5 Things YOU DO That Make You Unhappy | STOP DOING THIS!

Posted on Mar 01,2018 in Lifestyle

I want every single one of you guys to be happy. Reality is, there’s 5 things that a lot of guys do that makes them be the complete opposite. Let’s get into it!


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I talked about it before, social media is a powerful and great tool to have…to a extent. Checking Facebook and Instagram every two minutes can be a serious problem. There was a study that came out that showed the correlation of addiction to social and feelings of loneliness.


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Trust me, I feel like I’m talking to myself. I’m the king of over-analyzing everything…and that’s not a good thing. I over-analyze everything becuase I need to make sure I’m always making the right decisions and I know a lot of guys do the same.

This could be leading you to unhappiness. Florida State University studied these certain people and nicknames them the “maximizers”. Those who over-analyze their decisions and later wonder if they made the right decision. They found out that this affects everything from shopping to finding a long-term relationship partner. The problem is, these people never commit to their desicions which just makes you dissatisfied with the one you made. At the end of the day, you’re unsatisfied and unhappy becuase you can never really enjoy the benefits of commitment.

Guys! Stop overthinking and start doing. For example, buy some fresh and stylish jewelry from RoseGold&Black.

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Let’s be honest, this stuff makes you look sexy. If you’ve been thinking about buying RoseGold&Black but you’re a little hesitant, I’m here to tell you to pull the trigger and buy some. You’re missing out on being sexy and handsome-ness just becuase you’re overthinking it. Let me help you, press on this link and it’ll take you to our special site that has my favorite picks with discount and go to town! There’s nothing to overthink when it comes to being stylish.


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There’s been a lot of research out there that just shows how a porn addiction is bad for you. It will leave you empty and never satisfied. There was a study that came out on that stated guys who watch porn where 3 to 5 times more depressed than the average male who didn’t watch  porn. So the moral of the story is, don’t watch that garbage, instead hop on YouTube, watch TeachingMensFashion and get educated.


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A bad diet is another way of leaving you dissatisfied and unhappy. Once you eat your junk food, you’ll just feel fat and that’s for a reason. There has been countless studies that linked a bad diet and depression. STOP with the junk food and adapt a healthy diet. Watch how fast your body is gonna change and look leaner making you look more attractive.


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Don’t get me wrong, money is great for financial freedom and not having to worry about paying the bills. But I can honestly tell you, money will not make you more happy. Chasing money constantly will make you dissatisfied and lonely. Studies show that a richer demographic is more likely to face depression rather than people in poorer countries.

An endless pursuit of money will make you unhappy. 

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