6 Best Trends This Year You Should Do In 2018

Posted on Apr 20,2018 in Style


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You no longer have to wear jeans that are so tight, to the point where it cuts out your circulation. Right now, you can get jeans (like these from Topman), where it’s a little bit more of a loose fit, yet tapered at the bottom. There’s also another trend where the jeans are more of a straight fit, it looks good, but we always need to remember that fit is key.


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Pastels were seen everywhere on the runways and on the streets. I recently mentioned it in the article about the top 5 trends at Pacsun. In my opinion, this is a must for S/S ’18. In addition, these colors are so much easier to mix and match compare to bolder colors.


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This is probably one of the hardest pieces of jewelry to pull off. Tons of fashion icons have been wearing them and killin’ it and I’m here to make sure you can too! The key is to always make it low-key, don’t try to be Tekashi 69 with oversized bling. It just makes you look like a wanna-be rapper. Just throw on a RoseGold&Black necklace, it’s a 26 inch necklace with a subtle pendant. That’s all you need, it works with almost any style.

It’s up to you how you want to wear. Whether you keep it under or outside your shirt, you’ll look good any way. It’s not over the top and it adds to your aesthetic. I’ll vouch for them any day, becuase of the quality behind their product. This is something you’ll never regret. If you guys want to check them out, click this “link” and it’ll bring you to our special site with a huge discount!


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Sneakers are not only becoming more acceptable and popular. I’ve been in the menswear industry for a while, and a couple of years ago there was a “dapper” fad where everything was only about suits. Now, with the different style of sneakers, they’re easily styled and there’s something for everyone.


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I’m not a betting man, but if I was I’d say Nike is taking over this year and definietly invest in their new styles. For example, they’re Airmax 270s and the Epic React. They’re both great sneakers that I recently picked up and recommend you should too!


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As seen on the runways, a lot of short hairstyles were seen. Which translates to the next trend. Remember the man-bun faze? Well now, it seems that haircuts are getting shorter and shorter. If you’ve been trying to change your hairstyle for a while, I highly suggest you adapt to a short cut!