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Posted on Dec 19,2017 in Grooming Lifestyle Relationship

Why the heck are women so difficult?! Or are they? Today, I want to decode the female perspective a bit and hopefully make it easier for guys to understand it. I did a little bit of research and today I’m bringing you the top five things most girls wish guys would understand.

1.TELL THEM HOW YOU FEEL…but don’t over do it

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Don’t overpower them. When you get too mushy and too needy from the beginning. Like writing her a heartfelt 3 paragraph poem about how she’s the stars to your moon. You can be 100% sure that she’s going to be running the other way.  That’s why they say “Nice Guys Finish Last”, women love the thrill of the chase. That’s why it’s important for guys to flirt enough to show that they are interested, but be able to walk away and hold back a bit to make her chase you. Trust me..they love that stuff.



This is funny because most guys are scared to talk to girls and making that first approach. But believe it or not, girls want you to. Almost 99.99% of women want you to make the first move. And when you do, it shows courage, confidence, and something she’s  not able to resist. On the other hand, while waiting and making her make the first move might work. It is 10 times harder and not as efficient.



Most girls probably won’t tell you that you’re a slob or you need to fix yourself. That’s kind of the equivalent of a guy telling a girl “you’re eating too much”. But deep down, all girls want is a clean guy. Not a slob. They want to be dating a George Clooney, not a Jack Black. Here’s my personal checklist to make sure my grooming is A1.

-My hair is well groomed and combed.

-My beard is tidy and well kept.

-My unibrow is in check.

-My nails aren’t dirty and cut short.

-My clothes are wrinkle and lint-free.

I recommend all guys to have a proper grooming kit for emergencies to make sure your grooming is on point. I personally carry the Roam, it’s all the essentials I need for only $25. For the amount of life-saving this kit is going to give you, it’s priceless. For 25 bucks, it’s almost a no-brainer. I see the Roam as the perfect emergency kit that all guys should buy. You can have it stored in your car, bathroom, dorm, backpack, wherever it’s easily accessible. So your always ready for any situation. This kit comes with every essential that a man needs.  The kit usually sells for $50, but for now you have a limited time discount code just for you guys. Type in “jose50” for 50% off! That way you can get this whole kit for $25. That’s an amazing deal!


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When you’re texting or talking to a girl, anything you say could be triggering her or taking her off guard and making her think you meant something else. You could be hanging out and just say “ok” and all of the sudden she could think you’re mad at her because you sent her a short text. Keep in mind, women are wired differently than men. Things that guys think are ok, might not be the same in her eyes. Women might perceive it differently. All they want us to understand is their perspective. Be a little more considerate. Another example is you can be roaming on Instagram and you see a picture of a girl that you think is aesthetic and hit “like”. In her head, she’s like “Is he cheating on me?!”. Ya…I know. It sucks but you have to understand it.


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Here’s my little trick when it comes to women…just listen. I know that seems simple, but actually pay attention to what they are saying for a little bit. I know women sometimes talk a lot, but if you actually listen and make sure you’re not daydreaming, you’re going to make her happy. That’s all women want. As long as you’re listening to women, you won’t be confusing her because like I said, things that bother women might not bother guys. If you listen, you’ll be ahead of the curb, that’s how I save myself from fighting with my girlfriend. It works!


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5 Things Girls WISH Guys Knew | Secrets to Understanding Women