5 Tips to GROW Hair FASTER | Prevent Hair loss Naturally

Posted on Feb 09,2018 in Grooming


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One ingredient you definietly want to be intaking is protein. It’s one of the most important building blocks for tissue in your body, including your hair. Make sure you get enough protein that your body needs to function. You can get this through your meats, eggs and fish. In addition, your vitamins are so important as well. However, one particular one called Vitamin B7, otherwise known as Biotin. It’s known to help with strengthening your hair and ┬ánails.


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Whether it be genetics, health problems or just tension and stress The most popular reason for hair loss other than genetics is usually stress. If you have that problem, start doing something to relieve your stress like exercise. This is great way to reset and clear your mind.


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Your hair is very delicate, on average most guys do things that are either damaging or pulling the hair. For example, coming right out of the shower and combing your hair aggresively to the point where your pulling hairs. Instead, use a wide tooth comb and gently your hair without pulling anything. Another common mistake is using excessive heat, this is going to eventually dry out your hair and kill it. Finally, avoid using harsh chemicals like bleach and keratin treatments. Once in a while is fine, however once you start doing it repeatedly, then it’s a problem.


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Get some extra virgin olive oil or coconut oil. Then all you have to do is massage it in. This is going to stimulate your hair follicles and promotes hair growth. Not to mention that the oils on their own are good for your hair. After your done massaging, just let it sit for like an hour. This will immediately hydrate your hair and after just one time, you’re going to notice how smooth your hair feels.


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You want to avoid any hard pulling or anything that goes against the grain. This can lead to a receding hairline. Hairstyles that cause this are tight slick-backs, cornrows and ponytails. You want to make sure your hair is flowing naturally, you don’t want to be pulling it. Doing this constantly will eventually recede your hairline.


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