5 Things You Shouldn’t Do When You Kiss

Posted on Sep 18,2018 in Lifestyle

At the end of the day, kissing is essentially and art. But, you don’t necessarily have to be the greatest kisser in the world to keep your girl. You simply have to make sure you don’t screw up. In order to make sure you are the best kisser you can be, make sure you don’t do these 5 kissing “no no’s”

1.Don’t Slobber

There is nothing worse than getting all wet and slobbery after kissing someone. But it’s even worse when you’re the one slobbering. It’s just super embarrassing. Obviously when you are kissing someone, you’re going to want to use your tongue. But stay patient and don’t go tongue first right off the bat. Work your way up to that point to avoid a slobbery, unpleasant kissing experience.

2.Not Prepping

Your skin should always be healthy and smooth regardless, but it is vital to have a clear and smooth face before kissing the women of your dreams. You need to “WOW” her, showing her you care about your appearance and put effort into yourself. This shows you care. I use my Grooming Lounge Mug Scrubber to make sure I have a clear complexion. This also keeps your face nice and soft to make sure it’s perfect for whoever’s touching your face during a sexual time. Next, I like to take care of my lips.

I create natural cosmetic with water and salt and apply it directly to my lips. To make sure your lips are completely hydrated for that big kiss, you need a good, lasting lip balm. Grooming Lounge has probably one of the best in the industry, making your lips a walking chick magnet. Our sponsor Grooming Lounge has you covered though, they have created the “Pucker Face” kit just for the TMF family. It has everything you will ever need to be ready for that amazing time, at an unbeatable price.

3.Don’t Be A Dead Fish

This one is pretty simple. When you are kissing a woman, you want to have some style with it. Move around a little bit, be suave. Don’t just sit there and awkwardly pucker your lips without any motion. Make sure your lips are moving with hers. Put your hands on her face, grab her close to you, and make sure she’s having the time of her life. This will make the situation comfortable on both sides and promote a much better time. Just have fun with it and be the man she wants in her life.

4.Don’t Just Kiss Her Mouth

Sure, the lips are what everyone thinks about when they are going to be kissing a female. But, you need to stay on your toes. Make her aroused by kissing her on her neck, on her cheeks, and even her chin. Make her feel as though she is the only girl in the world that you have your eyes on.

5.Don’t Have A Closed Mouth

This simple means, don’t be a pecker. This has no type of exciting hormonal reaction to it at all. French kissing is one of the most exhilarating things you can do with a woman. It’s fun, and makes for a good time. Also, when you do use your tongue, don’t just leave it dead inside of her mouth. Move it around and don’t leave it in there too long. Make the experience exciting for the both of you.


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