’s why I love JCPenney so much, they got you covered head to toe. When you’re on your outfit, head over to the accessory section for a stylish watch! On top of that, this watch is waterproof!

5.Salmon Polo

Again, I believe this color works very well with me and only $5, I can get a stylish polo and still look apart at my next BBQ. Guys, polos are going to be a huge addition in your closet this season. They’re lightweight and go with almost everything. I highly recommend stocking up on them, however make sure the color matches you and the fit is impeccable, and that’s why you should got JCPenney!